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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, foreign media reported that Volkswagen Group stated that Volkswagen has terminated its contract with Audi CEO Rupert Stadler (Rupert Stadler) because it is under investigation for “emission cheating”. Unable to perform duties during interrogation and detention. At the same time, Stade will no longer serve as a member of the Volkswagen Group Management Committee. The successor Bram Schot (Bram Schot) temporarily continues to act as Audi's director.

In June 2018, Steider was formally arrested by the Munich prosecutor for trying to conceal evidence related to the diesel emissions investigation; in July this year, Steider, who was detained for nearly a month, appealed to the Munich court and asked to be released. The response was the rejection of the court. At present, the case is still under further investigation. Stade is also the highest-level executive of the Volkswagen Group so far arrested for the “emission cheating” incident.

“The reason for Stade's departure is that because he is in pre-trial detention, he cannot fulfill his responsibilities as a member of the management board, and he wants to concentrate on defending himself.” Volkswagen Group said in a statement. . Previously, Volkswagen Group and Audi had stated that unless proven guilty, Steider was presumed innocent.

Later, as the acting CEO of Audi, Shao Te issued a statement, expressing his gratitude to the contribution made by Steider since serving as chief executive officer for 11 years, and pointed out that the company's sales during the tenure of Steider Almost doubled. The statement also said that Stade promoted the development of electric vehicles.

Steider became Audi's chief executive officer in 2007. He was also temporarily dismissed after he was taken into prison in mid-June this year, and the position was temporarily taken over by the then Audi sales executive Bram Schott. With the termination of the Stade contract, Volkswagen may have determined the candidate for the new CEO. As early as July of this year, the Volkswagen Group hired BMW’s engine development and procurement expert Markus Duesmann (Markus Duesmann), who has always been regarded as one of the executives who may succeed Steider. The reason is It is the Volkswagen Group that is seeking to develop clean engine technology to help it get rid of the pollution scandal. (Source: Reuters; Compilation/Car Home Zhang Lianyi)