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[YesAuto in-depth experience] The name Sunshine is both familiar and unfamiliar. The ninth-generation Sunshine was once introduced to China as an import, but due to the high positioning of the 2.0-liter engine at that time, sales were not small, and the name Sunshine remained in the hearts of many people. The new-generation Sunshine is not Nissan’s global strategic model, and it has not inherited a certain spirit from its ancestors, either in terms of the vehicle itself or its positioning. On the contrary, the brand-new design and brand-new positioning gave it a brand-new imagination space, which gave it a completely reborn and refreshing face.

I just mentioned that the new generation of Sunshine has little to do with the previous generation. The real purpose of its arrival is to replace the Tiida, a compact sedan for home use that has been showing up early. Since it is a replacement, it must at least be targeted for a part of optimization, which is logical and can make it enter the role quickly. How does the car perform? Please come with me to this Sunshine 1.5XV CVT premium model priced at 112,800 yuan. Please pay attention before reading: this test drive car has been equipped with some equipment by the 4S shop, but the actual model does not have it. The equipment that is not actually sold is: front and rear parking radars, aluminum alloy welcome pedals, and trunk trim strips.

Innovative appearance

To be honest, I haven't looked at this car carefully before, and I categorically denied its exterior design based on just a few unsightly angles in the photo. But after personal contact this time, I discovered that it seemed to be flowing with the blood of Big Brother Tianlai, giving people a sense of harmony and ease. The mellow streamline curve of the sky contains the implicit and golden mean of the East, and Sunshine has just seen this and incorporated it into the body shape design, making it look softer and satisfy most people's aesthetic perspective.

Body size sunlight Tiida Sylphy
Length (mm): 4426 4480 4665
Width (mm): 1696 1695 1700
Height (mm): 1514 1535 1510
Wheelbase (mm): 2600 2600 2700
Ground clearance (mm): 116 159 170

From the comparison of body size, it is obvious that the sunlight is shorter than Tiida and Sylphy, but the difference in height and width is small. Since the chassis platform comes from Tiida, the wheelbases of the two are exactly the same; and the higher-positioned Sylphy is longer than them. Compared with other sedan brands of the same level, Sunshine is one size smaller.

The front face design incorporates the popular X shape, which makes it look more energetic, but it is much more docile than Fox and Civic. The air intake grille is very similar to the Teana, but the chrome decoration is obviously much less, which is more practical and simple in style with a family car.

These two inconspicuous lines can't be described by the three words of muscle feeling at all. At best, they can relieve the boredom of the plain engine cover and activate the atmosphere, which is basically similar to the protrusion on Tiida.

Although the body is copied from the sky, the wheel size has not been expanded to a large extent due to cost and positioning restrictions. The proportions of the front half of the body are fairly coordinated, but the center of gravity looks a bit higher at the rear. The gap between the door gaps is large, and the internal structure can already be seen through it, which is out of the standard of a joint-venture vehicle. The highly equipped keyless entry system inherits Nissan's tradition of ease of use.

From this angle, it looks like the entire rear end of the car is smooth and full. The three-dimensional crystal taillight is crystal clear, and its size is large, which has an obvious warning effect on the following vehicles. The front and rear parking radars on the test drive were retrofitted. It is very inconvenient for novices to have no reversing radar. In contrast, even Machi has the configuration Sunshine but does not have it, and its price is also very uncomfortable. There are good reasons for the dealer to give away a set when buying a car.

The aluminum alloy wheels of the new generation of Sunshine are the same as Marci in terms of size and number of spokes, but they do not share one in order to simplify production. The tires of the whole series are 185/65R15 unified model, the size is the same as Tiida. This car uses Dunlop SP Sport 300 tires, and the tread design emphasizes comfort and noise reduction.

Tiida, Tiida, Sylphy and other models above either use an adjustable angle soft short antenna or are directly built-in. Sunshine and Marchi installed this ancient long antenna. Although it is soft and bendable, it has a higher chance of being scratched and is not practical or durable.

When you open the engine compartment cover, you can first see two sets of locking buckles, which are more generous. The support bar on the side is shorter than Tiida, and it is located closer to the front windshield. In use, one needs a greater angle of raising to support the pole; the other is that the pole itself is subject to greater force and is easy to bend or damage. It can be seen from the engine bracket that it has the function of engine collision sinking. The front end of the machine cover is raised. This design is not reflected on Tiida. Please look down for the purpose of the design.

Like Tiida and most compact cars, their engine cover is supported by a support beam surrounding the inside of the upper part. The supporting beam is connected with the fender frame to form an arc. The sun’s support design is the same as that of Fit, Yaris and other small cars. It protrudes from the top of the two buffer steel beams behind the front anti-collision beam. It is not connected to the surrounding body frame, and the height is lower than the surrounding, which makes the engine cover It has to be one block higher to reach the supporting beam.

From this picture, it can be seen that the sun-thin bonnet support beam also provides installation points for many parts such as the front enclosure; relatively speaking, Tiida parts can be scattered on the side of the curved support beam, and loss may occur in the event of a collision. Smaller.

Round style interior

Entering the car, you can see that the overall style of the interior is dominated by arcs and circles, which is very similar to Machi and is more lively. For example, the steering wheel, air-conditioning vents and some panels should be common to Machi. This is completely different from the simple home style of Tiida and Sylphy.

The texture of the center console is all hard plastic, and the imitation leather texture on its surface looks good and feels good to the touch. Although the steering wheel of this top-equipped model is made of leather, it feels a bit harder; the size is smaller, and the grip feels a bit fuller than Tiida, making it more comfortable.

The steering wheel with height adjustment will “bump” when the locking mechanism is released. There is no damping limit at all, and the feeling is very bad. When using it, you must first drag the steering wheel with your hand before adjusting. Except for the lowest model, the two higher versions are equipped with a convenient keyless one-button start function. The catch is that the translucent buttons are out of grade.

The barrel-shaped instrument of the high-end model is very stylish, with white backlight and chrome-plated trim. The visual effect is excellent, and the tiny diamond pattern on the scale line is the finishing touch. The central electronic instrument can display the water temperature, which eliminates the fact that Tiida can only use two color lights to display the water temperature is too high or too low, which is more intuitive and more practical in comparison. The instrument styles of low-profile models are quite different from this and more boring.

The circular automatic air-conditioning control area is more fashionable, the button area is large enough, it is not easy to press wrongly; the stroke is also more suitable, and the hand feels comfortable. The skinny plastic gear lever is covered with soft rubber in the middle, and it performs very well in terms of feel and friction.

The lack of damping of the glove box cover seems to be no problem, but its too low position and too deep space can be tricky. In actual use, it is found that the first thing to take is to work hard, and secondly, the lid will touch the legs, which is not very user-friendly.

The position of the sunroof is relatively forward, and the front row of drivers and passengers can enjoy the scenery outside the car as soon as they look up. I like it better; the open area of 0.2 square meters is similar to other models.

This car power interface cannot heat and light up cigarettes even if you buy a heating wire plug. The location is designed to be too far behind, which is very inconvenient for users who need to connect to GPS or use other on-board electrical appliances. Not to mention the long connecting cable that will affect the front handbrake and gear shifting. The storage compartment can just fit a mobile phone, but the opening is a bit narrow, and it takes a little effort to retrieve it.

Good driving comfort

The front and rear doors have a large opening and closing angle, making it easy to get on and off the car. The overall sealing strip on the inner side of the door has good workmanship and good sealing performance. Rubber sealing strips are also used at the door frame of the body, and the double-layer structure should be of great help in suppressing noise.

The armrest on the inner side of the door has a large area, making it comfortable to put your hands on it. The yellow area is made of leather, which makes it softer and more delicate in direct contact with the skin. The surrounding part is made of hard plastic. The chrome-plated door handle can only be enjoyed by the high-end configuration, and the low-end configuration can only provide the same beige handle as Marci.

The driver’s side window has a one-button lifting function and is equipped with anti-pinch, its sensitivity is high and it is relatively safe. The window buttons in the car are not illuminated, so it is slightly inconvenient to use at night.

The leather seats are exclusive to the top with soft texture. The support of the legs and ribs is not enough, and there is no wrapping. Overall, I can still feel the smooth and comfortable style of Nissan. The length of the seat cushion may not meet all thigh support for a height of 180cm, and it should be just right for women.

The inner side of the rear door provides the same wide armrest as the front door. Although this will sacrifice a little horizontal width, its comfortable feel can relieve some of the fatigue of the journey, which is commendable.

The thickness of this armrest box is amazing. When opened, its height can basically be supported to the elbow, so that the forearm can be naturally leveled, and the hand does not need to be sideways like some models. The soft feel of the leather does not say, and the comfort is good. The fly in the ointment is that it cannot be connected to the trunk, and the practicality is discounted.

I verified once again that the central air outlet of this high-end model is actually a blower, which does not have the function of cooling or heating with the front air conditioner. It only takes in air from the front and blows from the back, which plays a role of directing the cold and warm air from the front exhaust port to the rear. If the front row can be tolerated with a temporary hand, it will be very uncomfortable to use it as an armrest.

Outstanding performance in the rear space

For a person with a height of 180cm, the sunny front row is ideal. The rear headroom is greatly affected by the streamlined roof, and the space is very cramped, but its spacious legroom is really rare in the same class of models. If you often sit in the back row or consider traveling for the whole family, the car can meet the requirements well.

What is surprising is that the rear seat of a family-oriented car cannot be down at all. This makes it difficult to carry over-long household items or place equipment on long-distance trips, and greatly affects space flexibility and carrying capacity. I am very dissatisfied with this point.

The floor of the trunk is quite flat, with no protrusions. The shock absorber on the trailing arm torsion beam suspension takes up little space, and the 490-liter trunk volume is still very practical. It is no problem to put a 70cm long suitcase in depth. If you want to put two, you need to put the suitcase upright, and its height can meet the demand. The free space on the outside is large, so it is not necessary to put items too far in daily use, and it is also very convenient to take.

The roof on the inside of the trunk has to be said. The exposed connecting rods and wires look very unsightly; the lighting lamp is also barely nailed to the steel plate; the most important thing is that the lubricating oil in many parts of the shaft is exposed, and the hands or objects are likely to be rubbed with oil stains when picking up items. This kind of design without lining to cover is suspected of cutting corners.

The storage space in the car is not rich, mostly cup holders. However, their depth is not bad, and the plastic bottled beverages are very stable, and there will be no embarrassing situation of shaking. There is no storage space and cup holder in the rear door, so the practicality and convenience will be reduced.


The appearance of the new generation of sunshine is similar to that of the sky. The streamlined shape and the full and round style of the mean will be recognized by some people with mild temperament and partial aesthetic orientation; and if you pursue avant-garde and individuality, it is completely not suitable for you. Compared with the exterior, the interior is more lively and fun, but it seems less stable. There are too many plastic materials, but the workmanship is more meticulous, which is the average level of the same class of joint venture brand; in terms of driving convenience, the compact steering wheel and one-button start are satisfactory, but the entire system is not equipped with parking radar. Annoyed. The comfort of the vehicle seat is good, and the design of the armrest of the door and the rear armrest box are relatively large. The space in the front row is no different from that of a car in the same class; the legroom in the rear row is obviously prepared, which is rare in the same class, which is very suitable for the whole family. Although the trunk is flat, the backrest of the rear seat that cannot be put down is actually lowered. A lot of practicality.

Sunshine’s price of 8.28 to 112,800 yuan is to make up for the gap in the market that Tiida has withdrawn, and Nissan has a higher-positioned Sylphy in the same level, so Sunshine will also expand its grade and focus on the low-end joint venture sedan market. . Although the lower cost is enough space in the car and a smooth 1.5L+CVT power combination, the stylish and individual appearance and excellent performance are definitely not compatible with it. If you are a person who values the ride space and does not have excessive requirements on the appearance, its superior cost performance and practical configuration can well meet the needs of you and your family. (Photographed by Zhu Li, Hu Zhengyang, Wentu Auto Home)

[YesAuto Evaluation] At the beginning of the article, the editor quoted Liu Yuxin's statement: There is Xuan Yi in the top, Tiida in the middle, and Marchi in the bottom. The market does not seem to leave much room for the tenth generation of sunshine. Five years ago, everyone must have thought so, but now the trend of market segmentation is becoming more and more popular, and there are always gaps. It is not impossible to find the correct position and expand the theater of war. At the end of the opening remarks, let’s take a look at the tenth-generation Nissan Sunshine, with what skills it can use to capture the already hot low-end compact car market.

● Engine and gearbox

How does Sunshine do the two most critical parts of a car? First look at the engine, numbered HR15DE, the 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder is naturally aspirated. It looks simple, but it has a lot of meaning. We know that the cylinder structure design directly determines the engine output characteristics. For example, the small bore and long stroke focus on high torque output at low speeds, while the large bore and short stroke design commonly used in performance sports cars is to highlight the high power output at high speeds. Sunshine’s HR15DE has a cylinder diameter of 78mm and a stroke of 78.4mm, which means that the cross-section of a single cylinder is almost a square. This design makes it have excellent running smoothness and a balance relationship between torque and power output curves. The specific performance will be Introduced in detail below.

The gearbox is another technological highlight of Sunshine. This product was jointly developed by Nissan and Japanese gearbox manufacturer JATCO, numbered JF015E. The working principle of CVT will not be introduced here. Readers who have doubts please read this article “Working Principle of CVT Gearbox” a long time ago. From the principle point of view, the larger the diameter of the cone disc of the CVT, the larger the transmission ratio can be. In compact and small cars, considering the need for light weight, the volume of the cone disc can only be made smaller, so that the transmission The ratio will become smaller. Nissan’s solution is to add a planetary gear structure to the power output end of the conical disc. The transmission ratio can be changed by two additional gears, so that the entire CVT can be changed. The maximum transmission ratio of the case can reach 7.3:1, which is a very high ratio, about twice that of the first gear of a normal automatic transmission. Its actual performance will also be introduced below. For specific technical details, I have reprinted an article by che168 before. Readers who want to know click on the link “Nissan New Generation CVT Detailed Explanation”.

● Daily driving

Sitting in the cab, every tactile nerve feedback to the brain is hard. To be honest, plastic parts are used a lot. Fortunately, the supplier is willing to spend the time to do some frosting on the surface, compared to the smooth one. Plastic panels, at least at this time, will not make people feel too cheap.

When the vehicle started moving, I found that it was a slightly tightly tuned model. The steering, accelerator, brake pedal, and even the forward and backward movement of the gear lever are not as light as imagined. Every movement of yours requires a little more effort to complete. Among them, the brake pedal adjustment that I like the most is the fullness. The compactness, the moderate stroke, and the small amount of invalid excursion give the driver sufficient confidence and support.

The HR15DE engine parameters are not bad, and it is just right on the sun. There is no need to focus too much on the power value. I believe that prospective car owners rely on “smoothness” much more than they pay attention to “peak”. In the same level, it is difficult to find the running smoothness and linear proportional output. Those who can surpass Sunshine in these two aspects, at least so far, I haven't found any car with a 100,000 yuan model that can achieve this level. Therefore, the moment I set off, the strong and comfortable atmosphere can completely overwhelm me. If it keeps like this, I will be bored to death within 5 kilometers.

At this time, the suspension system came out to save the field, the adjustment was very smart, the initial support performance was crisp, the horizontal sensitivity of the car body when crossing the ridge and some road information retained, it can also give people an illusion similar to a sports car, so occasionally It's a little bit interesting to run around, but it will be more interesting if the steering is clearer. Under this layer of outerwear, the real situation that emphasizes comfortable experience is wrapped. A slightly large movement will get the response of the soft downward spring. The pull back of the shock absorber is not so stiff. The entire compression and release process is gentle, just under big movements. The roll amplitude is still not small.

On the whole, the driving experience of the sun is not like a compact sedan, but more like a tight and thinking small car. You can't think it is dull or too neurotic. , Smooth forward, posture changes direction appropriately, as a daily car, its driving experience is very pleasing.

Excellent engine and gearbox are one reason, decent adjustment is one reason, and another important reason is the light body. I didn’t do a crash test, so I dare not pretend to infer whether such a small servicing quality is good or bad. People with a little bit of common sense know that the car body structure is more important than the weight of the plate, but the 1072 kg figure on the parameter configuration table still makes me afraid to drive too fast on the highway, just as it is a big small car Right.

● Accelerated testing

The engine has a good torque output value, and the theoretical maximum transmission ratio of the gearbox is also exaggerated. However, there was no exciting tyre scratching sound during the acceleration test. The starting posture was relatively smooth, and the self-protection limitation of the small-sized CVT was obvious.

In fact, Sunshine’s engine and gearbox design orientations do not lie in bursts. The combination of the two emphasizes smooth and balanced output characteristics. Therefore, we can see that Sunshine’s posture is not rapid in the initial stage, but it is supplied with smooth power. It still ran the best time of 11.27 seconds, of course, the lighter body is also one of the favorable factors.

● Brake test

The tires of the 185/65 R15 are a bit stingy for compact cars. The new Sunshine brake test results must be affected by them. I think if the tires are ten millimeters wider, they will definitely enter the excellent range within 42 meters.

The final score is 42.07 meters, although it is only a little short, it is not excellent after all. The sun’s front suspension travel is moderate, while the rear suspension travel is relatively short. The body's center of gravity tends to lean forward when the vehicle brakes suddenly, but it is caught by the rear suspension. From the graph, it can be seen that the longitudinal g value does rebound but the amplitude is Suppressed very well. The strength of the braking system is decent. The g value is around -0.9g, and the 42.07m performance is recognized by us.

● Appearance and interior decoration display and performance test video

● Noise

I have mentioned the design features of the HR15DE engine before. The smooth, low-noise performance of this machine left a very deep impression on me. The CVT gearbox performs well. With its help, the engine speed is maintained at a fairly low level. Coupled with sound insulation and noise reduction measures such as door seals, the sun's noise control is excellent.

● Fuel consumption test

Unfortunately, because the test car was loaned out for only a short day, the fuel consumption test on the sun was not possible. This data that everyone is most concerned about is temporarily vacant. We will coordinate the test car again as soon as possible, and strive for an early date. Show its performance for everyone.

● Summary

What we need for a family car from 80,000 to 100,000 yuan is: comfortable driving, large space, and fuel-efficient. Of course, there are many other things we want, but to be honest, at this price, we can grasp a few key points. It's hard to come by. The brand-new Sunshine has mastered consumer psychology through this precise approach, so you have to admit that its strength is indeed strong, and its comprehensive performance is undoubtedly among the best in front of its opponents.

Japanese manufacturers have done thorough research on the Chinese market. They clearly know what consumers like and want. This is worth learning from independent brands. Don’t waste your energy on cars that don’t know whom to sell to. Market analysis, to find the right place to put in force, to make one after another in the true sense of one's own car that everyone likes, is the common expectation of all of us.

Special thanks

Test vehicle provided: Beijing Dongfeng South Dacheng franchise store (4S store)
Address: No. 9, Area A, Ou Debao Auto Market, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing Tel: 4008110113 ext 4430