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[YesAuto Test Drive] From the exposure of spy photos to the release of real car interiors at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the new carnival has sapped people's appetite before it went on sale. There are many reasons why there is such a high degree of attention. First of all, although the old carnival has long been discontinued and it is difficult to see it on the road now, its handling and power performance have left a very good reputation. Secondly, the new carnival has been released abroad for a long time, and its dynamic appearance and The extremely avant-garde interior is indeed eye-catching. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has attracted the attention of many young people.

The New Carnival is called by Ford as the first model that represents “Global Models” and “One Ford”. Its characteristics are very distinctive, that is-young, sporty, and avant-garde. Seeing these words, we all know in our hearts that it is for those young people who are at the forefront of the times. Before the launch of the new carnival, our car home was invited to Yunnan to test drive this new car that fulfilled almost all the expectations of Changan Ford. Is it the same as we imagined? Announced immediately.

● Appearance keywords: dynamic, avant-garde

In the past, the intuitive feeling of Ford's models was always plain and unremarkable, and the arrival of Fox first broke this boring atmosphere, and then the sales volume of the success that went on the market in September 2007 was not impressive, but the appearance and interior were not impressive. The decoration design is absolutely avant-garde. Some people questioned why Changan Ford did not launch a new car in 2008, the new carnival loomed in people's vision.

The New Carnival has carried forward this dynamic and avant-garde of Ford to an almost extreme level. Before we might say that Ford Europe is taking the dynamic route, because the victory and S-MAX are all designed by Ford Europe, but the New Carnival is Let us fully understand one thing-Ford will thoroughly implement its own dynamic line and avant-garde propositions around the world, and they seem very confident that this design will be applicable to the world.

No one wants to find the shadow of its predecessor in the new carnival, it has been reborn as a “car”. With newer and more passionate background music, the new carnival appeared without a low key. The two pointed headlights flew straight to the side, don't expect it to be as peaceful and close as the girl next door, it is more like the Beijing opera facial makeup on the stage, rich in color, exaggerated expression, and brilliant.

The big mouth shape of the lower air intake is exactly the same as that of Fox, especially with the very narrow upper air intake, it is extremely huge. Judging from this design approach, Ford has completely abandoned the doctrine of the mean, and instead of keeping a low profile in pursuit of survival, it is better to carry out publicity to the end.

Viewed from the side or from the rear, the lines of the New Carnival are somewhat similar to its little brother Mazda 2 on the same platform. The extremely sloping waistline causes the front of the car to dive down, portraying a small and dynamic shape.

The tail gives the impression that it is a reduced version of Fox, whether it is thick and full or line matching, the degree of similarity is very high. Please admire the taillights of the New Carnival from the side. why? Because it is only a narrow semi-arc when viewed from the front, it is more like a semi-finished product, and the real design can only be viewed from the side back or the front side.

The sports version is equipped with 195/50R16 tires. The 16-inch wheels are absolutely top-notch in the same class, and they can indeed match the body with a sporty taste. Unfortunately, the whole system is equipped with front and rear drum brakes. However, front and rear drums are common in small cars, and as long as the price is reasonable, there is nothing unacceptable.

Evaluation: The hatchback shape is extremely dynamic and aggressive, and can be called the avant-garde in the current small car

In this test drive, we also saw the new carnival of the sedan version. At the technical briefing, the manufacturer's staff said that the new carnival of the sedan version was specially launched by Ford for the Chinese market because they knew very well about the sedan model. It is very important for the Chinese. For this, I really don't know what to say. Yes, this is true, but no matter what kind of car must be launched for the needs of Chinese users, I can only express my disapproval from my personal opinion.

From the Mazda 2 Jinxiang, we can see that such a small car with a large-angled waistline to create a dynamic appearance, once the butt is added, it will appear that the front and rear proportions are not coordinated enough. It's not very visible from the front face, but looking at it from the rear or the side, it will be visually affected by a strange shock. Of course, this may also be just a matter of my personal vision. After all, Mazda 2 Jinxiang also proved that the added tail is very practical, and it is unambiguous to install things.

The tire size of the automatic luxury sedan version is one size smaller than that of the sports version, 185/55R15, and it uses a multi-spoke wheel to look more stable. At the same time, leather seats are used in the car, and chrome-plated decorative strips are inlaid under the side windows to create a temperament that is completely different from sports.

Therefore, the focus of this test drive is the hatchback 1.5 sports version, so here is a brief introduction to the sedan. If you are more concerned about the sedan, you can continue to pay attention to the car home, there will be more detailed articles in the follow-up .

Evaluation: Another case of changing from a hatchback to a three-box

● Interior keywords: individuality, boldness

The interiors of the New Carnival are the first to have a personalized route. Different color bodies are matched with different center control panels and door handles. The bold and innovative use of colors is amazing. In the yellow new carnival we test drive, the center control panel is also beautiful yellow, and the blue body is matched with a blue panel. In addition, the black and orange bodies are silver panels. I can't help thinking that for those who wear clothes, hats and carry bags and pay attention to color matching, the New Carnival can be said to be a fellow.

But looking at it, I still feel that the silver center control panel is the most authentic and textured in the entire black sports interior atmosphere. The yellow and blue panels, against the not-so-special materials and not-so-exquisite workmanship, lack a sense of quality. However, for this kind of more personalized color choice, it can indeed win the favor of the new generation of young people, and what can be more tempting than publicizing their personality!

Although the manufacturer advertises that the central control is “inspired by the design of the mobile phone panel,” I look at it more like a Transformer. However, the distribution of buttons and knobs is indeed as easy to operate as a mobile phone. A display screen appeared on the center console. Although it is not a color LCD, it is already pretty good on a small car. The yellow text on the red background looks a little fuzzy, not clear and bright enough, and the pure Chinese interface can make people feel good.

And this time there are only two sedan versions of the new Carnival also have two different styles in the interior. The blue version has the same design as the hatchback, the center control panel is blue, and the interior is black interior and black seats. chair. In the iron gray car, there is a completely different style. The dark beige interior and seats, as well as the silver center control panel, reflect a more obvious family car concept. I personally think that this style should be more suitable for a sedan. For a dynamic car like the New Carnival, it is undoubtedly a type that pursues pragmatism.

After entering the tunnel, the self-luminous instrument panel will automatically light up. The black scale and the white scale are very clear. The cylindrical instrument panel of the New Carnival is more unique. The design idea is said to come from the telescope. If you look carefully, it is really interesting. The pointer style is similar to that of the 09 Fox. Like some small cars today, there is no water temperature meter in the instrument combination of the New Carnival, but an automatic alarm design when the water temperature is too high.

The interior material of the New Carnival has not been separated from the situation of small cars, and it is still the world of hard plastics. In terms of workmanship, the level is basically the same as that of New Fox. How should you describe it? It's a bit difficult, let's call it-it makes sense! At least for me, I feel that the interior of the New Carnival is just like that. It's plausible and justifiable. I can't say how exquisite the material is, nor how exquisite the workmanship is. If you pay special attention to this, you may find it a bit undesirable, but it does not have any particularly obvious roughness or flaws.

The air conditioner panel at the lower part has only seven buttons and two knobs in total, and the area is relatively large, so it is very easy to use. On the 1.5L manual transmission model that we tested, we used automatic air conditioning, which is rarely seen in small cars. During long-distance driving, from Kunming's maximum temperature of 8 degrees to Xishuangbanna, the maximum temperature of 22 degrees, although the temperature is constantly changing, But the automatic air conditioner made me realize the convenience of “auto”. As long as “AUTO” is turned on, the temperature in the car will be adjusted according to the set 21 degrees, but this temperature is not set by me.

Among the power window buttons on the left door of the front row, the driver's position is one-button up and down, while the other three do not have this function. Although the 1.5L sports model is equipped with a sunroof, it is open, one is unsightly, and the other is that it will cause a lot of wind resistance when driving at high speed, increase fuel consumption, and make a lot of noise. . However, the use of such sunroofs in small cars has two advantages, one is low cost, and the other is that it does not affect the riding space in the car.

Evaluation: The focus is not on materials and workmanship, but on a new and personalized approach

● Spatial keywords: good head

There is no major change in size. The length/width/height of the hatchback are 3950/1722/1467mm, which is wider and taller than the previous model. The wheelbase is 2490mm, which is only 4mm higher. These changes are basically consistent with the manifestation of the passenger space in the car.

Of course, this is not to say how bad the legroom of the New Carnival is. In fact, it is the level of a normal small car, no better, no worse. During the entire test drive, a staff member with a height of 193cm sat in the back of our car for more than 400 kilometers, and most of the distance was driven by me and a colleague with a height of 185cm. Such a combination of heights one after the other, I think this is not easy for most families.

Perhaps in terms of leg space, New Carnival is not very good at it, but head space is very good, which also gave me a little surprise. Although my height does not use such ample head space, colleagues who are 185cm tall are not willing to be wronged. In fact, when the driver's seat is adjusted to the lowest position, he can still have 4 fingers to a punch on his head. And the most rare thing is that the head space of the front and rear rows is basically the same, and they all belong to the more generous type.

On the sport version of the test drive, the front seats have a strong sense of mobility, and the bulges on the two sides of the seat are by no means soft, providing a very firm package and support. During the test drive, I have had enough experience. However, with this kind of seat width and a hard and sporty package, I don't know if people who are too fat hope to be able to squeeze themselves in.

After actual measurement, the front seat cushion is at a high level on small cars, reaching 500mm, while the length of the rear seat cushion is insufficient, only 455mm. This can also be understood considering the consideration of leg space.

Although there are three seats in the back row, there are only two headrests. It seems that the third passenger is obviously unwelcome, so I can only bear with it. In addition, the position of the rear door armrests is not like the flannel material in the front row, it seems that the treatment of the rear passengers is not good enough. In general family cars, most of the passengers in the back row are elderly or children, but the new carnival pays more attention to the front row and to the owners. Perhaps the future owners of the new carnival are single or two-person world.

What puzzles me most about the new carnival is that there are no handles on the front and rear windows. Although seat belts are properly worn when riding, they will instinctively raise their hands when cornering or on bad roads. Stretching, the empty roof at this time makes me feel very inconvenient.

In addition, the doors will not automatically lock after reaching a certain speed, and there are no lock buttons or buttons on the four doors. They can only be operated through the buttons on the center console, and they can only be operated in a unified manner. To lock it can only be fully locked.

Ride evaluation: There is plenty of headroom at the front and rear, the legs in the rear are slightly cramped, and the roof handle is awkward.

● Storage keywords: general

The storage in the front row is very convenient. I tried driving from Kunming-Pu'er-Xishuangbanna all the way, and passed more than a dozen toll stations for a distance of more than 500 kilometers. When I took the card, I inserted it into the card slot on the center control panel. Convenience. The storage compartment in the lower left corner of the center console is slightly rough in workmanship and irregular in shape, so it is a bit harsh to use. This may also have something to do with the final production car.

The small rectangular storage compartment under the center control panel looks more suitable for storing a mobile phone, but after actually trying it, I found that a slightly larger mobile phone can’t fit in. At present, the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger. Medium, so consider putting something else.

The storage slot on the front door panel is very long, with a few inches widened in the middle position, which can be used to put beverage bottles, but the bottles can be put in. If you want to stand firmly, unless you take a tape to stick it on. As the car moves forward, it will sometimes fall forward and sometimes tilt backward.

The treatment of rear passengers is lower, and there is no storage function on the rear door panel. In the position of the front armrest, there is a cup holder designed for the rear passengers. The cup holder is also a square around it, so you can put some small bits and pieces appropriately. However, after experience, it is most suitable to put an ashtray here, or a short canned drink. If it is a water bottle, it will be thick and pulsating before it can be stuffed in. If it is an ordinary water bottle, it will Shaking randomly, not suitable for driving.

The New Carnival obviously did not take Japanese cars as a reference object in terms of storage space. The result is the same whether it is design practicality or flexibility. Although some aspects were taken into consideration, they did so carelessly and did not seem to pursue perfection, resulting in poor practicality in the end. On the whole, the front row performed very well, while the rear row was a weakness whether it was for riding or storage.

The backrests of the rear seats can be folded down in proportion, but they cannot be completely flat, so the storage capacity of the trunk has also been affected to a certain extent. When buying large items, the trunk floor is not flat enough to make loading obstacles.

The trunk width is 990mm, and the minimum volume of 270 liters is the normal level of a small car. If you compare the POLO, the new carnival is a little stronger. If the seat is down, the maximum depth can reach 1400mm. The disadvantage is that the opening of the trunk is a little bit high, and it has no effect on the handling of general items. If it is heavier, it will be inconvenient for women.

Evaluation of storage capacity: general design and practicability

● Driving experience-the engine's silent effect is very good

The new Carnival uses the same engine as the Mazda 2, which has two displacements of 1.3 and 1.5. The 1.5-liter engine has a maximum torque of 138Nm and a maximum power of 78KW (103 horsepower). The parameters are at a normal level, which is the same as the 1.6L of POLO. The engines are on par. However, if the European version of the 1.6-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine, the maximum horsepower can reach 120Ps, it should be more in line with the public and fashionable appearance of the new carnival.

In addition, the new carnival has successfully “slimted” and lost about 40 kilograms on average compared with the previous generation. If you want to run fast, increasing the displacement and reducing your own weight are the only magic weapons. However, the domestic new carnival has no other choice in terms of engine displacement. Fortunately, the use of cold and hot formed high-strength steel enables the body to achieve the goal of not only improving the robustness but also reducing the “weight”. In fact, it is possible to reduce more, but after all, it cannot be at the expense of safety.

The actual power output of the 1.5L engine is also very consistent with the nominal parameters. There is no special feeling. It is worth mentioning that the mute effect is quite good. Basically, no obvious noise from the engine is noticed below 3000 rpm, and only when idling. The slight vibration can be detected only when you are very careful, otherwise you can only judge whether it has been activated from the pointer of the tachometer. This should be closely related to the thick soundproof cotton on the engine compartment cover.

Step on the accelerator deeply. When the pointer crosses 3000 rpm, the engine starts to show its own state. The sound is naturally smooth, thick and powerful, and there is no hoarse struggle, at least it will not make people feel unhappy. Compared with the quietness of the engine, the noise reduction effect of the chassis is somewhat mediocre. During the test drive, we deliberately verified whether it is true that the driver and co-driver can still talk easily and happily when the vehicle speed reaches 130km/h, as the manufacturer says. The fact is that the New Carnival did not let us down. It is indeed a relatively quiet partner.

In high-altitude areas such as Yunnan, the low-speed torque output of the New Carnival appears to be a bit weak. Although the road conditions are highways, there are continuous bends and slopes, especially in continuous uphill sections, which can only be used in 2nd gear and 3 gears hovering, the speed is basically maintained at about 3000-4500 rpm, below 2500 rpm is obvious fatigue. If you are driving on a gentle road, the situation should be much better.

The new Fiesta’s 5-speed manual gearbox has improved the overall driving feeling by a notch. When it first started operating, it even surprised me a bit, and it was not worse than the MTX75 on the Fox sports model. The gear stroke is compact, and the switching is very precise. It can be done with a push, and it also has a feeling of inhalation. The feel is a kind of enjoyment. When it was my colleague’s turn to test drive, he didn’t have such a high degree of recognition. I think it was related to his rough gear shifting. When you push the gear to the end, it’s hard to experience anything other than abruptness. .

Due to the short shifting time and the even distribution of gear ratios of the gearbox itself, in normal driving, there is basically no setback in the body when shifting gears. The smooth state matches the performance of the engine. If you downshift in order to increase speed, of course you will still feel the impact, which is hard to avoid. Generally, the speed will drop by about 800 rpm.

Even if the speed drops to about 1000 rpm in the second gear, there will be no jitter or tremor, which is very beneficial for urban road conditions where traffic jams often occur. It is easy to drive in slow traffic. Unlike some models, if you use the first gear, the oil will be smashed due to the large torque. The second gear is slightly smoother, but the speed can only be frequent when the speed slows down. Use the semi-clutch to the ground, otherwise the car will easily stall, and it will be exhausting to drive and have a negative impact on the car itself. It seems that the gear ratio of this gearbox has a relatively small gap between the first and second gears.

Although it is from the same platform, the pedal feedback of the New Carnival is completely different from that of the Mazda 2. The overall performance is closer to that of a German car. The intensity is average and moderate, and the response is very linear. There is no such thing as stepping on the cotton flower in the front section. It feels as soft as above. This gives a very good impression. The clutch trip is a bit long for such a sports car, and the combination point is relatively high (this is the case in the old carnival). The advantage is that it is very conducive to driving and can be used easily, but the disadvantage is that it is not agile, prolongs the shift time, and the left foot will be very tired when traffic jams.

The new carnival uses EPAS electric power steering for the first time. This kind of steering is undoubtedly more practical for countless urban young people. It is easy to turn and turn at low speeds. It is so light that it can be done with two fingers, and the speed exceeds 90km/h on highways. In the future, it is very obvious that the steering wheel has become calm and shrewd, making people feel at ease in holding the steering wheel. Moreover, the number of turns of the steering wheel of the new Carnival is set relatively small, and the accurate directivity also makes the driving itself more enjoyable.

In the field experience, although it was only a very simple driving circle, we fully experienced the lightness of the new carnival's electric assist at low speeds. For girls, they may like this steering feeling more. At the very least, when looking for a parking space in the parking lot, you won't feel any effort. With the help of the dexterous direction and the reversing radar, it is easy to get into the car.

The front and rear torsion beam suspension of Macpherson is the form adopted by most small cars. The tuning is not as sporty as previously imagined, and it is relatively a bit more comfortable. The spring separated from the shock absorber tube is soft. When passing through the bumpy road, the “flicker” of the body's ups and downs is obvious, and the restraint of the spring by the shock absorber is also softer, not tough, at least with the sports of the new carnival. The appearance feels inconsistent. This also shows that no matter how avant-garde the appearance and distinctiveness of the new Carnival, it is still a small car positioned at home.

It can be seen from the pictures of the site that even when the speed is not high, the traces of the body roll when turning are quite obvious. However, the New Carnival still has a certain degree of sportiness, with a clear sense of the road and the tough support of the rear suspension, which has given me and me during the entire 350 km road from Kunming to Pu'er. Colleagues are very confident. Moreover, with more than 20 vehicles in formation and most of the speeds are maintained above 100km/h, the new carnival has performed very well through the winding expressway with Yunnan characteristics.

At the end of the test drive, my colleague briefly tested the automatic transmission model (the first hundreds of kilometers are manual transmission models), let’s take a look at his evaluation of this automatic transmission model——

For a 1.5-liter engine, the automatic transmission often means the loss of power and driving pleasure. In Carnival, the situation is not as serious as imagined. In order to obtain better acceleration, this automated manual gearbox can always downshift aggressively and decisively. Although the 4 gears are a bit less, the impact is basically not felt during the shifting process, and the power discontinuity is not obvious. After the gear is switched to manual mode, the gearbox's performance is the same as in automatic mode—in fact, both modes are equally agile.

At this time, the gearbox will allow the driver to increase the speed to 6500 rpm, and then force an upshift. I think no driver will complain about the self-assertive behavior of the gearbox. After all, 6500 rpm is the critical point for the engine to cut off the fuel. The 1.5-liter engine cannot withstand the crazy pressing. The most important thing is not to exhaust it. In general, the performance of this 4-speed automated manual transmission is very competent. In terms of sportiness, although you can't do as you want with manual gears, drivers who don't need frequent shifting actions can spend more energy to feel the carnival's delicate and steady throttle and steering.

Test drive summary:

At this point, the article is almost over. Now let us think about it. What are the potential competitors of the New Carnival? Compared with these opponents, what advantages does it have?

When it comes to small cars with dynamic and handling, the Mazda 2 on the same platform as the New Carnival is also among the list, but the embarrassing sales can only make people sigh. In addition, POLO and Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda's newly launched Jingrui are the number one competitor of the new carnival. Although POLO is not very eye-catching in appearance, its design classics can adapt to a wider age group, and the overall quality is very stable. No matter how the market changes, it can always maintain a calm posture and good sales. In addition, the new Fit launched in the summer of 2008 should not be underestimated. The exquisite interior and super high functionality and practicality are powerful advantages.

So, where are the advantages of the new carnival? Not to mention the price, only from our experience and driving experience, there are two main points-that is, the new appearance and interior are absolutely alluring for young potential consumers, and good handling. It can fully meet the driving needs of this group of people, and many people are more concerned about noise. In other respects, that is, it is at a level that is not bad or bad, such as riding space, power level, and comfort configuration. In addition, if the fuel consumption level is really as advertised by the manufacturer, it is also worth looking forward to.

A colleague said that it may be more girls who buy this car, but I have different opinions on this. The first is that the new carnival’s dynamic appearance and driving feel are not lacking in masculinity, and the second is the men of this era. Children, whether they like or dress up, are becoming more avant-garde and neutral, so the new carnival seems more suitable. The premise is that both men and women must be very young! (Text, picture, photo/Car home Hu Yongping and Luo Hao)