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[YesAuto Owner Interview] I was very excited when I learned that the vehicle owner interviewed this time was a DS 5. In addition to personally like the design of the DS 5, I also want to know who will actually buy such a car A distinctive car, because the unique design of the DS 5 is definitely not acceptable to everyone, and even if you accept its design, you may hesitate after seeing the price. The situation of DS 5 in China is really the same. My colleague Zhang Ziyi said-it’s hard to find a friend, but today we have three friends, let’s listen to what they say about their DS 5.

●Mr. Wang

    Mr. Wang is 41 years old this year and he is engaged in the education industry. He bought this DS 5 luxury model in December 2013. He has driven 23,000 kilometers in a year. After owning the DS 5, he fell in love with the DS brand. , I personally went to Paris, France this year, and visited the Citroen showroom on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Car purchase experience:

DS 5 is Mr. Wang’s fourth car. There have been Jetta and MINI CLUBMAN before, and currently owns two Mercedes-Benz E 200 L and DS 5 cars. DS 5 was replaced by MINI CLUBMAN, and only received a replacement of 15,000 yuan. There are no other cash benefits for subsidies. Mr. Wang said that he wanted to drive a car that was rarely seen on the road, but now there are more and more MINIs on the street, so he has the idea of changing cars. Before choosing DS 5, Mr. Wang also watched Acura ILX hybrid version, but at that time the hybrid version ILX was about to be discontinued, so he gave up this idea. At this time, he just watched DS 5, not to mention the styling, and he and MINI COOPER S uses the same engine, which also meets the needs of buying a niche car, so DS 5 was naturally chosen.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Wang prefers the sides and rear of the DS 5. He thinks the front face is a bit simpler, but the lines on the sides and rear are very elegant and atmospheric, especially on the side of the body, sometimes even more than his own Mercedes-Benz E 200 L. feel. However, it is a pity at the rear that only one of the two exhausts from both sides is true. This is also a common complaint by the three car owners.

Mr. Wang won the first prize in a rider activity organized by the manufacturer-free maintenance for 5 years/100,000 kilometers, so Mr. Wang does not spend money on maintenance now, and the vehicle has not been seen during the one-year use of the car. Any questions, he finally scored 95 points for his car. During the chat, we can also feel that he really likes his DS 5, although it also mentioned the lack of storage space and steering wheel. The size is too large and the vision of the A-pillar is not very good. But in Mr. Wang’s own words, I just like it. I don’t care about these problems.

Mr. Sun

    Mr. Sun is 51 years old this year and is an employee of a business unit. He bought this DS 5 1.6T Premium Edition in April 2013. At that time, the DS 5 was still sold in China as an import. He was also an earlier batch of DS. 5 The owner of the car has driven 21,000 kilometers in a year and a half.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Sun said that he had been in contact with Dongfeng Citroen Beverly in the 1980s. At that time, Beverly's excellent chassis control left a deep impression on him, so he felt very good about French cars. When buying a car, I paid attention to the Peugeot 3008 first, but because the 3008 was just on the market, there were very few cars in the store, and the 4S shop staff were not very enthusiastic, so I went to the nearby DS store and turned around. I fell in love with DS 5 at first sight. In addition, there was a cash discount of more than 40,000 at the time, and the final naked car price was set at 300,000 for this exclusive version.

Regardless of the design of the front face, the side or the tail, Mr. Sun is very satisfied. However, Mr. Sun usually has a lot of things. The 468L trunk volume sometimes can't meet his needs, and the opening of the trunk is small, so it is not convenient to put some larger things.

Mr. Sun did not study the various configurations of the car after he bought the car. In addition, the operation logic of the navigation system is more cumbersome, so some functions are basically not used. The seat heating function that is very important when buying a car by himself has not performed well. Not satisfied, but it also has something to do with how Mr. Sun uses it.

Mr. Sun said that the maintenance items and cycle of the imported model are the same as those of the domestic model. The small maintenance is about 900 yuan, and the 4S store service is also very good. Mr. Sun, who fell in love with the DS 5 at first sight, finally scored 92 points for his car. He said that when he bought a car, he paid more attention to the seat heating function, but the working efficiency of the DS 5 seat heating is a bit low, and there are imported models. The multimedia system is not easy to use and cannot be upgraded. After the car is bought, the navigation is basically not used. Just like Mr. Wang, because I like it, these shortcomings are not cared about.

●Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is 35 years old this year and works in the petroleum industry. He ordered the car in December 2013 and bought this DS 5 exclusive THP200 one month later. He was the first batch of owners of the DS 5 after domestic production. The 4S shop also gave it away. Free maintenance for 5 years/100,000 kilometers, and 16,000 kilometers since the purchase.

Car purchase experience:

This DS 5 is Mr. Wang’s third car. Previously, he drove a 05 230 V6 Teana. He currently has an Audi A4L. Teana has been driving for more than 5 years. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it’s time to change it. In the car cycle, the DS 5 was replaced with Teana at the end. Because Mr. Wang bought the car earlier, he was basically the first batch of owners of the DS 5 after the domestic production, so the price of 305,900 yuan was not discounted, but the manufacturer gave it first. A batch of users have given away free maintenance for 5 years/100,000 kilometers, which is considered a relatively large preferential policy. Mr. Wang is the same. He likes niche cars. He also considered the Magotan Travel Edition when he bought the DS 5. However, because of the poor service of the Volkswagen 4S shop and concerns about DSG gearboxes, he gave up the Magotan Travel Edition.

Mr. Wang gave his DS 5 a score of 94. He was very satisfied with the design of the exterior and interior, especially the interior styling that looked like a space capsule, which really brought a sense of freshness. The reason for the deduction was that the domestic model was cancelled and he liked it very much. The body color of elegant gray, and it feels that the DS 5 configuration is not very technological. It would be better if the head-up display function can display more information.

to sum up:

DS 5 is not a car that can be accepted by everyone. In fact, three car owners are dissatisfied with DS 5's storage space, navigation system, and engine noise during cold start. But which car is perfect? ? DS 5 puts design in the first place. When you enjoy this stunning interior and exterior design, you must endure some shortcomings. The three car owners are just very clear about their needs. DS 5 meets their needs for a niche car. In addition, the power system and practicality of the vehicle are not low. They drive a car that they can’t put down every day. , I don’t care about shortcomings at all, isn’t that enough?

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