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[YesAuto Evaluation] Sitting in the driver's seat of the Audi A6L, I will involuntarily tighten the facial muscles to cater to its unsmiling and boring personality. As the most famous business executive car in China, it is still what we are familiar with. Even if the new car is replaced with a slightly fierce front face, nothing can be changed. People quickly get used to it, and there is no other personality apart from it. The only thing that makes people look forward to is power. This time the test is the strongest model in the whole series: Audi A6L 50 TFSI quattro.

Regarding the details of the appearance, interior, space and configuration of the Audi A6L, interested readers can read the previously released Audi A6L 30 FSI luxury test article (click to enter), which will not be repeated here. Today we will directly start from the 50TFSI The biggest feature-talking about the power system.

The 3.0-liter V6 supercharged engine has a maximum power of 220 kilowatts (299 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 440 Nm. It is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. People who are not familiar with Audi cars may be frightened by the words “50TFSI” on the rear of the car, and at first glance they think it is “5.0T”.

In fact, this is the latest naming method adopted by Audi in China, which uses the concept of average acceleration G value to calibrate vehicle performance. 100km/h is approximately equal to 27.7m/s. Dividing it by the official acceleration time of 5.9s, the average acceleration G value is about 0.48, and then rounded to 0.5, which is the origin of the number “50”.

◆ Accelerated test:

Like the Audi A7, this A6L also has an aggressive starting method. The driving mode is selected as dynamic, the brake is pressed and the accelerator is pressed at the same time, the dual-clutch gearbox will be temporarily separated, the engine speed will be increased to about 3000rpm, and then it will be loosened. When the brake is applied, the power is instantly combined, and the whole car is ejected like an arrow from the string.

There is no sign of wheel slip at the moment of the start, and the four-wheel drive system will fully apply all the torque to the ground. The final 0-100km/h acceleration result is 5.75 seconds, which is almost as fast as the Audi A7 tested before, which is comparable to a sports car.

The biggest feature of Audi cars is that the various driving modes are very different. Engine/transmission response, steering gear ratio, suspension height and stiffness are all variable. In the dynamic mode, not only the power output is more positive, but the steering wheel feedback is also greatly increased, and the pointing accuracy is significantly improved. The air suspension will be adjusted to the hardest state, and the nerves of the whole car will become extremely tight, giving the driver a purely mechanized driving feeling.

Obviously, the 50TFSI is much more aggressive than the 30FSI tested before, and when it returns to the comfort mode, it shows the same smoothness as before. The dual-clutch gearbox is as delicate as a CVT, and the throttle response is extremely linear. The air suspension filters road vibrations well while maintaining proper tightness. The driving experience is still the calm style we are familiar with.

This car has a quattro full-time four-wheel drive system, which can actively distribute torque during intense driving to ensure a firm grip on the four wheels. Even if the ESP is turned off, the electronic system still has to intervene suddenly when it is close to the limit, pulling the car back from the edge of the sideslip. In the end, you will be surprised to find that no matter you make any large-scale operations, this car can always deal with it calmly, and it can't escape the preset safety range.

But this is why I hate four-wheel drive vehicles: they are too “smart”, they often make their own claims, and give almost no room to ordinary drivers. Many times you think you are in control of the overall situation, but in fact you are just following the trajectory designed by it. Go ahead.

It has strong power and excellent handling qualities that match it, but it never allows any challenge to the limit. After all, an executive car with a curb weight of more than two tons and a wheelbase of more than three meters can not be controlled by ordinary people. Therefore, we have to look at its sports performance in a correct light. We must pay attention to everything in moderation, and mature men should understand it.

A few more words about the four-wheel drive system. Once you mentioned the Audi quattro, you would immediately think of the Torson central differential. Now that the times have changed, Audi has begun to fully replace the new-generation “crown-tooth” central differential. Overseas Audi A7 and A6 use this system.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, the domestically-made new Audi A6L four-wheel drive version does not advance synchronously, but uses the old Torson C differential. As for the domestically-made model, it is not known why this special case exists.

● Efficiency mode test results

In order to take care of those car owners who refuel at their own expense, the Audi A6L also provides an Efficiency mode, in which the power system will further optimize the throttle and shift procedures to reduce fuel consumption. Peripheral electronic equipment such as air conditioners have also entered energy-saving conditions. At this time, the vehicle is in the most gentle state, and the acceleration performance of 0-100km/h will be slow for half a second.

Next, let's take a look at the brake and noise test results of this car:

◆ Brake test:

◆ Noise:

The driving Audi A6L is extremely quiet. Except for the obvious wind noise at the A-pillar outside rearview mirror, the noise from the engine and chassis is very small. The mixture makes it difficult to distinguish the source of the sound. It can be seen that Audi is in sound insulation and noise reduction. The aspect is still very good.

Analysis and summary:

This is an all-round model, but for those potential consumers, they are still faced with a “chicken-tailed” decision. Should they buy the top-equipped Audi A6L or the low-end A8L with a guide price of 180,000 higher?

From the perspective of parameter configuration, the top configuration A6L has obvious advantages: the power is stronger than A8, 0-100km/h acceleration is nearly half a second; in terms of configuration, the rear independent air conditioning and seat massage are not available in the low configuration A8L. .

The A8L has an absolute advantage in size. The wheelbase is longer than 110 mm, and the rear space is undoubtedly more relaxed. In addition, as the Audi flagship, its chassis technology is also stronger than A6L, and the driving comfort is bound to be better, and these are not just to look at The parameter configuration table can be realized.

For private users, A6L is undoubtedly the most reasonable choice if you simply consider the price/performance ratio. Of course, in business occasions, I am afraid that we often have to talk about levels and pomp. Although the A8L is the lowest configuration, the aura is large enough, which is unmatched by the A6L.

The Audi A6L 50TFSI combines sports and business, but it is destined not to become the main sales force in the whole series. What's interesting is that the seat ventilation and heating functions of this Audi A6L can be turned on together, allowing passengers to enjoy the unique feeling of hot and cold. I really can't think of the meaning of this design. In any case, Audi cars can meet the strange needs of consumers. Therefore, there is nothing new that someone is willing to spend more than 700,000 yuan to buy a high-performance A6L. Moreover, this is only a normal version. Don't forget that Audi also has S6, RS6 and other abnormal models, and there are still many suitors.