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[YesAuto Technology] When it comes to Alcantara, which is what we often call suede, most of my friends will think of cars, especially luxury cars and sports cars. Indeed, due to the high price of Alcantara materials, usually only high-end models will use this material as a material for interiors and seats. However, Odyllan is not an exclusive material for high-end models. This material has now appeared in many fields.

Before we talk about this high-end material, let us briefly understand what Oceland is. It is a unique and innovative coating material, made in Italy, and its registered company Alcantara SpA has repeatedly emphasized that this material is 100% made in Italy. , The innate Italian descent is one of the important quality guarantees of Ou Dilan, all products are processed in the Nera Montoro factory using advanced technology. However, it should be noted that the extraction technology of this material was successfully developed by the Japanese in 1970, and then promoted in cooperation with the Italian ENT Group.

Ordinary leather material, Outralan is affirmed by many automakers because of its good frictional force. Many performance cars now use Outralan material to a greater or lesser extent, even if it is wrapped by this material. The steering wheel, many super sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini produced a large number of seats, steering wheel and interior parts wrapped by Occitan materials. Andrea, CEO of Alcantara, said that he hopes to promote Alcantara materials through cooperation with more automakers. This expensive material will not only appear on high-end models in the future, but also for family cars. Improve the overall texture of the car.

The Odyllan material is suitable for covering any surface. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, breathability, lightness, warm in winter and cool in summer, low maintenance requirements, washing and ironing, light and heat resistance, and increased friction. So now in addition to the automotive field, with the gradual increase in the popularity of Alcantara materials, the fashion industry, interior design fields and electronic products are also gradually becoming popular in the field of Alcantara materials.

In interior decoration and design, the use of Orclan materials can create a lasting and warm atmosphere in various patterns, without being restricted by the home environment and office environment. Oulan material has now become one of the most popular materials in the shipbuilding industry, and it has also been widely used in the aviation field. In view of the various characteristics of Alcantara materials, fashion designers can use the material to unfold endless imagination and use Alcantara to make fashion bags, accessories and clothing.

In 2014, Alcantara released a sustainability report. At the same time, it has passed the “carbon neutral” certification in 2009 and has adhered to it for more than 6 years. Although the company's production capacity has increased by 5%, energy consumption has only increased by 2%. , The amount of carbon dioxide produced throughout the year offset a total of 44,654 tons. Cross-domain applications will surely increase the output of Otelan. While this high-quality material is widely popularized, people will also pay attention to the energy consumed by Otelan's production process and the environmental efficiency of Otelan's finished products.


Through many performance cars and super sports cars, people have come to know the Odyllan material commonly known as suede. From the first excellent material that can only be felt on high-end models, it has now spread to all aspects of our daily lives. With the further promotion of Oulan materials in cross-field cooperation, it is believed that its high cost will also decrease, so that more consumers can experience the high-quality materials brought by advanced technology. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Haopeng)