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[YesAuto preliminary audition] Many people who buy a car are struggling with a problem. Seeing that their own brand models have relatively rich configurations and relatively low prices, they have been drumming before they are sold. On the one hand, they have doubts about the prestige of the brand. On the other hand, I don’t understand the vehicle. Under this circumstance, choosing a vehicle will naturally be a bit at a loss.

Everyone must have a “trust back throw” project in the outreach training. The victim can't see the situation behind it, and he can only complete it if he fully believes in his teammates. Buying a car is like doing this expansion. You must have trusted teammates, so this article Four brands and models that are basically mature will be screened out from many independent brands, and friends who are interested may wish to pay attention.

Chery A3 Price: 7.48-10.28 million

It has been 10 years since Chery Automobile's first Fengyun automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1999. From the original Fengyun car series to the appearance of many models of Fengyun, Cowin, Wechat and SUV, we have also seen the development of Chery Automobile step by step. , Among its own brands, Chery Automobile has matured day by day, and many products have also been recognized by consumers. Among them, Chery A3 is a model that highlights the cost-effectiveness.

The design of Chery A3 comes from the Pennsylvania Design Center, Italy. The smooth and full lines are its biggest feature. At first glance, it does not seem to have the slightest sense of cottage and roughness. The Chery A3 has hatchback and sedan models. The hatchback models are more fashionable and dynamic, and are biased towards young users; while the sedan models are more biased towards mature home users. Practicability naturally has its own merits, and how to choose varies from person to person.

The 2010 1.6L Chery A3 is replaced with a DVVT engine. The engine has double overhead camshafts and adopts timing chain transmission. The maximum power is 126Ps/6150rpm, the maximum torque is 160N·m/3900rpm, and it is equipped with DVVT variable valve timing technology. From the parameter point of view, the power performance has improved. The standard configuration of Bosch ESP for the whole series is also a big selling point of Chery A3, which has already been put in place in terms of active safety.

The new interior presents a fresh feeling for us. Although many people think that the all-black interior will highlight sports, the main customer group of Chery A3 is still rational family car consumers, so the warmer lighter color scheme may be more It is easy to accept; in terms of workmanship, compared with the previous generation, the workmanship has been improved, and the feel of buttons and knobs has improved.

The sunroof is not only a popular trend. In fact, practicality is more important, especially for drivers and passengers with smoking habits. The previous generation Chery A3 is not equipped with sunroofs, which is indeed a very regrettable thing. The reason is to achieve export. The collision requires a beam at the sunroof; the 2010 modified A3 high-end model has been equipped with sunroof, which is good news for family car users.

The front and rear multi-link four-wheel independent suspension is relatively rare in autonomous vehicles of the same level. The independent suspension is structurally neutralized with sports and comfort, but the A3's tuning obviously pays more attention to comfort. Suspension support for rapid center of gravity shift is slightly weak, so the A3 is more suitable for comfortable and stable driving in the city.

The barrel-style instrument panel is a popular element in recent years; A3 high-end models are equipped with rich configurations, automatic air-conditioning makes the personnel in the car have a more comfortable driving environment, 12V power supply can be used for emergency charging, and the multi-function steering wheel is mainly convenient. Furthermore, the non-leaving operation mode is helpful to improve driving safety.

Emgrand EC7 Price: 7.98-11.18 million

Geely has been making cheap cars like Geely Pride and U.S. Japan at first. The purpose of its production is to make cars that people can buy. We have to admit that these two cars do have advantages in terms of price, but workmanship and quality are not. Very mature; with the development of the times, the temptation of consumers just because of cheap prices has not been so great. Geely also saw this, so it began to march to a higher level and immediately launched the Emgrand series.

Since you want to advance to a higher level, the appearance is one of the factors that determine success or failure; Emgrand EC7 does not see the appearance of inconsistency, but it looks at least atmospheric, it does it, see the comparison of the angular front face and the body line design Success, many people will think that it is a joint venture car when they see the EC7 on the road; therefore, it is possible to buy an EC7 for commercial use in second-tier cities.

The configuration is a major competitiveness of independent models. The EC7 luxury and distinguished models are more abundant and recommended for purchase; the direct tire pressure monitoring embedded in the tires will light up a warning on the dashboard when the tire pressure is abnormal. Lights to remind the driver to check the tire pressure. The heating of the rear-view mirror synchronized with the defrosting of the rear window is also included in the EC7, which effectively reduces the accumulation of fog and frost in the rear-view mirror.

The luxury and premium models have front side airbags and air curtains, the air conditioning is automatic and the rear seats have sunshades. This is particularly important for a model that requires a business route, although no one may buy an Emgrand EC7 and hire it. A driver sits in the back row by himself; the large central screen with higher resolution has GPS navigation.

The editor with a height of 175cm sits in the driver's seat and adjusts the head space. However, the internal space is not without bright spots. The wheelbase of 2650mm is in the upper middle position in the compact car, and the same editor is behind. The head space of the row has been optimized, there are about 4 fingers, and the space performance of more than one punch in the leg is relatively satisfactory.

In terms of power, the EC7 has a displacement of 1.8L. The engine is independently developed. The maximum power is 139Ps/6000rpm and the maximum torque is 172N·m/4200rpm. The gearbox previously matched with it has only a 5-speed manual, but recently the Emgrand EC7 came out The CVT model makes up for the lack of automatic transmission, and the driving experience is more stable and comfortable.

V3 Lingyue Price: 5.98-8.79 million

Southeast Motor builds its own cars on the basis of cooperation with Mitsubishi and other brands, and grafts foreign technology. This is also a shortcut for the development of independent brands; although the reforms from Lingshuai to Lingyue are not clear, we can see the progress; Southeast Many models are also the choice of many modification enthusiasts, but the V3 Lingyue we are talking about today is more subtle and more suitable for home use.

The slightly revised V3 Lingyue looks sharper, and bright colors are also one of the characteristics of its models. It seems that the body spraying at the first glance of the same level of independent brands does not seem to be common; V3 Lingyue includes a style version, style The version is slightly different from other models in appearance and configuration, and the silver decoration on the front surround is its most significant sign.

The most important thing about the revised 1.5L V3 Lingyue is the replacement of the engine. The original Mitsubishi 4G15 is replaced by 4A91. The all-aluminum engine is lighter, with variable valve timing, dual overhead camshafts and independent for each cylinder. Ignition, the ignition time is more accurate, and the benefits are naturally improved power performance and fuel economy.

V3 Lingyue still has two gearboxes to cooperate with the engine. One is 5-speed manual, which makes driving more fun. There is no problem choosing manual gear. If the purpose of buying a car is to travel to and from get off work in the city, then we recommend a more convenient CVT gearbox. , The smooth driving experience may obliterate part of the fun, but the comfortable and labor-saving driving style is its characteristic.

The keyless start, which was rarely seen on independent models, is equipped on the V3 Lingyue. Except for the entry-level model V3 Lingyue, all are keyless starters, which highlights the grades and greatly enhances the practicality; the elegant version has tire pressure monitoring. , The most worth mentioning is that the tire pressure monitoring system can display tire pressure, although the screen is small, the form of expression is very simple or even a little rudimentary, but the actual use effect is beyond doubt. The flagship model can be optional.

The USB interface is very popular among young people. It saves the trouble of disk recording and buying. A low-cost small configuration has a wide range of practicality. The flagship model and above models have a multi-function steering wheel that integrates the most basic Audio control keys, high-end models also come with fixed-speed cruise,

Since the wheelbase of the facelifted model has not changed, the internal space is still at a sufficient level and not sufficient. The editor with a height of 175cm has room for a punch in the head of the driver's seat, but the disadvantage of the 2500mm wheelbase in the rear is revealed. The spatial performance of the four fingers on the legs and three fingers on the head is obviously nothing to praise.

BYD L3 Price: 9.28-11.88 million

It’s not a long time for BYD to cross the border from a battery manufacturer to a car manufacturer with a certain market share. BYD’s market strategy is low-price and abundant configuration; the current largest-selling models should be F3 and F0, and In this article, we are talking about BYD’s flagship L3 in compact cars.

Frankly speaking, BYD L3 has a breakthrough in appearance, but there are still some exemplary traces, but it is commonplace to imitate us from F3 to the beginning; the exterior design of BYD L3 draws on the elements of some other brands of cars, and it looks visual. It's wider, the lines are tougher, and the overall is fairly stable.

There are only two cars currently on sale, all of which are equipped with front side airbags, which can provide effective passive protection to the occupants in the event of a side collision; the high-end models with head air curtains are also designed to resist sideways Hit. The whole system is equipped with a keyless start as standard, and the start button is marked in Chinese.

Like many independent brands, the configuration is still their means. BYD L3 is equipped with a reversing image as standard. It is worthy of recognition that the image has a reversing auxiliary line, which can meet the actual requirements of parking; the very characteristic Chinese compass is still Used on L3; there are many Chinese logos, such as navigation entertainment system and multi-function steering wheel. The buttons above are all labeled in Chinese, which greatly reduces the difficulty of getting started. Even older people can easily recognize them. .

BYD L3 is equipped with a 1.8L dual overhead camshaft independently developed engine, with a maximum power of 122Ps/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 160N·m/3700-4200rpm. The current model has only one gearbox, the CVT gearbox, which is said to be available in the future. There will be manual transmission models on the market.

The interior space of BYD L3 is fairly spacious. The editor with a height of 183cm sits in the driver's seat and adjusts the seat with three-finger space on the head. The wheelbase of 2615mm is basically the same as that of its F3 and G3. A small lengthening will not play a substantial role. , The same editor punches in the head and legs in the back row is not cramped, which can satisfy general households. The improved headrest supports and protects the head better, and the comfort is also increased.

to sum up:

Introduced 4 self-owned brand compact cars that have reached maturity. Perhaps they have a certain gap compared with joint venture brands, but from their step-by-step development, we can see their progress, more or less than their own. All have improved. Excessively rough workmanship and obvious immature craftsmanship have been basically solved. In terms of technology, they have self-developed engines. The rich configuration is still a magic weapon for independent brands. You can buy more practical configurations at a lower price. This is also a manifestation of cost performance, but it is still necessary to say that only by adhering to technological leadership and excellent design can we develop higher and create a deterrent brand. (Wen Auto House Zhang Ke)