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[YesAuto preliminary audit] With the gradual improvement and maturity of the Chinese auto market, many auto brands have cooperated with domestic manufacturers. At present, the localization rate of joint venture models has been quite high. Joint venture manufacturers have introduced foreign models into the country for domestic production. The benefit is undoubtedly reduced manufacturing costs, and consumers can also buy the same products as foreign ones at relatively low prices. However, some joint venture cars are not models sold globally, but are hybrids developed by manufacturers based on the Chinese market. ,As for whether to lift the skin or not, we will not comment on it.

Dongfeng Citroen C2

There is basically no substantial relationship with the original version

When the Dongfeng Citroen C2 was launched, we found that it was very similar to the Peugeot 206. Maybe you don’t know that the original foreign C2 is not like this. Both the model and the technology are different from the domestic version. We are already familiar with Dongfeng Citroen C2, so we will focus on foreign C2.

It is easy to see the difference between the domestic C2 and the foreign C2 from the picture. The two cars have almost no similarities. The Dongfeng Citroen C2 is improved and developed on the basis of the Peugeot 206. The vehicle shape and configuration are different from the 206. Very small; the wheelbase is 2443mm. The foreign prototypes are completely different. They are designed with two doors and have a tough and exquisite appearance. The wheelbase is 2451mm longer than that of domestic joint venture models. However, at the end of 2009, Citroen replaced C2 with DS3.

The picture above shows the interior of a foreign Citroen C2. The seat has a large lateral wrapping wing, which can provide strong lateral support. The layout structure of the central control part is not much different from that of the domestic Dongfeng Citroen C2; but the logo on the handle tells us Foreign C2 automatic transmission models use AMT gearboxes. This is different from domestic models. Domestic models use 4-speed automatic gearboxes.

Domestically, there are 1.4L and 1.6L engines for C2, while foreign power is relatively abundant, with 1.1L gasoline, 1.4L gasoline, 1.4L diesel and 1.6L. One of the 1.4L engines has engine start-stop technology. This system is similar to Mercedes-Benz SMART. When the vehicle is stopped and the brake pedal is depressed, the system will disconnect the power transmission and put the engine in a stalled state. When the pedal is lifted and depressed The engine will automatically ignite when you throttle. The power parameters of the foreign 1.4L and 1.6L engines are the same as those of the two domestic cars.

Due to the small volume of the trunk when the foreign C2 seats are normally opened, the designer has set up a small storage box in the lower part of the tailgate to relieve the pressure of storing items on the car, and this is not too worrying on the domestic C2.

As the body length of the domestic C2 has been lengthened, the advantage of the trunk volume is more obvious than that of foreign models. Daily use will not encounter much trouble; the rear seats can only be tilted down as a whole, and the chassis will be straight after being tilted down. The volume has been expanded from 245L to 1130L, and the capacity of the hatchback is apparent when carrying larger items, which is much larger than that of a sedan, such as a TV.

The suspension of the Dongfeng Citroen C2 is exactly the same as the Peugeot 206. It is the suspension combination of the front and rear torsion beams of the MacPherson. The French car's training skills in the suspension can still be recognized. The driving experience is relatively tight, and the suspension is strong when passing through bumpy road conditions. The toughness will not transmit harsh mechanical vibrations into the car, but the slightly taller body will have a slight impact on handling.

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Dongfeng Citroen Sega Sedan

China's unique sedan, the key sedan is very successful

Speaking of WRC, many brands and models can be thought of. In these models, the Citroen C4 will not be overlooked; what we call Sega abroad is C4 HATCHBACK; and this time we are talking about Sega sedan. This hatchback successfully changed to a sedan model.

Although many manufacturers are claiming that their models have WRC pedigree, we really don’t want to mention too much, because those heavily modified and tuned cars are too far away from us; and the sedan Sega will bring us closer. , The household performance is greatly displayed. We have to admit that the sedan Sega is a rare and successful model. There is no abrupt and unpleasant rear end, which is very suitable for the overall style of the vehicle. It not only conforms to the Chinese people's preference for sedan models, but also meets our current expectations. Aesthetic requirements.

The sedan model not only caters to the aesthetic requirements of some consumers, but also has a strong advantage in daily use; the largest box in the editorial department can be easily put into the trunk, and the rear seats are down as a whole The rear floor is relatively flat and straight. If you need to carry some longer items daily, Sega Sedan is also fully capable.

However, there are also some inconvenient places in the trunk. The first is that the height of the trunk is too large. If the items are heavier, you need to lift a relatively high distance if you want to put it in the trunk; secondly, the opening is slightly smaller and the threshold is too high. If the item is too large, it may be troublesome. Too high a threshold is very unfavorable for thin women to take heavy items.

In terms of riding space, there is no difference between the sedan and the hatchback. The wheelbase is 2610mm. It is quite satisfactory. The editor with a height of 175cm is enough to sit in the car. The distance between the front head and the punch is more than that of the sunroof version. There is a reduction; although the hatchback is changed to a sedan, the line of the roof is not affected. The spatial performance of a punch with three fingers on the head and a leg is good for home users. However, a burly driver may be clamped by a slightly more wrapped seat.

Sega provides two power options. If you prefer sports, we recommend a 2.0L engine with a maximum power of 147Ps/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 200N·m/4000rpm; if you are more focused on household mobility, the maximum power is 106Ps/5750rpm, and the maximum torque is 142N· The 1.6L engine of m/4000rpm is sufficient. It's just that the 4-speed automatic transmission has a greater energy consumption. If you have good driving skills, manual gear is naturally recommended.

We conducted a 100-kilometer acceleration test on the 2.0L manual sedan Sega, and the 0-100Km/h acceleration time was 9.8 seconds. The tires easily broke the limit at the start, and such results are also relatively good. Compared with the 2.0L hatchback, the automatic transmission time is nearly one second shorter.

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Successful appearance/good-looking practical test Sega sedan 2.0MT

Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida

Good buying comes from the brand and configuration

If you look at the car sales statistics in recent months, you will find that the Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida has jumped to the top of the list and has won several championships; however, the Lavida with the Volkswagen logo is indeed designed by China itself and equipped with Volkswagen’s power and other systems. It is only sold in China. Many people laughed about Lavida as an enhanced version of Santana, thinking that Lavida is an upgraded product that replaces Santana. In fact, these are not important for people buying cars. The key is cost-effectiveness. This Shanghai Volkswagen is completely designed according to domestic needs. Is a family car worth buying?

Since it is designed and built for the Chinese themselves, it must naturally meet our own aesthetic and practical requirements. First of all, the appearance should not be shabby. Our traditional key educates us that face is very important. The appearance design of LaVida is not lacking in tough lines and smooth, which has reached the design of a joint venture car. The standard also satisfies our understanding of family cars-sedan, calm. In the interior, Lavida also has Chinese characteristics.

The interior style of our common Volkswagen has a clear sensory difference. The interior of LaVida gives people a strong sense of warmth. It is consistent with the positioning of the home and uses a large number of decorative panels with imitation peach wood texture for embellishment, which caters to the domestic market. The so-called sense of luxury pursued by less family users, but this seems not to be favored by young users, so a supercharged sports model is launched, and the interior of this model is also more youthful and dynamic.

LaVida has three power systems to choose from. The high-tech 1.4TSI direct injection engine is naturally the first engine of Shanghai Volkswagen with direct injection technology. The maximum power is 131Ps and the maximum torque is 220N·m. This engine is compatible with Sagitar and The Golf 6 uses the same. The satisfactory 1.6L engine comes from POLO, the maximum power is 105Ps, the maximum torque is 155N·m, and the power output is gentle and gentle, which is very suitable for home use. The 2.0L engine with a larger displacement is transplanted from the fellow brother Passat, with a maximum power of 120Ps and a maximum torque of 180N·m. However, the 2.0L model will gradually be replaced by 1.4TSI; it is not difficult to see that the Shanghai Volkswagen rivals are fully utilized in resources. .

For gearboxes, Shanghai Volkswagen also integrates resources. All automatic models equipped with 1.4TSI engines are DSG dual-clutch gearboxes, which have little performance in terms of power and fuel economy. This has already been achieved in Sagitar, Golf and Magotan. There is a good proof; in addition, other models are also equipped with 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission.

As for the technology platform used by LaVida has always been the focus of discussion, most people think it is the PQ34 platform of Volkswagen and it has been lengthened. We will not argue about this issue here; the rear suspension of LaVida is a semi-independent torsion beam suspension, even if it is Sports version: Simple structure and low cost. This is also the suspension structure used by many compact cars. Don't be too aggressive when driving.

In terms of configuration, LaVida gave the Chinese people a more satisfactory answer. The whole system is equipped with tire pressure monitoring, and the system is initialized after driving for several kilometers after supplementing the tire pressure. When the turning radius of the two coaxial tires changes, the system will alarm. Using indirect tire pressure monitoring, the system can only be displayed in the form of warning lights, and cannot locate the tires. In addition, the sports version and the 2011 Pinxuan version are equipped with ESP; these two configurations are more eye-catching in the same class of cars.

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Comfortable and quiet/stable braking/not low fuel consumption measured by LaVida 1.6AT


The great transformation of the driver's car in China

The slogan “driver's car” once defined Bora as a compact sports car, which fascinated many consumers; indeed, in the market at that time, the main sports car was indeed relatively rare, and the launch of Bora brought many active young people. A fresh way of life, and the next Bora classics began to disappoint us a bit. The appearance was softened a lot, and the sports taste was a bit lacking. Many people thought that the Bora classics are only available in China, and then they discovered that it is indeed a global one. On sale. However, the Bora (new Bora) that is currently on sale is indeed unique to China.

The Polaris on sale can be said to be a major transformation. Just like the previous Lavida, it is only developed by FAW-Volkswagen, another partner of Volkswagen in China. Compared with the old Bora, the new Bora has changed its previous sports style and focuses on home furnishings. Fan Er, from the body size to the vehicle configuration, have fully considered for the family, especially the riding space in the car has been greatly improved, the problem of the tight rear space of the old Bora has been solved, but the lengthening of the wheelbase has also caused The “driver's car” is no longer suitable for this model of Bora.

Body New Bora Bora / Bora Classic
Length (mm): 4540 4376
Width (mm): 1775 1735
Height (mm): 1467 1446
Wheelbase (mm): 2610 2513

The biggest upgrade of the new Bora does not have too much space. The body size and wheelbase have been increased, especially the wheelbase, which completely solves the problem of the comfort of the rear passengers of the Bora; the 175cm tall editor sits in the driver's seat and adjusts the seat. The head of the chair is 3 fingers away from the roof of the car. Let’s focus on the back row below. The same editor sits in the back row. The head room is not rich, but the distance between the leg and the front row makes us very pleased. Of course, this is also a concession made by manipulation.

In terms of power, the old Bora has four displacements of 1.6L, 1.8L, 1.8T and 2.0L. In the new Bora, it is optimized to 1.6L, 2.0L and 1.4TSI; the 1.6L engine is different from the one used by LaVida. The code name is EA113 single overhead camshaft engine, using timing belt drive. Similarly, 1.4TSI will replace 2.0L models.

The suspension structure of the new Bora is the same as that of the Lavida, the front and rear torsion beams of the Bora; the old Bora has been claiming to be a driver’s car, the suspension is strong and tough, and the steering feedback is strong, giving the driver a lot of confidence in driving; the new Bora’s The tuning is obviously leaning towards home use, and the suspension feedback on the road is much softer. The performance of the new Bora in the piling test tells us that it has been transformed from a driver’s car to a comfortable and warm family car.

Both the old Bora and Bora classic engine compartment covers are supported by hydraulic struts, but the new Bora has unfortunately changed to manual struts. This “evolution” is something we don't understand. The novel taillights are unique in design, and the light group is relatively novel when it is lit, and the visual effect at night is very eye-catching.

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◆You need life but also performance 2011 Bora 1.4T small test

Dongfeng Peugeot 408

Large-scale joint venture compact car built locally

Peugeot has always named its vehicles with Arabic numerals, such as 206, 307, and 607, which we are familiar with. However, even if you search the official website of Peugeot, you will not find the 408 model number. The reason you can’t find it is because of the 408 currently on sale. For sale in China.

Dongfeng Peugeot 408 looks more similar to 307, but the lines are obviously smooth, not as swollen as 307, the full and convex lines on the front face stretch freely on the cabin cover, and the slender body streamline is somewhat elegant; The rear part of the sedan 307 makes us a little bit uncomfortable, and this problem has been solved better in the 408. The concise rear makes us unable to pick out obvious faults, which is in harmony with the overall temperament of the 408.

Peugeot 408 has two interior colors for choice. The layout design and function realization of the Peugeot 408 are the same as those of the foreign 308. It is also more convenient to operate. The interior materials are high-quality, and the center console is covered with soft materials. It is secondary. The key is to reduce the chance of abnormal noise due to looseness after years of use; but the three-spoke steering wheel is a bit old-fashioned and does not integrate any function buttons. It seems a little rudimentary now.

Peugeot 408 is positioned as a compact car, but the wheelbase length of 2710mm has become a leader in compact cars, and has reached the standard of a medium-sized car. It is well known that the long wheelbase has a great effect on the comfort of the rear passengers. 408 can become a competent family car.

Experiencers with a height of 180cm sitting in the front row with more than one punch on the head will not feel depressed, and the rear space is as plentiful as we thought, and there is no room for passengers with more than two punches on the legs. It feels cramped, and the space for the 3 fingers of the head is just right; in addition, the Peugeot 408 seat and headrest are very soft, which adds a lot to the driving comfort.

When you open the trunk, you will find that the trunk of the 408 is very deep. When the seats are normally opened, the trunk can accommodate a rectangular parallelepiped object with a volume of 595L, which is more practical; the rear seats can be laid down as a whole, and the operation method is relatively simple. However, the floor is not level after being laid down, and the angle of inclination is still very large, which we are a little dissatisfied with.

The power system is the same as that used in the test drive above. The engine is still 1.6L and 2.0L, and the gearbox is also 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. Here we will not elaborate on the data in detail.

We conducted actual performance tests on the 2.0L automatic premium version. The initial power performance of the 2.0L engine power was not irritable, and the tires did not break the limit. The 4-speed gearbox has a relatively large restriction on the power output, and the final acceleration score is 12.1 seconds. , Is not satisfactory. The subsequent brake test 408 performed well. The 10 consecutive brakes all hovered around 40 meters, with an average distance of 40.7 meters. Four tires with a width of 215mm provided strong friction.

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Brake is very good test Dongfeng Peugeot 408 2.0 automatic version

to sum up:

Although the above 5 models have their famous logos, they have not appeared in foreign countries so far. They are unique to China. We are willing to look at these models with a positive eye. The market performance also illustrates the competition of these cars. Perhaps only we ourselves know what Chinese people need most to buy a car. We should also rationally treat those models with the same brand name but completely different at home and abroad. It is the best that suits ourselves. It is meaningless to pursue too many blood ties ( (Zhang Ke, Home of Wenzhou)