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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Nowadays, consumers are no longer just looking at the concentration of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, or whether there is a basic air filtration function such as PM2.5 particulate matter, but more on antibacterial for the safety of the air in the car. , Antibacterial function. Of course, there are many kinds of sterilization and disinfection related products on the market. Of course, the original “in-car air health management” is not as simple as adding a filter or a fragrance system, and there are many details that third-party manufacturers cannot consider.

● Compose the three cores of the “cockpit protection system”

Many people may not know that the pollution level of the air in the car may be higher than that of the outside of the car. Therefore, it is not safe to get in the car and close the windows. In addition, people’s awareness of protection has increased. The air conditioning system in addition to filtering the car The addition of antibacterial and antibacterial functions to PM2.5 and PM10 particles is also what consumers want.

MG's cockpit protection system is mainly to strengthen the filtering efficiency of the air conditioning system, improve the original cleaning efficiency of the car, and reduce the chance of bacteria and viruses breeding in the car. It is mainly divided into three aspects: 1. Isolate outside pollution, 2. kill at the source, and 3. kill inside the vehicle. Next, we will explain each link.

● Isolate external pollution

How to isolate the pollution outside the car, the methods used by various car companies are similar, and most of them use high efficiency filter elements. SAIC has cooperated with filter element suppliers Manhumore and Freudenberg to ensure the quality and filtering effect of each filter element.

In fact, it is very simple to improve the filtering effect of the filter element, as long as the filter element is thickened, but doing so will cause a great burden on the entire air conditioning system. Therefore, when designing the filter element, the manufacturer must consider the performance of the car's air conditioning. The filter element will not burden the system and affect the efficiency of defogging. Therefore, the filter element certified by the original factory has a relatively high degree of matching.

● Sniper at the source

In addition to using high-efficiency filter elements, the air conditioning system also uses the world's first UVC deep ultraviolet germicidal air conditioner to eliminate germs from the source. In other words, in addition to “filtration”, it also has the function of actively killing bacteria and viruses. The position of the lamp is just above the air conditioner filter, directly illuminating the filter.

The principle of ultraviolet radiation disinfection is to destroy the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of the microorganisms, and let the growing or regenerative cells die. Perhaps some consumers are worried about whether the ultraviolet light will cause harm to the human body. In fact, the light does not irradiate the human body, nor does it produce ozone, so it can be used even in a car. In addition, because it is not directly irradiated in the car, it will not damage the parts in the car.

The wavelength of the deep-layer ultraviolet lamp is 200-280nm (the conventional ultraviolet lamp is <400nm). The manufacturer claims that it can kill more types of bacteria than ordinary ultraviolet lamps, including coronavirus and measles virus that may not be eliminated by conventional sterilization lamps. , Varicella-zoster virus and other pathogens.

This ultraviolet lamp has a sterilization rate of 95% and an inactivation rate of over 85%, which can effectively block the invasion of foreign bacteria and viruses. However, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of the air-conditioning filter element and increasing the sterilization ability, the manufacturer has a third protection against the air that has entered the car: the use of negative ions for sterilization.

● Deep sterilization

How to filter the dirty air that has entered the car, MG has also equipped an independent air purifier, which uses negative ions to sterilize (the principle is to use negative ions to destroy the protein structure in bacteria, and the inactivation rate is 85% in one hour). The models equipped with HEPA medical-grade purifiers will increase the filtration efficiency in the car to 97% and have the function of removing formaldehyde.

The filter element used by the air cleaner located under the central armrest is very simple in terms of maintenance. To replace the filter element, you only need to remove two screws to remove the filter element. In addition, this filter element uses antibacterial material, which effectively prevents the growth of bacteria in the air filter.

Many car owners now like to put some fragrances in their cars, and even many manufacturers have introduced fragrance systems. This fragrance system is also very knowledgeable. In general perfumes or fragrance systems, most of them use liquid fragrances, but MG's fragrance systems are covered with solid EVA materials, the fragrance aging is 60-180 days, and it is resistant to high temperature of 85°C , flame retardant , and safer than liquid The fragrance is higher.

The fragrance is provided by Givaudan. There are three fragrance types to choose from: 1. Cool Breeze (Mint + Jasmine + Chamomile + Lemon), 2. Forest Bath (Forest Bath) Blue Campanula + Cucumber + Green Leaf + Wild Flower), 3. Desert Winds (bergamot aroma).

● Upgradable kit

In addition to the configuration described above, you can also choose the deep ultraviolet disinfection lamp in the car, but this ultraviolet lamp is different from the previous ultraviolet lamp in the air conditioner. This ultraviolet lamp directly irradiates the cabin , so you cannot stay when using it. Inside the car.

In addition, if your car does not originally irradiate the deep ultraviolet disinfection lamp of the air-conditioning filter, the manufacturer also provides an upgrade kit, and will install a physical button in the car to directly control the disinfection lamp from the car.

● Experimental link

The manufacturer found a MG HS for experimentation. First of all, the air index in the car has exploded in just a few puffs (the upper limit of the display in the car is 500). According to the detection and conversion of the instrument, the air index in the car has exploded. After half a cigarette, the AQI index in the car has exceeded 1,000.

Next, extinguish the cigarette, turn on the air conditioner and turn on the wind speed to the strongest. In less than five minutes, the PM2.5 index in the car has dropped to 0.013mg/m3, which is about 18 when converted into an AQI index. I still advise everyone to not smoke in the car, except that soot is easy to be scattered in the car, if the cigarette butt falls on the carpet, it is easy to burn holes or cause a fire.

● Article summary:

Going back to what I said at the beginning, now consumers are paying more and more attention to the air health management in the car. Simply enhancing the efficiency of the filter element can no longer satisfy consumers. MG is a proactive attack this time, “actively” targeting the car. Make countermeasures for internal air health. The manufacturer also plans to launch a 360-degree fumigation and sterilization service to achieve the effect of sterilization through fumigation (the time required is 20 minutes, and the validity period is up to 3 months, without damaging the interior and electrical appliances).

However, although there are very complete protective measures and the degree of safety has been greatly improved, I still want to remind readers that these measures and configurations are like seat belts and cannot guarantee complete safety. Therefore, the health aspect still requires the car owners themselves. Pay more attention.