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[YesAuto Industry] Austrian chip manufacturer ams announced that it has cooperated with German Ibeo Automotive Systems and ZF to promote the use of solid-state laser radar (LiDAR) technology in autonomous driving and other fields. The three companies will cooperate to develop solid-state lidar technology for vehicles to ensure that the technology can be quickly and safely put into use before 2021.

Lidar is an optical sensing technology that can measure the distance and direction of the object by irradiating the surrounding objects with a laser beam and detecting the time taken by the laser beam reflected from the object. Its unique ranging and resolution characteristics make up for the shortcomings of radar and camera solutions, and can realize L5 autonomous driving in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Today's solid-state lidar technology can realize lidar sensors without moving parts. Because there are no moving parts, the sensor will be lighter, more powerful, and more compact, so that manufacturers can produce systems that are much cheaper than existing systems that use rotating mirrors.

Ams will provide automotive-grade VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) arrays and drivers. Compared with competitive light sources such as edge emitters and LEDs, its automotive-grade VCSELs have higher reliability and stability. Ams is the first company to market a solid-state lidar lighting solution. Its solution does not require mechanical parts to control the beam direction, which improves reliability while reducing complexity, size, weight and cost. Solid-state lidar has laid the foundation for large-scale application of lidar in the automotive field due to its high reliability and small size.

ams will provide automotive-grade VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) arrays and drivers. Compared with competing light sources such as edge emitters and LEDs, these arrays and drivers have excellent reliability and stability. ams is the first market to launch a solid-state lidar lighting solution, which means that no mechanical parts are required to control the beam direction, improving reliability, while reducing complexity, size, weight and cost. Solid-state lidar has paved the way for large-scale lidar deployment of auto parts due to its high reliability and small volume factor.

“Lidar is already a key technology in the automotive industry. So far, our leading products have been used in European and global automotive companies. Dr. Ulrich Lages, CEO of Ibeo Automotive Systems, said: “Our solution expertise The combination of ams' VCSEL technology will create a turning point for solid-state lidar in the automotive industry. ”

“As a world leader in mobility and autonomous driving solutions in the automotive industry, our global capabilities and in-depth understanding of integrated safety, motion control, and digitization have enabled lidar to reach a new level on a global scale. This joint event It will help improve the safety of autonomous driving,” said Ain Denali, senior vice president of ADAS, ZF Global Electronics.

Alexander Everke, CEO of ams, said: “As the first company to launch solid-state lidar, ams brings unique features to Ibeo and ZF.” “Combined with Ibeo's leading solutions and integration capabilities, coupled with its laser With rich experience in radar, we will provide automakers with unparalleled solutions to create the mission-critical reliability required for autonomous driving.” (Source: windstream; compilation/car home Li Na)