[YesAuto Power Modification] Now senior players evaluate performance cars not only for speed, comfort, safety, and energy saving. Modification potential is also an aspect that players are very concerned about. Recently, the Alpine factory has upgraded and modified a vehicle with a high overall performance evaluation, and it is the BMW M4.

It is not difficult to see from the appearance of this BMW M4 that the Alpine factory has upgraded it with decorative accessories to cater to the mainstream street car modification culture. The APR brand customized the high-performance front carbon fiber tie rod spoiler for this BMW M4, which echoes the carbon fiber side skirts, creating a very beautiful visual effect.

The power system is also being upgraded. The Alpine factory combines the AWE brand carbon fiber intake system with the ESS engine program, coupled with the Magnaflow sports exhaust system, and finally this BMW 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine can output 550 horsepower.

It can be seen from the pictures that this BMW M4 is equipped with a very rare manual 6-speed gearbox in China, which must add a lot of driving pleasure to this 550-horsepower BMW M4.

Precise control has always been the concept advocated by BMW M, but this BMW M4 has further upgraded the chassis, and the whole car is replaced with KW V3 twisted tooth shock absorbers to cater to the needs of different car owners. It can be adjusted for vehicle height and shock absorber damping soft and hard. Adjustment.

The rim is the key to improving the appearance of a modified street car. The Vorsteiner brand V-FF 103 forged rims can match the front and rear data to increase the appearance of the vehicle. The front wheels are 19 inches x 9.5J, and the rear wheels are 19 inches x 10.5J. The tires are Toyo PROXES T1 sports tires. The front 265/35 R19 and the rear 295/30 R19 can improve sufficient adhesion for this BMW M4.

The rear APR brand GTC-300 carbon fiber spoiler looks domineering and mighty, which improves the vehicle’s combat index. When the driver engages in first gear and starts off with a 550-horsepower ejection, there is a strong friction between the fast-rotating tires and the ground. At the time of white smoke, this is the embodiment of the BMW M4 modified street car.