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[YesAuto News] Recently, according to foreign media reports, Tesla published a patent on a new type of sunroof. In the patent, Tesla described that the sunroof is equipped with electronic coloring and an integrated lighting system. During the day, users can use electricity The color control system adjusts the light in the car. At night, the user can control the lighting through the LED lighting layer, so as to maintain the ideal amount of light in the car.

Tesla said that the skylight has a multi-layer structure with an electrically controllable colored layer and a transparent lighting layer between the two transparent layers. Simply put, if the outside light is strong, the user can adjust the coloring layer through the car screen or remote App to reduce the amount of light in the car; if the light in the car is insufficient, the user can brighten the coloring layer and allow part of the light to enter the car. Inside, at night, users can also turn on the transparent lighting layer, and multiple LED light-emitting diodes with adjustable brightness and color can fill the interior of the car.

It is reported that in this patent application, Tesla listed engineer Joong Min Yoon as the sole inventor. He has 20 years of experience in display screen research and development. As early as June 2017, he submitted this for Tesla. New sunroof patent application, the patent was announced recently. (Source: ledinside; text/Autohome You Dongqing)