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[YesAuto Motorcycle] Benali, a motorcycle brand from Italy, has been established for more than a century and has a long history. In 2005, it was acquired by my country's Qianjiang Group, and Qianjiang Group was also acquired by Geely Group in 2016 Shares, so in other words, Benali’s motorcycles are now flowing with the blood of our Chinese people. Today I was invited to participate in Benali’s media test drive meeting, just to get close to Benali. Several popular models of the moment.

Since Geely acquired the Qianjiang Group, it has used automobile manufacturing standards to require motorcycles. This is quite rare for the motorcycle industry in my country, which is still in its infancy. The space is limited. This time I will mainly talk about the recent Two of the more popular models, let's take a look with Gou Mi.

To be honest, I sprayed this car on the Internet before the TRK502C was released, because in my eyes, it was a copycat, but after seeing the real car this time, I found that it was different from what I thought, except to look at the whole thing from a distance. The design is a bit like Ducati, but when you look closer, it is a brand new model, and its heat output is also well controlled.

The time for the test drive meeting is not very abundant, and due to the large number of media and fewer replacement points, I can’t even ride a certain distance with each bike. What about the specifics? Let’s watch the video.

After a test drive, we can clearly feel the progress of Benelli’s domestic models in recent years. Although we still have a long way to go compared with imported models, considering the time of our development, it is really rare. Hope Benali, which belongs to the Geely Group, can launch more good cars in the future. With the upward momentum of the motorcycle industry in my country in recent years, it will gradually glow with the glory of a century-old enterprise.