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[YesAuto] In the past few days, we can always get a big iron bump on Weibo, which is Tesla’s latest electric pickup Cybertruck. I think everyone has seen enough of the new car launch conference, but Cybertruck's launch conference is a bit ingenious. It was either a sledgehammer or glass. Although the demonstration of the robustness of the Cybertruck windows caused the car to roll over on the spot, Musk's sentence “maybe you are too hard ~ at least you didn't go through…” to resolve the awkward atmosphere on the scene.

The Tesla Cybertruck immediately attracted heated discussion as soon as it appeared. The focus of the heated discussion is naturally its angular appearance. Musk said at the press conference that Cybertruck's design was inspired by the Lotus S1 Esprit driven by James Bond in the 1977 “007 Underwater City”, but some netizens mocked this guy as a freshman temporary job. Driven out, right? Indeed, whoever wants to say that Cybertruck is so beautiful, then I just want to lift the sledgehammer towards his chest…

Musk explained on Twitter that the reason why Tesla Cybertruck's appearance is so flat and sharp is that the high-strength 30X super-hard cold-rolled stainless steel it uses is difficult to stamp, and even the stamping machine is used during the test. broken. In short, Cybertruck's “ugly” makes sense. Nevertheless, Tesla Cybertruck has received nearly 200,000 orders since its release.

However, the release of Tesla Cybertruck still led to a polarizing evaluation of the American people. Yes, some Americans either like Cybertruck very much, while the other half sneer at it. Within 12 hours after Tesla Cybertruck was released, a website conducted a survey on Twitter data of U.S. netizens with geographic location. The survey showed that compared with netizens in a certain state who are eager to buy Cybertruck, there are more U.S. states. Netizens said they could not accept this electric pickup truck.

The website analyzed more than 100,000 tweets with #cybertruck# tags and geographic locations. The analysis data shows that information such as “I hate” and “What the hell?” is common in 31 states in the United States, only 19 Netizens in various states are looking forward to the listing of Tesla Cybertruck.

Netizens in the West Coast and Northeastern states rated Cybertruck best. Netizens in Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado are also more optimistic about Cybertruck. However, these data do not matter to Tesla. After all, the number of orders for the car is nearly 200,000. Among them, 42% of customers choose the dual-motor version of CyberTruck, 41% choose the three-motor version, and the other 17% choose the single-motor version. . Don't worry about whether there is a market for this electric pickup truck. Now American users are more worried about its production capacity. Users who order cars want to get this cool big guy as soon as possible. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car