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[YesAuto Test Drive] If you follow the Shanghai Auto Show and pay attention to the car home, you will find that the focus picture on the homepage yesterday recommended a static experience article of Cadilla’s CTS COUPE. In the article, we also laid the groundwork for today’s article. . Whether a car is for home use or commercial use, luxury or pure sports, after all, it must be driven, not to mention a radical model like Cadillac CTS COUPE.

The F1 China race just ended not long ago. I still remember that I was packing my luggage at home during the race and preparing to come to Shanghai to report on the auto show. I believe that many people have a strong curiosity about this F1 venue like me, at least I have never set foot on it. Today, CTS COUPE’s test drive meeting was chosen in this venue. Standing on the venue, looking at the empty auditorium, looking at the clothes and the name of the team that have not been removed from the pit lane, the psychology will naturally begin to reverie. At the time of the game, they said I was obscene. The purpose of praising the venue is not to promote the organizer. What I want to say is how will we test drive on such a professional track? The answer is: a violent way. Because it is impossible for us to fully utilize the capabilities of the car in the daily test drive meeting, which is greatly affected by the road conditions, but today we can completely let go. Full throttle, red speed line, forced downshift…

Since I have experienced the CTS COUPE model in detail in yesterday's article, I won't repeat it in today's article. If you want to understand the static part of the experience first, please click the link above.

The CTS COUPE model is priced at 568,000 yuan, so what is the reason for buying this car? I admit that the buttocks have an absolute temptation for most people. Whether it is comments in Weibo or small chats among peers, they all affirm the design of the rear of the car. Of course, there are definitely many consumers who are emotional. Because I like to buy a car at a certain point, it’s not wrong, but as a professional media, we naturally have to say one, two, three from an objective point of view, and let’s talk about whether it’s good or bad. .

Advantage 1 : The appearance design is enough to attract eyeballs!

We won't say much about this, the car is here, so we can't judge whether it is good or not. But there are a few data that I need to elaborate on. Compared with the 4-door sedan, the COUPE model has a 7cm reduction in body height, a 7cm increase in the rear wheel track, a 7cm reduction in the rear overhang height, and a 2 degree reduction in the front windshield angle.

Advantage 2: Motivation is like a boxer on the ring, explosive power and endurance are enough .

Cadillac CTS COUPE currently has only one model on sale, which is equipped with a 3.6L V6 SIDI all-aluminum direct injection engine. Although the current momentum of turbocharging is very strong, there was a tendency to squeeze large displacement. But turbocharging is after all squeezing the power of the engine through the turbo, which is inevitably a bit reluctant or lacking in stamina. The 3.6L V6 naturally aspirated engine has a maximum output power of 229kW/6400rpm and a peak torque of 374N·m/5200rpm. Linear output is its biggest feature.

In the straights, the engine releases the power with one kick to the bottom of the accelerator. In the D mode, the computer delays the timing of shifting due to the great depth of the accelerator. It is clear that the tachometer shakes when it is close to the red line. Immediately after upshifting to second gear, the feeling of this upshift is not stable, and the speed drop after the upshift is not very large. On such a wide and straight track, the engine's power has not been concealed at all, and the linear push back is obvious with the strong sound. This kind of bold driving style is insatiable for ordinary city test drives.

Playing with excitement, the D gear is obviously not active enough. The passive taste of being spanked by someone can be uncomfortable. In a good automatic transmission, the driver's intentions cannot be understood very accurately. CTS COUPE is not equipped with the so-called S gear, the shift button on the steering wheel can play a role in any situation. When the shift button is used to control the gear position, the gearbox will become straightforward and obedient until the speed reaches the red line, and the body confidence is stable.

I don’t think there are a few people who usually drive intensely on the road all day long, and most of the time they still show a smooth driving style. If you drive normally, CTS COUPE still has the stable and heavy feeling of an American car. It no longer throttles to the bottom, and slowly puts pressure on the accelerator pedal. The sound of the engine is still strong, but the frequency is much lower, and the power output is also changed. Be conservative, not arrogant or impetuous, and the gearbox is still diligent, and you can see the desire to upshift from time to time. See the smoothness of the gear shifting speed and gears. If you are not too picky, you will not be very dissatisfied.

The 275mm-wide rear wheels provide reliable grip for the rear-wheel drive CTS COUPE. Although Shanghai has just rained and the track is wet and slippery, the skidding time of the rear wheels is extremely short when starting at full throttle, which is not meaningless. The scratching of the ground, you can feel the residual grip. In tight corners, the first time you drive, you will feel inertia that this high-horsepower rear-drive car will easily oversteer, so it has converged in the corners when driving at first, but after getting familiar with it, I found this car It’s much better than we thought. The rear wheels didn’t show any unstable restlessness. When turning violently, the rear wheels slipped slightly, but it can be corrected easily after slight correction. At least it gives me confidence in the corners. foot.

The winding pile is the best test for vehicle suspension and directional directivity. In the winding pile, the suspension of the FE3 sports training does not completely point to pure toughness, but it neutralizes comfort and movement. After all, it is one. A mid-size car of a luxury brand, not a performance car running WRC. Due to the heavier body, the body will roll when the center of gravity is shifted from left to right, but it is not serious. We also see that the body posture is maintained relatively well, and the tuning of the suspension neutral partial movement filters out part of the road information.

Since the body length of the COUPE model is shorter than that of the 4-door model, and the body height is lower, the rear of the car will follow up quickly when turning, without any muddy or laziness, which is very beneficial to the handling time. Here I want to talk about the stability of the rear of the car again. Because the tires are very wide, the tire noise is rarely heard in the winding piles, which guarantees the tire adhesion at all times.

The shortcomings appearing in the winding pile: In the previous static experience, I had doubts about the wrapping nature of the seat. In today’s dynamic experience, it is also my suspicion. The seat of CTS COUPE is fast facing the vehicle. When the center of gravity shifted, I was not firmly fixed on the seat. Yes, I had to use my feet to support my own mass and the pressure caused by lateral acceleration. When the center of gravity is shifted again, the body will be tilted to the other side. I think this is mostly related to the figure of Asians. After all, this car is written by the designer of “Da Lao Mei” who grew up with snack beef.

to sum up:

With eye-catching appearance, especially hot buttocks, these are powerful capital for CTS COUPE competition. The control of ecstasy made me and other media teachers feel very refreshed. Refueling on the track, braking vigorously and then turning, every movement is smooth, so you don't have to worry about whether the limit will keep you busy. Speaking of model competitiveness, the CTS COUPE competitor with a price of RMB 568,000 is clearly pointing to the BMW 3 Series Coupe, Mercedes-Benz E-Class COUPE, etc. Although the brand effect may not be as good as those two cars in most people’s minds, I believe The return rate won on the road will not be inferior to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but CTS COUPE may still be in a niche position in the Chinese market for a long time. (Picture Car Home Zhang Ke)