[YesAuto Test Drive] In the streets of Shanghai’s old city, I’ve never drove like I am today. Is it because Shanghai’s streets are too narrow? The hutongs in Houhai, Beijing should be even worse. If you look at the behemoth I am driving, you will understand that it is more than 5 meters long, and the width and height are about 2 meters, so I should be thankful that I am in Shanghai instead of Houhai.

In all fairness, it’s not difficult to drive a big guy like Escalade. The condescending sitting posture allows you to have a clear view of the road ahead. The large-area reflector does not leave any dead corners. There is also a very advanced reversing imaging system when reversing. Pay special attention to the pedestrians and vehicles behind the A-pillar on the left front when turning. However, its worth of more than 1 million still makes me a little more cautious.

Seeing Escalade will always remind people of many classic American-style pictures, such as a few black Escalades swiftly passing through the downtown area, parked at an airport, and a ticket of suit leather track black sunglasses drilled out of the car Federal agents of the United States; or in the vehicle scrapyard, a brand-new Escalade is parked there, and the gang boss is plotting something in the dilapidated hut next to it. Both scenes are both good and evil, but in any case, Escalade feels like this is the United States. It is already shocking to see its shape. Although full-size SUVs are commonplace in the United States, they are rarely seen on the domestic streets.

The appearance of Escalade inherited the design style of Cadillac in recent years, so even if you don't know it, you can recognize it as Cadillac. Vertically arranged diamond-shaped headlights, LED taillights on both sides of the rear end, a large number of straight lines constitute the outline of the body, of course, there are large-size high-polished wheels and chrome decorations all over the body.

Open the door and enter the car, Escalade still has a strong American plot. The welcome step that opens automatically with the door makes it easier for me to get in and out of this behemoth. Sitting in the driver's seat will understand why Americans have a soft spot for full-size SUVs. The large seat is almost a sofa, which can be adjusted electrically in 14 directions, and has cooling and heating functions. Looking around, there is still a gap between the interior of the Escalade and some million-level SUVs, but the comprehensive and thoughtful configuration makes up for the shortcomings. Looking at the space again, it is simply tailor-made for Americans.

As a full-size SUV, it is not enough to just achieve luxurious front row space. Escalade’s rear seats are also interesting. Two independent seats in the second row can be combined arbitrarily and can be folded electrically. It also has a DVD video and air conditioning system specially prepared for the rear passengers. The entire rear space is set up a bit like GL8, which is also very suitable as an official car.

However, the third row of seats still failed to escape the fate of temporary seats, and the low seat cushions can make people feel uncomfortable. In addition to being a commercial vehicle, the Escalade's loading and towing capabilities are also no problem. Take a look at the following figures of 3084 liters, 1707 liters, and 478 liters, which are the luggage compartment volume after the first row, second row, and third row of seats, respectively.

The 6.2-liter Vortec V8 engine has 403 horsepower, and the large-displacement V8 engine is also unique to American cars. After starting the engine, the rumbling low-frequency vibration is like a powerful heartbeat, as if standing next to a diesel locomotive. I have experienced this sound before, but it was a V8 supercharged engine from G55. The power alone is not enough to explain. This engine also has a maximum torque of 565N·m, which allows this steel machine with a dead weight of more than 2.5 tons to accelerate to 100km/h in 6.8 seconds (manufacturer data).

Although the sound of the V8 engine is shocking, it is not rude at all. The 6-speed gearbox has a lot of credit. In order to take care of fuel consumption, in most cases the 6-speed gearbox likes to enter a higher gear to keep the engine running at a low speed. It’s hard to imagine pushing a 2.6-ton car body to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 6.8 seconds, but it’s not hard to understand. Just step on the accelerator pedal and you will know how Escalade did it. The only thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is the American-style gear design. The manual mode plus and minus buttons are placed on the gear lever, which is like playing a game console and lacks the sense of control.

For full-size luxury SUVs like Escalade, most of them belong to the road, and the chassis settings are also comfortable, and air suspension plays an important role. But this does not conceal its SUV nature. Although there are few opportunities to show off its skills, Cadillac still equips it with a four-wheel drive system and an automatic limited-slip differential. The driving force is usually distributed between the front and rear axles at 40:60, and the adhesion is When it is not good, the system will automatically lock the slippery wheels.

As mentioned earlier, although the Escalade is huge, driving is not difficult at all, but rather easy. There is no difficulty in accelerator, brake, and steering, and the comfortable suspension and soft shifting gearbox provide a comfortable driving experience. At this time, I am more envious of people sitting in the back row, because Escalade still finds it difficult to stimulate people’s desire to drive in the city. Instead, people are more willing to sit in the back and watch DVDs to enjoy the shock or comfort of BOSE audio Get some sleep.

Although there are a lot of domestic million-class SUVs, Escalade is by no means unusual among them. The body of the Escalade is definitely the largest, and the 6.2-liter engine is unmatched. The rich configuration brings a pure American luxury feel, and the sturdy appearance can provoke a man's desire to conquer. Although its high price will discourage many people, Escalade has an indelible charm for those who love American SUVs and agree with American luxury.

Cadillac Escalade parameter configuration table

Model picture
Basic parameters Escalade 6.2 AWD
Model name: Escalade 6.2 AWD
Quotation: 1.12 million
Brand: Cadillac
level: SUV
engine: 6.2L 403 horsepower V8
Gearbox: 6-speed hand-in-one
Length × width × height: 5142×2008×1928
Body structure: 5-door 7-seater SUV
Body Escalade 6.2 AWD
Length (mm): 5142
Width (mm): 2008
Height (mm): 1928
Vehicle weight (Kg): 2608
Wheelbase (mm): 2946
Front track (mm): 1732
Rear track (mm): 1702
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 212
Body structure: SUV
Number of doors (pieces): 5
Number of seats (a): 7
Fuel tank capacity (L): 98
Luggage capacity (L): 479-3084
engine Escalade 6.2 AWD
Displacement (cc): 6200
Displacement (L): 6.2
Way of working: inhale naturally
Cylinder arrangement type: V
Number of cylinders (a): 8
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs): 4
Compression ratio: 10.5
Valve structure: DOHC
Bore: 103
stroke: 92
Horsepower (hp): 403
Maximum power (kW): 301
Maximum power speed (rpm): 5700
Maximum torque (N·m): 565
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 4400
Engine-specific technology: VVT variable intake and exhaust valve timing, ETC electronic throttle control
Fuel: gasoline
Fuel label: No. 93
Fuel supply mode: Multi-point EFI
Cylinder body material: iron
Cylinder head material: aluminum
Environmental protection standards: Euro IV
Gearbox Escalade 6.2 AWD
name: 6-speed hand-in-one
Number of gears: 6
Gearbox type: AT
Chassis steering Escalade 6.2 AWD
Drive mode: Front four-wheel drive
Front suspension type: Air-Ride Suspension System
Rear suspension type: Air-Ride Suspension System
Power type: Electro-hydraulic assistance
Wheel brake Escalade 6.2 AWD
Front brake type: Ventilated dish
Rear brake type: Ventilated dish
Front tire specifications: 265/65 R18
Rear tire specifications: 265/65 R18
Spare tire: Not full size

Safety equipment Escalade 6.2 AWD
Driver's seat airbag:
Co-pilot airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Front side airbag:
Rear side airbag:
Knee airbag:
Electronic anti-theft:
Central control lock in the car:
remote key:
Keyless start system:
Control configuration Escalade 6.2 AWD
ABS anti-lock brake:
Braking force distribution (EBD):
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC/ATC):
Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA):
Body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC):
Lifting (air) suspension:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Power steering with speed:
Active steering system:
External configuration Escalade 6.2 AWD
Manual sunroof:
Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Rearview mirror of the same color:
Same color anti-scratch strip:
Sports version bracket:
Aluminum alloy wheels:
Internal configuration Escalade 6.2 AWD
Leather steering wheel:
Rest pedal for left foot:
Steering wheel up and down adjustment:
Steering wheel front and rear adjustment:
Multifunction steering wheel:
Steering wheel shift:
Cruise control:
Parking assistance:
Reverse image:
Multi-function display:
HUD head up digital display:
Seat configuration Escalade 6.2 AWD
Leather seats:
Sports seats:
Seat height adjustment:
Lumbar support adjustment:
Electric adjustment of front seats:
Power seat memory:
Seat heating:
Front seat center armrest:
Recoil central armrest:
Front row cup holder:
Rear cup holder:
Seat massage/ventilation:
The rear seats are down as a whole:
The rear seats are down proportionally:
Multimedia configuration Escalade 6.2 AWD
GPS navigation system:
Multimedia control system:
Bluetooth system:
Car TV:
Car phone:
Center console LCD screen:
Rear LCD screen:
External audio input (AUX, USB, iPod):
Support MP3, WMA:
Single CD:
Multi-disc CD converter:
Single DVD:
Multi-disc DVD system:
2-3 speaker system:
4-5 speaker speaker system:
6-7 horn speaker system:
Speaker system with more than 8 speakers:
Lighting configuration Escalade 6.2 AWD
Xenon headlights:
Automatic headlight:
Turning headlights:
Front fog lights:
Rear fog lamps:
Adjustable headlight height:
Headlight cleaning device:
Glass/Rearview Mirror Escalade 6.2 AWD
Front power windows:
Rear power windows:
Anti-pinch function:
Electric rearview mirror:
Rearview mirror heating:
Rearview mirror electric folding:
Manual rear sun blind:
Electric rear sun blind:
Rearview mirror anti-glare:
Rear side sunshade:
Sun visor makeup mirror:
Induction wiper:
Air conditioner/refrigerator Escalade 6.2 AWD
Manual air conditioner:
Automatic air conditioning:
Rear seat air outlet:
Temperature zone control:
Air conditioning in the car:
Car refrigerator: