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[YesAuto Evaluation] How much water a wooden barrel can hold is not determined by the length of the longest wooden board on the wooden barrel, but by the shortest wooden board. This is the barrel effect we often mention (also called the short board principle) ). This principle may not be a panacea, but it is very applicable in the automotive field. For example, Mondeo-Zhisheng, it has a very good performance in appearance, space, and driving pleasure, but it is difficult to sell well because of the lack of power of the old model.

Now that the 2011 Zhisheng comes back to us with the GTDi+Powershift power combination, the 240-horsepower power data is even stronger than the Volvo S80L equipped with this power system. What will happen to the Zhisheng 2.0GTDi (hereinafter referred to as 2.0T) model? The performance of, the following will introduce you in detail through experience and evaluation.

Regarding the design details of the appearance and interior, my colleague Huang Zhengqiao took the first exclusive real shot as early as March 6. The article introduces the exterior and interior features of the Zhizun version in great detail, so as not to have too much with him. Repeat, in the static part of this article, I will focus on the differences between some models or the experience of using the vehicle. If you are not familiar with this car, you can read the real shot article above.

●The difference between different models to win

Through the above picture, I believe that everyone can clearly understand the difference between the 2011 Zhisheng and the old model, as well as the difference between the sports model and the non-sport model. Changan Ford is also constantly exploring and summarizing the aesthetic habits of the Chinese people, adding a lot of chrome decoration to the luxury models, while the sports models are mainly black. LED daytime running lights are already a mandatory installation configuration in Europe, but in China, they can only be obtained by purchasing high-end models.

The victory is the essence of Volvo in the layout of the radar probe. The extremely low position allows it to sense lower obstacles. However, we also found a problem during driving for a few days, that is, the front radar is driving in D gear. If it is closed, it can only be activated by hanging into other gears or pressing the parking sound switch, so car owners must pay attention to this, and don't touch the newly bought car carelessly.

The Zhisheng series has three wheels, while the 2.0T models all use 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The multi-spoke wheels are as luxurious and stable as the chrome decoration on the front face, and the sports version of the black mesh is also divided into Y-shaped sports wheels that suit you. Judging from the photos you have already mastered, what kind of tires your car uses is related to the engine. If it is a GTDi200, it is equipped with Goodyear EffcientGrip tires that favor comfort, while the more powerful GTDi240 models use Michelin Pilot Preceda tires that favor sports. .

Central control experience

The interior of the Zhisheng 2.0T model has two color schemes. The sports version uses a full black interior with imitation carbon fiber trim as decoration, providing a good sports atmosphere, while other models use the latest “top gray and bottom rice” Color matching, according to the manufacturer, is also the result of full market research. The trip computer in the middle of the dashboard has rich functions, and the physical fuel gauge and water temperature gauge of the old models are also integrated into the car computer.

The 7-inch LCD screen on the middle panel has improved resolution compared to the old model, and the ease of navigation is also good. It helped us a lot during the two days of free driving in Hainan. The glove box has a small opening but excellent depth, and there is also an SD card slot for navigation.

Ride experience

Since the focus is on the experience, space is definitely a link that cannot be missed. For me, who is 175cm tall, a medium-sized car like the Zhisheng can definitely provide satisfactory space. A punch in the front of the head and a punch in the back of the legs. The space has even reached more than three punches. If the head space in the back row can be improved a little more, it is absolutely perfect performance.

What deserves more attention than space is the comfort of the seat, because it is also a change of this model. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the chair cushion and backrest of the 2011 winning model have been thickened by 5mm, and we experience The Zhizun version is 8mm thicker, and its seat comfort has reached the upper-middle level of the same class of cars.

The 2011 Zhisheng top model also added the function of controlling the front passenger seat by the rear passengers. Is it necessary to install this configuration for a sporty mid-size car with already excellent rear space? At least I have reservations.

Finally, I will talk about some shortcomings during the experience. First, the rear headrest is only adjustable in two levels, and neither of these two levels seems to be practical. At least for me, I can't find a suitable height. The other one is not a shortcoming, but compared with the panoramic sunroof commonly used on new models, this sunroof is not enough for me.

Driving experience

There will be four types of power to choose from for the 2011 Zhisheng. The 2.0L and 2.3L naturally aspirated engines are already familiar to everyone. The 2.0GTDi engine will also be launched in two tuned versions. The low output version of 203 horsepower has been tested on Volvo and S80L (click to read), and the 240 horsepower version is our first contact, and this time The top priority of testing.

engine Winning GTDi 200 Winning GTDi 240
Maximum horsepower (Ps): 203 240
Maximum power (kW): 149 176.5
Maximum power speed (rpm): 6000 6000
Maximum torque (N·m): 300 340
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 1750-4500 1900-3500

Compared with the 203-horsepower GTDi200, the 240-horsepower GTDi leads by 37 horsepower and 40 Nm in maximum power and torque, respectively. Considering that the S80L, which is equipped with a 203 horsepower engine and a heavier vehicle, achieved 8.8 seconds in acceleration from 100 kilometers, we also look forward to the performance of this more powerful GTDi240 in winning.

If there is still a parameter difference between the two cars in the engine, then this six-speed Powershift gearbox with wet dual-clutch technology that we are familiar with is exactly the same in hardware as the Volvo model. So is it different from the tuning on Volvo models? Let us tell you through driving experience and testing.

Although the engine's power parameters are amazing, the actual combination of GTDi+Powershift still won't give you that kind of very “strong” feeling. Even if the throttle is at the bottom, the powerful power will be output in a relatively linear and soft manner. Such tuning may not be appropriate for a race against time, but I think it is very good for daily use, at least it will not cause the people in the car to have any problems. Kind of dizziness.

Powershift is very active in daily driving. The engine speed will be firmly controlled below 2000 rpm. The contrast with active upshifts is the gearbox's grasp of downshifts. The gearbox will do its best. Keep it in the high gear, and even when the oil is closed, there will be no shifting as low as 1100 rpm. At this time, the engine will also produce a slight jitter due to the low speed. This kind of training is obviously to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible, so can winning be done? Here is a key point, the fuel consumption test on the next page will explain.

The steering wheel of the vehicle is indeed very heavy, and it may even feel a little strenuous when driving in the city. However, this design obviously helps to improve the stability of driving. When the vehicle is traveling at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour, the steering wheel will not transmit too much. A lot of anxiety, and when overtaking some large trucks, the impact of crosswind on the stability of the body is not obvious. The 2011 Zhisheng did not compromise on comfort in terms of suspension and handling. Calmness and stability are an overall impression left on my trip to Sanya.

The engine speed of Zhisheng is exactly the same as Volvo S80L at different speeds. It seems that the gear ratio settings of the two cars are basically the same. Another thing that is more impressive is that when you release the throttle, you can hardly feel the feeling of power being cut off. The speed of the car will drop at a very slow speed, which obviously reduces the discomfort that occurs when the oil is collected. . It seems that winning is not only linear when refueling, but also not abrupt when refueling.

Finally, let us take a look at the new Mondeo-winning test results.

◆ Accelerated test:

All of us have great expectations for the combination of this 2.0T engine and dual-clutch gearbox. Our measured 0-100km/h final acceleration score of this car is 7.76 seconds. From the acceleration curve, we can see that although the maximum acceleration of 0.55G does not seem to be very impactful, it can also be achieved by many cars that accelerate beyond 10 seconds in the usual test, but the powerful torque of the turbocharged engine makes a The gear is always maintained at about 0.5G during acceleration, which is difficult for ordinary family cars to achieve.

It can be seen from the engine parameters that the maximum torque burst point of the 2.0T engine of Mondeo-Zhisheng is about 150rpm later than the EA888 engine of Magotan, while the maximum torque is only maintained at a relatively low speed of 3500rpm, but please do not Forget that this engine has a maximum torque of 340Nm. The torque is about 22% higher than that of the Magotan 2.0T. Even if the torque drops at high speeds, the absolute value is still very large. So in daily driving, the new Mondeo-Zhisheng can provide Not inferior to the acceleration of other 2.0T models in the same class.

◆ Brake test:

In terms of braking, the performance of 38.9 meters is completely satisfactory, and in the actual test, we found that the performance of the braking system is quite stable, there is no sign of thermal decay, and the braking performance is even better in the later stage.

◆ Noise:

The overall noise of Mondeo-Zhisheng is low, which guarantees the comfort when driving. However, in the idling state, you can hear the engine noise is more obvious, if further noise reduction measures can be implemented on the 2.0T engine, I believe there is still more room for noise reduction.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

Like the power, we also have great expectations for the fuel economy of the 2.0T engine, and this time it did not disappoint us. After driving through various sections of 125.4 kilometers, it consumes 10.14 liters of fuel, and the average fuel consumption is 8.1 liters/100 kilometers. . In the entire test process, the unobstructed section accounted for about 50%, the congested section was about 30%, and there were about 20% of general urban roads. It can be said that the relatively unobstructed test route is a factor in its good results, but the cylinder The combination of direct injection and dual-clutch is really helpful in terms of fuel consumption.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

<Note 1: Pure hardcore off-road vehicles, large SUVs, performance sports cars, super sports cars, this site does not carry out fuel consumption testing >

Test summary:

It should be said that the powertrain of 2.0TGDi+Powershift is of great significance to winning. A model that has long been criticized for poor power and high fuel consumption has finally turned over. However, as a model with a 240-horsepower engine, the acceleration per 100 km/h in 7.76 seconds is still slightly lower than expected. You must know that the lower power parameters of Magotan and Regal’s 2.0T models also have an acceleration per 100 km of only 7.43 respectively. Seconds and 7.5 seconds. Of course, these three results are listed for your reference only, because they are measured in different venues and weather, and cannot be completely compared.

Fortunately, for most prospective car owners, the speed difference of a few tenths of a second is not a big deal. On the contrary, it is more important to drive uncomfortable and low fuel consumption. As far as my personal experience for a few days is concerned, the winning power system does provide a lot of help to comfort and economy. The linear acceleration and deceleration process is obviously more comfortable than those of activists who rush to drive. The gearbox with frequent upshifts and lazy downshifts also contributes to lower fuel consumption.

Judging from the current mid-size car market, the main competitors of Zhisheng 2.0T are undoubtedly the Magotan 2.0T model and Regal 2.0T model. Judging from the test data, the levels of several cars are among the same, so in the future we will also bring these mainstream 2.0T models together and conduct a comparative test under the same venue and weather conditions. When I see who is stronger, I hope everyone can continue to pay attention to the car home . (Text, picture/Car home Liu Yuxin Luo Hao Photography/Car home Liu Yuxin Sun Tao Video/Car home Zheng Yan)