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[YesAuto Test Drive] Peugeot 3008 (hereinafter referred to as 3008) is the first SUV model Peugeot launched in China. Speaking of SUVs is always exciting, I would think of a powerful SUV running on a dry river bed, but today the Peugeot 3008 that we are going to test drive has nothing to do with the wilderness. It is completely driving on urban roads. The reason is very simple, because Only two-wheel drive models have been introduced in China.

Appearance of intimacy spontaneously

Before leaving, I briefly chatted with my colleague Luo Hao about the 3008, because he had experienced this car in the auto show. During the exchange, Luo Hao also expressed his views on the appearance of the 3008. When I saw the real When I was in the car, I admitted that its appearance attracted me.

Personality is the greatest feeling that French cars give us, and the 3008 is no exception. The front face is full and round, and the rugged monolithic grille is embedded in the wide front face. I cannot judge its beauty and ugliness by relying on my subjective perception. , But the visual impact brought by the front face must be considerable, at least everyone in the test drive thinks so.

The front enclosure that covers the entire front face seems to have become Peugeot’s family lineage. The wide grille and the layered black anti-scratch strips together form this controversial front face. The headlights and fog lights are located higher, but This is mostly for visual reasons, not everyone can accept this design, but when I stand in front of 3008, I feel the affinity that French cars have never had before.

Although the front face is exaggerated, it still gives me affinity. The side styling needs to be much more peaceful. From the side, we find that the 3008 has no sturdy figure at all, and its temperament is in line with the definition of a SUV. All the lines of the body are smoothly transitioned, and there are only two wheel eyebrows with some strength. . In addition, I need to remind you that the front fender of 3008 is made of resin material, which will automatically return to its original shape after being squeezed.

The feeling of the tail is different from that of the front face. The tail seems to be showing movement. The simple and concise design forms a sharp contrast with the front face. The taillights are designed in a triangular shape, somewhat similar to “boomerang”, and the taillights use popular LEDs as the light source.

The trunk door of 3008 is opened in two stages up and down, and the lower half has a load-bearing capacity with a limit value of 200 kg. In daily outings, the trunk cover can be used as a load-bearing platform, whether it is resting or sitting on it for fishing, In short, it has a certain practicability.

The tire size is 225/50 R17, Michelin tires are used, and the tires are less noisy during driving. The five-spoke wheel looks a little ordinary, but a closer look reveals that it looks a bit like a battle axe.

Interior driver's seat feels very good, panoramic sunroof is awesome

The appearance of the 3008 gave me an inexplicable affinity. Frankly speaking, this is a car with a French personality that I can accept. Can the interior of the car still be recognized? Continue to look down.

The interior doesn't make me feel different. The extension of the center console is inclined and is always connected to the armrest box. Sitting in the main driver's position will give me the feeling of an airplane driver's seat. Due to the large front windshield angle, the line of sight is very good, and it does feel like driving an SUV.

As the line of sight moves horizontally, there is a small display in the middle of the roof, with only one content, which is to monitor the buckling of the 5-seat seat belts in the entire car and whether the passenger airbag is activated. The common driving computer display screen is also placed on the center console, and the content displayed is nothing more than fuel consumption, time, and mileage.

I lowered my head and saw the electronic handbrake behind the shift handle. Both models of 3008 in hand are electronic handbrakes and integrated hill-rise assist system. When the driver's foot is off the brake pedal during a hill-up, the system will automatically maintain the brake. Move for two seconds to give the driver time to step on the accelerator to prevent the car from slipping.

The seat feels good, the lateral support and wrapping are in place. In addition, the design of the headrest leaves me with a deep sound. The headrest can adjust the inclination angle, and the head and neck can be well supported when driving. , If an accident happens unfortunately, the headrest can also play a protective role.

The panoramic sunroof and the ingenious storage box are both bright spots for this car. The sunroof covers an area of 1.6 square meters. Although it cannot be opened at any angle, the feeling of sitting in the car and looking up at the sky is really good. In addition to the skylight, interesting storage boxes are also a highlight. There are two highly concealed storage boxes on the rear floor. The space is also large and can store some high-privacy items.

●The driving experience is not weak and the suspension is solid

Since all the models on sale in China are two-wheel drive, the domestic 3008 is fully positioned for urban driving. In the test drive, we also experienced three different road conditions to experience its comprehensive capabilities.

First, let’s introduce the power. The 3008 is equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged engine. From the point of view of the parameters, the engine has a very good torque performance in the low revolution range. 1400 revolutions can release all the torque without saving, and the peak torque is 240. Nm, the engine has a maximum of 156 horsepower. All domestic models have 6-speed automated manual gearboxes, which is undoubtedly good news for consumers, and there is no need to complain about 4-speed.

In actual driving, the power will lag behind when the speed reaches 1000 rpm, but when the speed is slightly increased, you can already feel the power reserve ready to go. The aggressive side of the engine itself will be shown when the speed is approaching 2000 rpm. . The torque of 240 Nm is not abrupt on the 1.5-ton body, and the sound of the turbine and the pressure relief valve can be clearly heard from the outside of the car.

Engine performance is only one aspect of power performance, and the cooperation of the gearbox is naturally indispensable. In normal driving, the gearbox is more like a diligent and thrifty wife, who will actively upshift to ensure fuel economy. But if you step on the accelerator deeply, it will downshift without thinking about it to increase power, and it will maintain a high speed for a period of time. But when the two low gears are at the critical point, the gearbox will occasionally appear inaccurate, and the power will suddenly be blurred, but this situation is very accidental.

3008 is the suspension structure of the front and rear torsion beams of Macpherson. Although this combination does not have any advantages in the SUV circle from the structural point of view, the tuning is also important, and if the tuning is in place, it will also have a good effect.

The general reaction after the test drive is that the suspension style of the 3008 is tough. If you are purely a driver, I like this suspension feeling very much. A solid chassis with a stiff suspension will produce a sporty feeling involuntarily. But taking into account the passengers in the rear, the suspension is too rigid will lead to a decline in ride comfort.

to sum up:

After a test drive of just 25 kilometers, I am quite satisfied with the performance of the 3008. In the competition of market segments, each car must take its own highlights. It does not necessarily have to have a strong performance, we have also seen it , It is only a front-drive car, but the overall feeling does give me a certain feeling for the French car, or for the 3008. In the current market, the 3008 does not have a particularly direct competitor to contend with, because there is too much room for choice at this price. The 3008 will not appear as a mass model, it will still be relatively niche. , But its practicality is very high. Because the test drive is too simple, the time is too tight, and the distance is too short, there is no time to complete many detailed projects. Once again, I also hope that you can pay attention to the car home. After you get the test car, we will experience it for you. (Picture Car Home Zhang Ke)