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[YesAuto model shopping guide] After the silence in July, the domestic auto market is about to become lively again in August. It has been learned that in addition to the new BMW 5 Series extended version launched today, a number of new heavyweight models will be unveiled this month. There are many products that are exclusively for ordinary consumers to choose. Let's predict their performance together.

Dongfeng Nissan Marci——The first real small car from domestic Nissan will be launched on the market: August 21st

Whether it's Honda, Toyota, or rivals of the Gothic and Korean series, everyone has their own small car, and Dongfeng Nissan has only had a Liwei for many years-a model that looks more like a tool-type small MPV. Although Liwei's space is a recognized advantage, the lack of compact and attractive design means that many of the main consumers of small cars-female users will be lost. The introduction of Nissan's classic best-selling small car Machi will change this situation.

Body Marchi Fit Yaris Carnival hatchback POLO
Length (mm): 3779 3900 3750 3950 3916
Width (mm): 1666 1695 1695 1722 1650
Height (mm): 1526 1525 1545 1467 1465
Wheelbase (mm): 2450 2500 2460 2490 2460

Marchi's appearance design is playful and cute, and its body size is relatively smaller. Compared with other brands of mainstream hatchback small cars, Marci's length, width and height are not dominant, but they are not the smallest. However, the wheelbase of 2450mm is a small value among small cars, which makes people worry about its internal riding space.

Compared with Liwei, Marchi's center console interior design appears to be a lot more feminine. The application of a large number of circular elements has significantly increased the affinity of the interior, although Marchi has not been able to show high-end materials in terms of materials A sense of grade.

Today's small car competition is not only about styling and design, but it must have some unique and fresh points if it wants to attract more attention. The highlight of Marci is this e-car assistant. Through the small button on the left hand side, the driver can switch the display on the trip computer screen. One of the functions is called the “Zhiyou” function, which can actively remind the driver of the maintenance time of the vehicle, the birthday of a friend or an important anniversary, and will also actively greet the driver when the owner gets on and off the vehicle. Although some people think that this function has no practical use, in fact, the unique warm feeling is reflected in this detail, and this function is standard for all Marchi series.

The practicality of the rear space that we worry about due to the short wheelbase is actually pretty good. Especially for a 1.8-meter experience person, it can also have a four-finger head space, which is quite rare in a small car. After adjusting the front seats, there are four fingers left in the rear legroom, which is not outstanding but not disappointing.

This 1.5L engine equipped by Marci is the first to appear on a domestic Nissan model. Although the displacement is slightly smaller, the maximum power output has reached 79kw, which is slightly larger than the 1.6L engine of Liwei. For models like Marci, strong power and sharp handling should not be prioritized. Comfortable and brisk driving feels most appropriate to it, and this is what it conveys to us when we test drive Marci. .

There is no accurate official news yet, but it is expected that Marci will be launched on August 21. All models are priced at RMB 70,000 to RMB 100,000 with a displacement of 1.5L. Now Dongfeng Nissan will have two distinctive small cars going hand in hand to provide male and female consumers with models more in line with their requirements.

Beijing Hyundai Rena-the appearance is sharper and the space has improved. Time to market: expected August 23

As early as the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, we had close contact with this new model of Beijing Hyundai. The auto show was actually Rena’s global debut ceremony. Since the former BMW designer took charge of the modern design department, recent new modern models have sporty and uniform appearance design. We can even see the shadow of the sports car Genesis-Cool from the front face of Rena. This is believed to be appreciated by many young male consumers.

Body Rena Feng Fan Carnival sedan Peugeot 207 Accent
Length (mm): 4340 4400 4297 4260 4310
Width (mm): 1700 1695 1722 1680 1695
Height (mm): 1460 1470 1467 1468 1480
Wheelbase (mm): 2570 2550 2495 2450 2500

In terms of body size, Rena’s most prominent highlight is the wheelbase of up to 2570mm. In comparison with small sedan cars of the same level, this data has overwhelmed many opponents, and has even been close to some compact cars. However, Rena's height is only 1460mm, which is related to the lower body design. Although it looks more dynamic, it seems to affect the vertical space of the rear row.

Whether it is ix35 or Rena, one of the words we hear most in the appearance introduction of new generation modern models is “fluid sculpture”. This is a very vivid name. You can imagine the three-dimensional layering formed by the instant solidification of the flowing liquid, or you can touch the surface of Rena's body with your hands, and you will have the same feeling.

Rena not only has a wheelbase close to that of a compact car, but the size of its wheels and tires have also reached the standard of a compact car. The 195/50 R16 tires not only enhance the visual effect, but also help the vehicle's handling and safety performance. However, this model is limited to 1.6L models, and 1.4L models are reduced to 14-inch wheels.

Corresponding to the dynamic and stylish shape is the center console interior with a strong sense of contrast. Rena does not hesitate to use richer materials to show visual effects in line with the mainstream youth aesthetics. The three steering wheels with matt silver decoration and the shield-shaped center console panel are the specific manifestations.

Our worries are not superfluous. Rena’s internal vertical seating space is indeed affected by the height of the car. For those who are not too high at 1.75 meters, there are only three fingers before and after the head space, which makes us feel a little depressed. However, the spacious rear leg space can fill these dissatisfactions. The performance of the last two punches is comparable to that of Feng Fan. Compared with Accent, Rena's space has improved significantly.

During the actual test drive, we were quite satisfied with Rena's performance in two aspects. For the first time, it is equipped with a 1.6-liter γ engine, which can exert a maximum power of 123 horsepower, which is beyond the level of an engine with the same displacement. Therefore, there is no need to worry about Rena's power performance, and it can maintain sufficient acceleration even under full load. The second satisfaction is that Rena is equipped with an electric power steering system, which is lighter than a hydraulic power system and does not waste engine power. Although the control direction it brings is not so direct, for Rena, easy and convenient driving is probably the more correct design direction.

Like Marchi, we still don't know the specific listing date of Rena, which was previously expected to be August 23. I really hope that this day will come soon, and I look forward to getting Rena’s test car soon, because we all have expectations for its 0-100km/h acceleration.

BYD L3-A new choice for high-end entry-level models. Time to market: August 16

At the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, BYD exhibited a number of new models that will be launched, among which the compact car BYD L3 and the mid-size car i6 are the most eye-catching. But at that time we had a doubt: BYD already has two compact cars, F3 and G3, and this time it will launch L3. What is the intention? And now this doubt has a clear answer. The emergence of BYD L3 will serve as a sign of BYD’s entry into the high-end independent brand market. It is conceivable that BYD’s L3 rivals will be the Emgrand EC7 or Pentium B50, which are not too low-priced. Brand compact car.

Body BYD L3 BYD G3 Tengyi C30 Emgrand EC7 Fengshen S30
Length (mm): 4568 4600 4452 4635 4502
Width (mm): 1716 1705 1705 1789 1740
Height (mm): 1480 1490 1480 1470 1465
Wheelbase (mm): 2615 2610 2610 2650 2610

But except for the difference in the front face, the design of the side and rear of the BYD L3 is similar to the brother model G3. The body size of the two are also very close, but compared with other compact cars of independent brands, BYD L3 has no size advantage, and the wheelbase of 2615mm is only a normal level.

For products entering the higher-end market, we pay more attention to whether there are obvious improvements in internal materials and workmanship. But what is more disappointing is that BYD L3 has not made much improvement in workmanship, and even irregular burrs can be seen on the center console panel. However, the texture of the panel is worthy of recognition.



1.8L CVT

Keyless keyless system

Keyless entry system

Intelligent rolling code encryption anti-theft

Smart remote key

One-click start system

Intelligent driving computer

CAN—BUS Electronic Intelligent Butler System

Safety technology and appearance

ABS ( EBD)/ four-wheel disc brake

The door has a built-in side impact safety protection bar / child safety lock

Front double SRS airbags

Front side SRS airbag / curtain SRS airbag

Reversing visual system

Direction indicating reversing radar

Auto-sensing headlights ( adjustable height )

High-position brake light

Electric adjustable exterior rearview mirror

Electric folding

Anti-static shark fin antenna

And BYD's high-end positioning is naturally reflected. First of all, in terms of power configuration, only 1.8+CVT models are listed in the early stage, which is a rare behavior among independent brand manufacturers. The first to be listed will be the noble and flagship models, which are expected to sell for around 120,000 yuan, but their on-board configuration is quite rich. Both the reversing image and the keyless entry system are standard, which seems to make BYD L3 worth the price.

Kia Kaizun-A new model to replace the old Ophelias. Time to market: August 19

This is a model that has just been built and is not familiar to domestic consumers, but we know that its mission is to replace Kia’s Ophelia, so we welcome it very much, because it has been on the market for eight years. The shape design of Opheles is really difficult to accept, and the shape of the brand-new Kia Kaizun is made by the famous Peter Cyrill, which looks much more beautiful.

Body Kai Zun Lawns Acura RL Lacrosse
Length (mm): 4965 4975 4985 5000
Width (mm): 1850 1890 1847 1858
Height (mm): 1475 1480 1450 1497
Wheelbase (mm): 2845 2935 2800 2837

The positioning of Kaizun is the same as that of Ophelias as a medium and large car, but obviously if compared with those models that have been lengthened and improved, the size of Kaizun is not enough. Even the medium-sized car LaCrosse surpasses in three aspects of length, width and height. Kay Zun. From the engine displacement of foreign models, it can be seen that the grade positioning of Kaizun is slightly lower than that of Hyundai Genesis, so it is not surprising that its model size is also slightly smaller.

All Kaizun that was launched in the domestic market are equipped with 2.4-liter Theta II engines with a maximum power of 180 horsepower, which is the same as the 2.4L engine used by Honda Accord. However, it is currently reported that the 3.5L model will also be introduced later. In terms of gearbox, Kaizun uses the same 6-speed automatic transmission as Genesis with manual shift mode, so Kaizun does not bring us much new ideas in terms of power equipment.

The interior design of Kaizun does not have the mature and dull feeling of ordinary medium and large cars. The bold design makes the overall effect look very fashionable. The X-shaped style of the center console panel is impressive, and the four-spoke steering wheel has become One of the interior features of the new generation of Kia model family.

It is a pity that we don't have much opportunity to experience the space of Kaizun, but it can be seen that the size of the rear row is not particularly spacious, and it is basically the same level as a medium-sized car with a larger size. At present, it is certain that Kaizun entering the country will be equipped with panoramic sunroof. This kind of double sunroof design is not popular in medium and large cars, and it can be regarded as one of the bright spots of Kaizun. Another selling point of Kaizun may be its high cost performance. It is expected that its price will not exceed 230,000 yuan, which is indeed a very tempting number for an imported medium and large car.

Full text summary:

Regardless of whether it is Marchi and Rena, BYD L3 or the imported Kezun, their prices have not exceeded the range that ordinary household users can afford, especially the first three paragraphs are aimed at those families with average income or whose economic strength is not substantial. Of young consumers. The new choices are always exciting, but what we have to do at the moment is just to wait and see. The real performance of these models will have to wait until August has passed. (Zheng Yu, Home of Wen Auto)