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[YesAuto Auto Show Summary] The 2011 Shanghai Auto Show is coming to an end. The busiest period for our editors has passed. Looking back, there are many key models in this auto show worthy of our attention. Today we are targeting the miniature Make a summary with the small car.

Among the models that are worthy of our attention, some are models that are about to be launched and consumers are paying great attention to them, some are to enter the domestic market as a new brand, and there are also redesigned products of mature models. In short, since they are micro and small cars, they are practical. And household is definitely the first, and this is also the product that most consumers care about. Of course, MINI is an exception, but it also brings a more personalized concept model that represents the direction of future development.

Dongfeng Yueda Kia K2

K2 is the latest small car of Kia Group. The world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show also attracted the attention of many media and consumers. At present, the car has been used as a model of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, which means that it is not far from the domestic market. . In terms of appearance design, the K2 incorporates Kia's latest family style. From some angles, it looks like a reduced version of the K5, except that the front face and other places are slightly simpler.

Everyone knows that Kia K2 and Hyundai Rena are products of the same platform, and they are all the same thing in their bones. However, the appearance of Kia and Hyundai models is often quite different, and this time the K2 and Rena are very similar in the side lines. You can say that the upturned tail is dynamic, but I always feel that it is not so good-looking. What impresses people is the hollowed-out wheel hub and the “cooling holes” on the fenders.

The taillights have a large area and are similar in shape to the family's K5 and K7. This is also Kia's new design concept. As a product on the same platform as Hyundai Rena, Kia K2 also has the same chassis structure. The torsion beam-style semi-independent suspension will not bring you any surprises. This is conducive to increasing the performance of the interior space. The 2570mm axle Distance is a good number in small cars, I believe K2's space should also have an advantage.

Although the interior of the car was not photographed this time, it still has a sense of the times from the official photos exposed before. In terms of power, the car will be equipped with a modern shared power system, equipped with 1.4L and 1.6L gamma series engines, and the gearbox will also have four-speed automatic and five-speed manual options. It is reported that Dongfeng Yueda Kia K2 may be launched around July this year. In the face of the increasingly competitive small car market, K2 still has many competitors. If the beautiful appearance is combined with the traditional cost-effective advantages of Korean cars , Popularity seems to be a logical thing.

SEAT Ibiza

For domestic consumers, the SEAT brand is somewhat unfamiliar, because this is its first domestic appearance. Although this Spanish brand has been under Volkswagen for many years, its own Spanish style has not been assimilated by the public. How much, and still with the inherent sporty atmosphere.

The Ibiza exhibited this time is a popular model of SEAT. It uses Volkswagen’s PQ25 platform and is positioned as a small car like Volkswagen POLO and Skoda Jingrui. However, in appearance, they are two completely different styles. SEAT Ibiza's design is more radical, and the sporty front face is characteristic of SEAT's family, but it is much more obvious in this generation of Ibiza.

The waistline is designed to be angular, and the form of expression of the double waistline is unique in a small car, but it does not appear out of the ordinary. It is quite spiritual for such a small car. The rear part retains many of the characteristics of the previous model, and the dual exhaust pipes also render a lot of sporty temperament. In addition to the somewhat special front face, the whole car does not look unacceptable, and it also gives it a little more personality.

Entering the SEAT Ibiza car, a more sporty style radiates. This style is manifested in the all-black interior, the center console leaning toward the driver's side and the sporty steering wheel shape. At least the style is what I like. Because I'm tired of seeing the almost unchanging public looks. However, SEAT Ibiza is not without shortcomings. I think the assembly and workmanship are not as exquisite as imagined, but they are not bad.

This small car still has a good configuration. Judging from the show car at the time, ESP electronic stability program, tire pressure detection, and seat heating are all available. It is already relatively good in small cars. Of course, this is definitely its high-end model. Just have.

In terms of riding space, SEAT Ibiza did not give people any surprises. Passengers with a height of 178cm were adjusted to a suitable driving position, and there was no room for the head and legs in the back row. This is the case in cars of the same class. Not a performance worthy of praise. However, the support and wrapping of the seats are still very good, and there is a headrest in the middle of the rear row, which can slightly make up for the lack of space.

Volkswagen’s power system has been shared by almost all its brands. Overseas SEAT Ibira is also equipped with 1.2 (60 and 70 horsepower), 1.4 (85 horsepower), 1.2 TSI (105 horsepower), 1.4 TSI (150 and 180 horsepower). ) These four engines. The car will be introduced into the country in the first half of 2012. At first, it will appear in front of consumers as an import. If the response is good, the possibility of assembly will not be ruled out. SEAT Ibiza has a sporty temperament that POLO and Jingrui do not possess, and I am looking forward to this “new” brand to gain a foothold in China.

BAIC BC Series

The BC301Z, a small car independently developed by BAIC, was rolled off the assembly line a few months ago. The modelling of the Mercedes-Benz B once caused a lot of controversy, but the voice of support for its own brands is more heard. After a few months, this product is basically mature, and the car can be entered casually at the auto show, unlike many other independent brands.

BC301 is the focus of this exhibition. It is an indisputable fact to imitate the shape of Mercedes-Benz B. However, the lines of Mercedes-Benz B have not changed much, but some of its own elements have been incorporated into the shape of the front and rear lights and the middle grid. Therefore, the body still looks relatively smooth, and the rising waistline shows some movement. The wheelbase of 2500mm is also more prominent in small cars, which is definitely a good thing for the performance of the car's interior space.

The interior is quite satisfactory in style, and there is not too much sense of design at all. The workmanship still has a rough sense of domestic cars, but it is not bad compared to other independent models. The button feel is not exciting, but it is not critical. The design of the instrument should be said to be a small highlight in the interior. The central display screen is not small and can display Chinese.

From the situation of the show car, the configuration of the BAIC BC301Z is not low, with GPS navigation system, cruise control, AUX and USB ports, and rear-view mirror heating. The car’s air conditioning control panel is more interesting and looks like automatic air conditioning. In fact, it is not. The illusion can bring some visual quality. In addition, the appearance of rearview mirrors with electric folding function is somewhat surprising.

As a family car, space is naturally the key point. The performance of the BAIC BC301Z in the front and rear rows is still acceptable in small cars. Consumers with a height of 178cm can adjust the front row to a suitable driving position, and have two fingers in the head space. At this time, sitting in the back row with more than a punch in the leg space is actually acceptable, most small cars are also Such a level. The disadvantage is that the support of the seat cushion is not good, and this is still not out of the circle of autonomous cars. One thing that is worthy of recognition is that the car is also equipped with headrests for the rear central passengers, and autonomous models are gradually becoming more considerate in terms of humanization.

In fact, at the auto show, there is also a sedan version BC302Z. The side lines of the two cars are almost the same, while the sedan version just has a more rigid tail, which does not look very coordinated. However, the sedan version is currently a sample car. Did not put on the production schedule. According to previous news reports, the pre-sale price of the car is 50,000-70,000 yuan. It is mainly used in second- and third-tier cities where brand awareness is relatively low. The car will be equipped with 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter engines, if the price and quality are good. , Then it is about to become another challenger in the autonomous family car market.

Geely Global Hawk GC3

In the low-end market, the Geely Freeship is still the main force of the brand. Although today we are talking about the Global Hawk GC3, it still has a lot to do with the Freeship, because this is a Freeship with a new exterior package.

The front face of the Global Hawk GC3 has become younger, with a new look that makes it hard to see that this is an old-fashioned Liberty ship. The honeycomb grille, blackened headlights and chrome decoration make it look very good. Energetic, maybe Geely is trying to create a fashionable sports atmosphere.

At the same time, there is a relatively big change in the rear. GC3 enlarges the area of the light unit and enriches the line of the trunk cover. It wants to express its novelty in this way, but this change still has no characteristics and is far from the front of the car. If you look at its side, the real image will be undoubtedly revealed. It is still the hull of the Liberty ship and hardly any changes can be seen. Therefore, in terms of appearance, the Global Hawk GC3 is just a pickup truck with front and rear lights.

The interior of the Global Hawk GC3 can be regarded as a more obvious improvement. Compared with the Freedom Ship, the car is not only more contemporary in style, but also has a higher level of workmanship. This is a delightful place, but There is still a lot of room for improvement in the key feel and other aspects. The front face, rear part and interior are also the most obvious changes in the Global Hawk GC3 compared to the Freeship. This type of pulling car cannot be treated in a negative manner. If the price of the car should still be maintained at the level of the Freeship, it can be completely ok after the listing. As a substitute for the old-fashioned Liberty ship.

Hippocampus M11

The M11 is a secondary development model based on the mini-car Haima Prince. Therefore, the two have a high similarity in appearance, but the new front face shape makes the Haima M11 look more lethal. Like the Global Hawk GC3 just introduced, the Hippocampus M11 is also a model with little modification.

In terms of appearance, the hippocampus M11 has a large change on the front face, while the side and tail changes are very small. At most, the color matching on the bumper and tailgate is slightly changed. This is also the method used by independent manufacturers to pull the skin. You have to weigh whether Haima M11 or Haima Prince is better.

In the interior, the Haima M11 has become more dynamic by using orange decoration. For low-end minicars, the requirements for workmanship and assembly quality are naturally not too high. In fact, the workmanship of the M11 is not mentioned. Good, but there is no obvious gap with other brands of higher-end independent models.

While keeping the principle of practicality as the main principle, I think the space is pretty good. The passenger with a height of 175mm is adjusted to a suitable driving position, and the head and leg space in the back row is considered to be a good level in a mini car. If the car is listed in the future, it can be regarded as a personalized version or a supplementary model of Prince Haima. Of course, I hope that its price can maintain the level of Prince Haima, so that consumers can have a wider range of choices.


MINI has always been regarded as a personalized toy for the wealthy. The MINI GOODWOOD version released at the Shanghai Auto Show promotes individualism. Not only does it have a special identity mark on the car body, but the world's only 1,000-volume limited production will even This kind of personality has become an exclusive model for very few people.

At first glance, MINI does not seem to have changed much, but the special features of this special version often lie in some details and special markings. The same is true for MINI GOODWOOD. It is not the same as CooperS with a 1.6T engine. This is probably the most obvious aspect of the limited-edition model; secondly, the GOODWOOD nameplate on the side is also a symbol of individuality, which means that this car is a MINI that was ordered by a Rolls-Royce designer. There is no special mark on the tail, which is the same as the regular version.

Compared with the appearance, the changes on the interior are not just as simple as a few more nameplates. Although the GOODWOOD limited edition model has maintained the same design as the regular version, it uses a lot of high-end materials, and the classic wood grain decoration also shows its uniqueness. The design of the instrument with white letters on a black background is just the opposite of the normal version. In any case, MINI GOODWOOD uses more sophisticated materials for the interior, after all, it is a limited edition model that is one in 1/1000. For more detailed changes, you can refer to the following links:


If the GOODWOOD version of MINI Cooper is still lacking in personality, then MINI ROCKETMAN should be fine, but it is still a concept car at present, but it is not a completely conceptual model. It may represent the MINI family in the next few years. The direction of development.

In terms of appearance, MINI ROCKETMAN still continues the classic design of the family, but the overall style tends to be more rounded, and the exaggerated mouth is also quite different from the current models on sale. Of course, the most eye-catching front face is still white. The circle of lights, maybe the future MINI will consider using this part as a width indicator or a daytime running light, that is too individual, and honesty and spirituality seem to coexist.

The side wheels and other places still have very strong concept factors. I will not comment for the time being. Its biggest highlight is not here. It is a more transparent car body design and a huge glass sunroof outlined with LEDs. It opens at night The skylight will automatically glow when the light is on, and the effect must be good. Maybe MINI will really make such a limited edition one day.

The rear design is also full of creativity and highlights. The last feature is that the taillights are made like a handle. I don't know if MINI has considered using such a design in a production car. The opening method of the trunk is also very special. It is pulled out like a big drawer. It can be said that ROCKETMAN is very rich in imagination.

Full text summary

Dongfeng Yueda Kia K2 is a model that many people have high hopes for. Kia’s new family style seems to have won a lot of popularity. I hope Kia will not use this as a reason to increase its own price and lose the cost-effective advantage of Korean cars; SEAT Ibiza, as a new model coming to China to test the waters, will surely be sold at a high price in the future as an imported model, but if this sporty temperament can impress consumers, it may be possible to assemble in the future; BAIC BC series as the brand’s family car market The first product, in terms of static performance, is not bad. In addition to the brand, the price will also be the key to determining its success. The Global Hawk GC3 and Haima M11, as the facelift version of the old models, can also be considered Write a sense of freshness; and MINI, as a very individual model originally, GOODWOOD limited edition and ROCKETMAN concept edition have added some fresh elements for individuality. In the next issue, we will bring you an inventory of compact cars at the Auto Show. In fact, they may be worth paying attention to.