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[YesAuto New Energy] On October 16, a Xiaopeng car owner said that “Little P” could not wake up at all, and the navigation was not connected to the Internet and could not be prompted. In addition, a car blogger broke the news: “Xpeng background network operator data is abnormal, cars and machines are collectively disconnected, and vehicles cannot navigate or access the Internet, etc.”. A similar situation appeared on NIO. The official said it was affected by the operator's network, which led to the phenomenon of car and machine disconnection.

In response to the disconnection phenomenon, Weilai Automobile officially explained: “Due to the influence of the operator’s network, the remote vehicle control and journey functions of the App are temporarily unavailable. Impact. Other vehicle networking functions can be used normally. The technical team is actively communicating with operators to troubleshoot problems and restore services as soon as possible.”

Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO, also said: “The outage is an operator’s network failure. We are actively coordinating and promoting repairs. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused to some friends’ morning peak travel! Autohome will also continue to pay attention to the disconnection.