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[YesAuto Review] The 2013 Toyota Reiz is a mid-term facelift. The chassis and power system are not much different from the old model. The main change is the appearance. The manufacturer has designed an impressive front face for it, which looks a bit fierce. , The sharp headlights showed angry eyes, hating the four-cylinder front-wheel drive cars all over the street.

Reiz’s “V6 engine + front-rear drive” combination is not too high-tech, but it is often regarded as high-end in traditional concepts. It has always been different in the same level camp. I believe that many consumers are because of this. Was deeply attracted.

In fact, this 2.5-liter V6 engine with a model of 5GR-FE is not young anymore. It was installed when Reiz was first introduced to China in 2005. Nowadays, for 8 years, the direct injection engine still disappears. The power adjustment is intact, with a maximum power of 142 kilowatts (193 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 236 N·m.

It must be admitted that the 6-cylinder engine does have its unique charm. Especially the ride comfort is outstanding in the same level. Like other Japanese compatriots, Reiz’s throttle is sensitive, and the acceleration is very brisk. The difference is that its power output is more uniform and linear, and it has a sense of thickness that is rare in Japanese cars. The 6-speed automatic manual gearbox matched with it is also quite tacit. This machine is very familiar to us. The shift is particularly gentle, and it still makes people unable to fault.

Deeply step on the accelerator in the cruising state, the engine will climb above 4000rpm in 1 second. The acceleration performance seems to be stronger than the 2.5L model we have in mind. Of course, it will not give you too strong a feeling of pushing back. After all, the explosive power can't be compared with many turbocharged rivals now, but it has enough power reserve, can continue to accelerate, and is full of endurance. In addition, the exhaust sound of the V6 engine is impressive. The noise is not loud, but it is very thick and very pleasing. Many people are addicted to this sound.

The front-rear-drive chassis is another selling point of Reiz. A long time ago, we tended to equate rear-wheel drive with sports, which is no wonder, because there were not many models on the market before six or seven years. From today's perspective, Reiz's chassis tuning should be a very balanced one. Some high-end models of the new car have two variable suspension devices, FAD and AVS. FAD is a purely mechanical principle, which changes the damping according to the road vibration feedback. Our test car is equipped with a more advanced AVS system that can actively adjust the suspension. Supporting, more emphasis on sports performance.

This suspension performs well in daily driving, filtering road vibrations short and soft, and overall it is comfortable. The feedback of the electric power steering system is moderate, which erases a lot of road feeling. Its steering ratio is too large and the steering wheel turns more than 3 times. In theory, it is also a typical comfort orientation.

If you try to drive vigorously, you will find that the body response of the new Reiz is actually very fast, and the pointing accuracy of the front of the car is relatively good, which is considered excellent in the same class of medium-sized cars. But from the perspective of driving pleasure, its suspension is still a bit soft. Even with AVS, it does not significantly help the handling. The large body tilt in the corner affects the tracking and driver confidence.

After a series of experiences, it can be found that the driving experience of the new Reiz is no different from that of the old model. Although it has sports potential, it pays more attention to comfort. The purpose of this car is to comprehensively take into account various needs, which is also Toyota's consistent value orientation. It feels very comfortable to drive this car. The power system and chassis work in harmony and smooth operation, which is enough. As for whether it is sporty or not, it doesn't seem to be too important.

The appearance and interior design of Reiz also follow the principles similar to driving experience. Although its front face looks a bit aggressive, the taillights have become more distinctive, but the overall body contour is still very stable, not too much. Rigid lines, a shape suitable for all ages.

In addition, the interior of the car has also maintained its previous appearance. The black soft material is matched with the wood grain device and then inlaid with chrome-plated decorative strips, which is more mature. In terms of personality, Reiz’s interior looks very ordinary, the center console is a standard T-shaped, and various function buttons are of conventional design. The workmanship and feel are up to the required level, and you will not be disappointed, and don’t expect surprises. .

Reiz has good riding comfort. The generous seat allows people to easily enjoy the journey. However, the riding space is not Reiz’s strength, especially the sitting posture of the front driver’s seat is a bit exaggerated. For the editor with a height of 1.76 meters, the head The space is okay, but drivers over 1.8 meters will feel a little cramped. The back leg room is not small, but the head is still not spacious. In addition, a rear-drive vehicle must have a drive shaft running through the carriage, and the leg space of passengers in the middle of the rear row is really tight, not suitable for long-term rides.

The space advantage is not big, so use the configuration to make up for it. The overall configuration of Reiz is quite rich, such as xenon headlights, body stability control system and knee airbags, etc. are all standard. The 2.5V Zunrui navigation version we tested is relatively high-end, with keyless start, paddle shift, adaptive suspension, 7-inch LCD display, and smart parking assist and navigation system.

In fact, it is suitable for most consumers to buy the 2.5V Shangrui version. The 18-inch wheels, with cruise control, reversing video, large color screen on the center console, and adaptive suspension, fully meet the needs of daily use.

Finally, let us take a look at the test results of the 2013 Reiz.

◆ 0-100km/h acceleration performance test:

The starting speed is about 2500rpm, the rear wheels will slip obviously, and the grip will resume soon after about half a second. The visual effect is good, with a bit of high-horsepower rear-driving feeling. The final result is 8.93 seconds, which is satisfactory for a 2.5L model, but slightly inferior to the 2.5L Camry and Teana.

Note: In the following comparison chart of acceleration performance of models of the same level, you can see that the test results of the new Accord are faster than the test results announced in our previous test article. The reason is that the results in the previous article were 40 in Wuhan in September this year. The test was conducted under the temperature of ℃ (click to view the article on the previous bicycle test) , but the Accord test results released this time were tested at a regular temperature of about 20 ℃ not long ago. The temperature difference between the two tests before and after is large, so the test results will also have a certain difference. In this article, the test results under the normal temperature are used as a reference.

◆ 100-0km/h brake performance test:

The attitude control at full braking is very good, and it seems that the AVS variable suspension has played a certain role. The final average score is 39.75 meters, which belongs to the excellent category, but in the continuous braking process, the fluctuation between each score is a bit large, and the performance is not stable. This is a weakness.

◆ Noise:

Low noise has always been a feature of Reiz. The new models have further improved the noise reduction performance. Engine noise is almost imperceptible, and the sound insulation of the chassis is also particularly good.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

In order to control fuel consumption, more and more medium-sized cars are equipped with small-displacement turbocharged engines. In contrast, the fuel economy advantage of Reiz's 2.5-liter V6 engine is no longer obvious. The fuel consumption result of this car on the comprehensive fuel consumption test section with an average speed of 30km/h is 10.57 liters/100 kilometers, which is at a medium level. Another advantage of this engine is that it can use 92# gasoline, which saves money.


In general, the changes in appearance of the new Reiz are successful. The new car does look more personalized than the old one. In addition, the small increase in configuration also strengthens the attractiveness of this car. It is certain that it will receive more Loved by young people, but consumers who like gentle style should not be scared by its appearance. The product positioning of the new car is actually the same as before. It tends to be comfortable and classy, and it will definitely not be too irritable.

Reiz 2013 2.5V Zunrui Navigation Edition

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Of course, many consumers value its V6 engine and rear drive chassis. Actually, although the technology of this 6-cylinder engine is not advanced, it still performs very well in terms of ride comfort and noise. The chassis does have good qualities that are rare in other models of the same level, but it does not deliberately promote its sports advantages. After all, most of Toyota's models pay attention to balanced performance.