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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] In 2013, we experienced the Audi A3 g-tron model (for details, please refer to: “Hybrid + Dual Fuel Secret Audi A3 New Power Technology”). The crisis facing the diesel engine forces the Volkswagen Group to come up with a solution in a short time and find an internal combustion engine technology that can replace the diesel engine before the new energy is popularized. At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi exhibited another model equipped with g-tron dual-fuel technology-Audi A4 g-tron. It is reported that this model will be launched in Europe next year. Let's take a sneak peek below and take a look at some of the technical characteristics of this car.

● 2.0TFSI dual fuel engine features

The appearance of the Audi A4 g-tron displayed on the booth is basically the same as the Audi A4 Avant, which is a touring model. Although the appearance is similar, because the Audi A4 g-tron uses a dual-fuel power system, there are certain differences in the power system structure.

● Natural gas/gasoline storage module with steel bracket

● Where does natural gas come from?

Full text summary:

The Audi A4 g-tron is currently an ideal clean energy vehicle. In terms of structure, it is highly similar to traditional gasoline/diesel engines, and the manufacturer's technology upgrade cost is low, and it is easy to promote. This is currently beyond the reach of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In terms of emissions, when the car uses natural gas as fuel, it theoretically only emits carbon dioxide and water, which is much more environmentally friendly than gasoline and diesel cars. In areas with dense natural gas filling stations, Audi g-tron dual-fuel models can be said to be another ideal choice for environmentally friendly models in addition to pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. (Photo/Text Car Home Chang Qinglin Photo Car Home Zhang Ge)