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[YesAuto in-depth experience] I believe everyone has read an article about the new Sagitar written by Han Lu. The article expressed great dissatisfaction with the various reductions of the new Sagitar. As an old Sagitar owner, he has such a reaction I think it's understandable. After all, Sagitar used to be one of the best in the domestic compact class with various technologies. When he saw the various reductions of the new Sagitar, it was only natural to be disappointed.

He just returned from FAW-Volkswagen two days ago. After communicating with the manufacturer, the manufacturer said that the positioning of the new/old Sagitar has indeed changed. The old Sagitar established a solid benchmark foundation with its high configuration and high technology! The new Sagitar will be adjusted to the height of practicality based on market demand. Because of this, the starting point of our and the manufacturer is different from the previous real shot articles, and there is indignation or disappointment.

From an objective point of view, I don’t think we can draw conclusions so early. After all, we have not seen a real car. It is too arbitrary to say that this car is not good just by looking at the photos. So this time we will compare the previous generation of Sagitar with a new generation of All the Sagitars have been invited, and the changes in the positioning of the new Sagitar have been communicated with the manufacturers. Then we will use the standard of a family car to measure it and see how it will perform in the end?