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[YesAuto Racing Exposure] BYD Tang went to participate in the China Ring-Tower Off-Road Rally Gold Label Race. Let’s take a look at this BYD Tang’s off-road rally car.

The organizing committee uniformly produced license plates and door stickers for the cars according to the numbers of the cars. While it is convenient to identify the car, it is also for safety reasons. After all, in addition to the competition in the competition stage, the car also needs to drive on the driving section.

In order to cope with special sand driving, the front and rear bumpers of the car have been improved to increase the approach and departure angles of the car to ensure that the car can pass through a larger angle stage and have a good passing performance.

The mechanics made safe modifications to the car interior, welded a roll cage for the car in accordance with the rules of the rally, and assembled a competitive steering wheel and racing seat. But the comfortable configuration of the interior remains, creating a comfortable racing environment for the drivers.

According to the rules of the game, the power system cannot be modified, but a power-off switch is installed in the engine compartment. This car uses the original factory power parameters, the maximum output power is about 500 horsepower, and the maximum torque output is 820 N·m.

Engineers upgraded the chassis of this car with a 3-inch package. The design of Ebach’s springs and nitrogen cylinder shock absorbers can help the vehicle improve its handling and at the same time dissipate heat from the shock absorbers.

The high-strength guard plate can improve the working stability of the vehicle on special roads. Because there is a possibility that a boulder could cut the oil pan, ruining the driver's lead. Not only that, the design of the rear sand guard also greatly reduces the smoke and dust raised by the racing car.

For the first time, a hybrid model participated in China's most difficult Tournament Rally. BYD Auto can find problems from the race and successfully solve them through the technical team. Finally, I wish the BYD Tang team excellent results.