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[YesAuto Technology] Like every year, the launch of Ward's top ten engine awards in North America means that the year is about to end. Last year, we commented on Ward's top ten selections with a view of the fire. Indeed, whether it is Ward’s judges or In the North American market, they all hope that the large-displacement V8 engine that represents American sentiment can win a place in the award. For this reason, some German engines with higher technical content in the same level will not be eligible for the award. Of course, there are also model prices. Exceeding the selection criteria, what is different from the past is that this year, a V8 engine is still retained. In addition, three hybrid systems are shortlisted, and the fuel cell technology that has been the focus of attention has not been this time. Selected.

This is the second time that Subaru’s FA20 2.0T engine has won this award. Although the performance car series has abandoned the use of the Impreza car series name, the WRX model equipped with this engine still continues the previous classic blue war. Subaru, as far as possible, hopes to draw a line with history in this way. In any case, Subaru uses the horizontally opposed cylinder layout to remind the world that the honors it once possessed, people are also willing to find some of the past in WRX. However, without the old enemy of Mitsubishi, the blue flame seemed to lose its strength when it burned. Toyota has injected new soul into this engine. The variable timing of intake and exhaust optimizes the efficiency of air exchange. Combined with the fuel supply system, it can achieve more fuel economy. At the same time, the ultimate power output also comes from this set of supply. Oil system.

Who is the Volvo XC90 suitable for? This question does not seem to have a clear conclusion, but in my opinion, in any case, the four-cylinder 2.0L engine can not be a reason for people to question it, because entry-level models using small displacement power will be a trend. , Like Audi Q7 and BMW X5, will provide four-cylinder engine options. In fact, the medium and large SUV models under the same brand have a great relationship with the medium and large sedans on the platform, so from a development point of view, this is not inappropriate. Volvo’s 2.0L engine uses two supercharging methods, turbo + mechanical, and supercharged to improve the power response at low speeds. Of course, whether the power is sufficient or not depends on the difference. At high speeds, two superchargers are directed to the cylinders. Press in more air and mix it with the right amount of fuel to release more power.

With a 3.0L displacement, an in-line 6-cylinder layout, and the addition of a turbocharger, I don’t want to say that you can guess that this 80% is a BMW engine, and you might even name the N55 model. However, this time, BMW once again demonstrated its accomplishments on the straight 6 engine with the B58 model. Compared with the N55, the B58's 3.0T engine has made greater optimizations in terms of thermal management. In addition, the larger stroke parameters of the cylinder can allow it to release more power.

The 3.0L diesel engine on the Dodge Ram has won Ward’s top ten engines for two consecutive years. This year, Volkswagen’s exposure to emissions fraud in the United States caused a crisis of trust in the originally very stable market. Now, the American people are more convinced They have their own diesel engine technology.

The Nissan VQ series engine is a frequent visitor to Ward's top ten awards. The winning Nissan 3.5-liter naturally aspirated engine was once again favored by the judges on the Maxima. In these awards list, this engine has the oldest “age” , But with the smooth running and linear power output, it can still meet the quality requirements of the new car.

GM’s 3.6L naturally aspirated engine is installed in the new Camaro and Cadillac models. It is also a product that pleases the market with a low-cost and large-displacement self-priming engine. In my opinion, the same displacement That V6T engine deserves more recognition. At least from the perspective of its technical structure, its efficiency optimization is more active. Of course, the price of the shortlisted models is still an unavoidable topic.

In this award, the 5.2L V8 engine on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is responsible for carrying the banner of American feelings. The horsepower of more than 500Ps allows this rear-wheel drive vehicle to easily get rid of the restraints of the ground.

We have been in contact with Volanda for a long time. It uses a range-extended hybrid system. The 1.5L engine is responsible for generating electricity, and the driving force of the vehicle comes from a 120kW electric motor.

You should pay attention to the Hyundai Sonata 9 plug-in hybrid version, because this car will be put into production by Beijing Hyundai next year, but the current license policy in the Beijing area is likely to increase plug-in hybrids. Of course, everything is still inconclusive, but the domestic production of Sonata Nine will bring us another choice.

Among the award-winning hybrid models, the Toyota Prius is a hybrid vehicle that does not have a plug-in function, but this also shows from the side that, even so, the judges recognized the efficiency of Toyota's hybrid system. The 1.8L engine uses the Atkinson cycle to provide electrical energy to the electric system, and the motor and the engine are coordinated by a planetary gear mechanism. Since the entire structure does not need a clutch to cut off, the continuity of power transmission is an efficient guarantee .