[YesAuto original test drive] Two months ago, I just drove the Haval H5 Green Static 2.0T (click to view the test drive article). The powerful diesel supercharged engine and the rare six-speed manual gearbox in the same class left me Under the deep impression. Today, two months later, I will test drive this car again, but the focus is almost entirely on the gearbox, because this is a five-speed automatic manual gearbox! After years of fighting, Haval finally has an automatic transmission model, which is an exciting development. I believe that many readers can't wait to wait, so let's get to the topic.

● Which car models is 5AT applied to?

At present, Great Wall Haval H5 has two major series, “Zhi Zun Edition” and “European Style Edition”. The Green Static 2.0T equipped with a diesel supercharged engine belongs to the European Style series. The automatic transmission model to be launched is the “H5 Green Static 2.0T Automatic” block”. In other words, for the time being, only the diesel-powered automatic Haval H5 with a more delicate front face is available.

According to the manufacturer’s statement, in the future, Great Wall will successively assemble this automatic transmission to gasoline models (including the Zhizun series and the European style series), then consumers will hope to buy the automatic Haval H5 in various configurations. .

● What changes have been made to the exterior and interior trim of the automatic model for this test drive?

The 5AT automatic model for this test drive was developed on the basis of the Lvjing 2.0T model, so we compare it with the previous 6MT version Lvjing 2.0T.

Except for the small differences caused by the increased configuration, the automatic transmission models continue most of the previous designs, and the conclusion has been drawn: it can be said that there is no change. There is no more description here. Readers who want to know more can click on the link below to view the previous article.

● What configurations are added to the automatic transmission models?

1. Tire pressure monitoring

The system displays information such as tire temperature and pressure on the rearview mirror of the car. When the tire pressure is insufficient, the color of the indicator light will change from green to red.

We only found this new configuration on the four-wheel drive model, but the configuration table provided on the spot showed that both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive should be available. The specific situation will be finalized after the listing.

2. Cruise control

After the introduction of the automatic transmission, the cruise control function was realized. The control buttons and operation methods are similar to those of Japanese and Korean models, and are less difficult to learn and easy to use. Each acceleration and deceleration is 3km/h as one gear, and the specific customized speed will be displayed on the LCD screen in the center of the instrument panel.

● Has the power unit changed?

The engine has not changed. It is still a 2.0VGT turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum power of 110Kw and a peak torque of 310N·m. It adopts advanced technologies such as turbocharged intercooling system, electronically controlled high-pressure common rail system, and exhaust gas recirculation. Among them are the more advantageous power units.

● Driving experience

The supplier of this five-speed manual transmission is Hyundai Mobis Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., with the product code name “5R35”. The high torque output of the diesel engine is a test for the automatic transmission using the hydraulic torque converter. If the matching is not appropriate, it is prone to frustration. Therefore, before the test drive, I did not put my psychological expectations too high, and the actual Haval H5 The performance made me admire. The upshift is very hidden. The process is not delicate but it is smooth enough. It is not inferior to ordinary family cars. This is a situation that was not expected before.

The shift timing is relatively fixed, all concentrated around 2000 rpm. Even if the downshift is triggered by a deep step on the accelerator, there is no particularly obvious increase in speed. After a few times, I suddenly remembered that there is a diesel engine in the engine compartment, and I was relieved. This slightly compulsive upshift strategy in exchange for the reasonable use of the effective range power and the imperceptible frustration. Since the introduction of the automatic gearbox is to free the left foot to pursue comfort, let the comfort come more thoroughly.

In short, D gear is taken care of like a butler. It has prepared the best range for you at any time. It doesn’t require you to think too much about what the current speed is. With the deepening of the throttle, the power supply can respond very linearly. , There are no big waves and you will not feel fatigued. Driving the diesel version of Hafer in the city is easier than imagined.

Under this premise, the manual mode has become a bit awkward. I have been trying to find its special features in order to support a reason to have fun. Unfortunately, due to the narrow output platform of the diesel engine, manual mode and D gear are not essential. The difference on the above is still the comfort that is directly blocked by D. After the automatic transmission is used in the gasoline version of the car in the future, it will be time for it to come into play.

● Summary

Great Wall finally equipped the H5 with an automatic transmission, which will be an event of historic significance in the development history of the Haval car series. Specific to the product itself, the performance of the five-speed automatic manual gearbox has greatly exceeded previous expectations. The excellent smooth performance has made the diesel engine a lot more docile. In addition, the manufacturer said that it will continue to introduce differential locks, ESP, etc. in the future. Configured models, these are very competitive choices, I believe that after the automatic transmission is fully equipped with gasoline version models, the sales of Haval H5 will have a very significant increase. Due to the short time for this test drive and limited information, we can only display so much content for the time being. We will get the test vehicle as soon as possible and present a comprehensive and detailed test report to everyone.

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