[YesAuto Power Modification] Alpina is a car manufacturer located in Bavaria, Germany. Although it is usually considered to be a modification factory for BMW models, Alpina has actually passed TUV certification as a car manufacturer, so Alpina is regarded as the smallest in Germany One of the car manufacturers.

This is a BMW M3 (E30) street racing car based on the Alpina C2 which took two years to build. The famous brand on the frame is clearly visible.

The front logo still retains the BMW Logo with blue sky and white clouds. The double-circular classic headlights and fog lights are replaced with high-power xenon lamps and xenon ballasts are used for light control, which can easily illuminate the dark night.

Controlled by the MoTeC M800 managed trip computer and matched with the Oka ignition module, the classic BMW inline 6-cylinder 2.7-liter engine after the modified intra-abdominal forged piston connecting rod works more smoothly.

The RECARO racing seat and the blue WILANS racing seat belt directly enhance the combat index. The MoTeC integrated LCD instrument panel and quick-release steering wheel also bring great convenience to the driver.

Hidden under the paint is a carbon fiber engine compartment cover. Even the rearview mirror has been replaced with a carbon fiber rally car style. When the door is opened, the door liner is also unconventional. This feeling is exciting.

The whole car uses Japanese-made RS-WATANABE lightweight wheels and Yokohama AD08R sports tires. The front wheels are 17*8J 215/45 R17, and the rear wheels are 17*9J 235/45 R17. Good running shoes ensure a more stable vehicle.

Running shoes also need an excellent brake system. The AP Racing four-piston brake system can ensure the braking distance of the vehicle and reduce the thermal attenuation caused by excessive braking.

The spoiler on the trunk plays a more decorative role, and the dual exhaust pipes in the BMW performance really heighten the atmosphere.

The state of this car can be satisfied to participate in the race at any time, but I believe that any damage will make the owner distressed, classic old cars, artistic appreciation.