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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] In 1962, Jeep launched the Wagoneer model, which was similar to a family car while taking into account comfort and off-road capabilities. It created a new type of modern SUV and became the iconic American model of that era. The classic design also allows Wagoneer to have a long life span. It was produced from 1962 to 1991, spanning the three transition periods of the Jeep brand. Today, 58 years later, Jeep relaunched the new Grand Wagoneer concept car, marking the return of this “American Idol” SUV, and it may be one of Jeep's most luxurious concept cars ever.

A brief review of Wagoneer history

Design with historical heritage

The lights of the Grand Wagoneer concept car

Interior design composed of 7 screens

Written at the end:

As the originator of SUV models, the new Grand Wagoneer concept car returned as a flagship model, demonstrating Jeep's determination and confidence to return to the full-size high-end market. While inheriting many classic elements of Jeep, it also keeps pace with the times by adding technology Elements make it not a typical Jeep, but more in line with the trend.