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[YesAuto Car Race] Recently, I have seen a lot of news about street racing. Some students really regard the street as a race track. They are heinously irresponsible for public safety, and they have also caused many law-abiding racing enthusiasts to follow gun”. As an active advocate of “returning to the track and regulating racing”, one of the largest non-governmental car race organizers in the north, and the organizer of the North Touring Car Classic, Younick Automobile Club, co-organizer, Beijing Automobile and Motorcycle Association, held a press conference and announced The first race of the 2015 season will start on June 6 this year, allowing more racing enthusiasts to experience professional races in person, and have a safer and happier playing environment.

The Northern Touring Car Classic is now in its third year. Relying on the 2.4km F3 track-Beijing Golden Port International Circuit, it provides a platform for riders in northern China to participate in the event. It is understood that this year's event, in addition to covering many groups from 1600 to supercar, allowing riders to choose according to their own models, the 2015 season also paid more attention to the feelings of the audience going to the stadium. According to the organizer, while the race is being held, the backcourt of the Golden Port Circuit will simultaneously carry out various projects such as kart experience, food festival, music festival, etc., in an effort to make the race a big party. Just like someone said: No matter how exciting the event is, the audience also needs to join in. I hope this year's event can really make the audience feel better.

It is understood that in the past two years, the tire rule reform that many car users have been looking forward to is also expected to be carried out this year. The reform content is mainly aimed at the uniform specification of skinhead tires. Although the competition has repeatedly emphasized that the use of bald tires is not mandatory, the major teams have bought and used bald tires in order to achieve better results. In order to alleviate the troubles of this kind of “arms race” for ordinary beginners, the competition will consider opening a low-threshold amateur category and only allow the use of relatively cheap high-performance street tires. This will undoubtedly further lower the barriers to participation in the event and make it even better. Many ordinary fans can participate in it.

I remember that in the live broadcast of Car Home Radio a few days ago, we compared racing to football. When a few children who want to play football may find a can to play for fun when they have no conditions, we can’t blame them for breaking the neighbor’s window at this time, let alone put the football fans on the stadium for this reason. All yelled to stop football. The organizers of these folk games today are like organizing a football match in a stadium. I hope everyone, including those kids who play cans on the street, will try it out. This way everyone has a good time and can be safer.