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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Cadillac ATS-L is a mid-sized luxury brand car that focuses on sports. Recently, it has once again won a high degree of attention with its large market terminal discounts. As the saying goes, you know horsepower from a distance, and you will see people’s hearts over time, and the same is true for cars. Therefore, we think it’s time to meet a few Cadillac ATS-L owners and talk to them about their car experience. If you happen to be thinking about getting a car of this level in front of the screen, then perhaps this interview will help you.

● Mr. Xu: 2016 28T fashion model

Cadillac ATS-L 2016 Model 28T Fashion Type

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The ATS-L that Mr. Xu bought is a 2016 28T fashion model. This is his first car. The main reason for buying a car is because of household needs. I just saw it when I was choosing a car at Auto House. I felt that it was quite good in all aspects. Suitable, so I bought it. When buying a car, the discount was more than 20,000, and the price of the naked car after the discount was about 290,000 yuan.

● Car selection experience

When Mr. Xu bought the car, he also looked at the 3 Series and the C-Class. Compared with the ATS-L, the 3 Series has a lower price/performance ratio. The C-Class does not look as good as the ATS-L, so I chose the ATS-L in the end.

At the beginning, what attracted Mr. Xu the most to this car was its angular shape. It looked young enough and full of personality. At the same time, he thought the grille design was also very beautiful. Mr. Xu feels that the new Cadillac logo is not as good-looking as the old one, and the laurel branch can give the old logo more luxury.

Mr. Xu thinks that the interior design of ATS-L is very beautiful, and it has a sense of technology, especially the touch-sensitive air-conditioning panel is very unique, although not every time it can be touched successfully, but still like it. In the face of traditional physical buttons and touch buttons, he prefers the latter. There is a storage compartment hidden behind the control panel of the air conditioner. You only need to slide it when it is turned off. It is very technological. However, Mr. Xu said that the touch buttons on the air conditioner panel will fail in a short time after it is turned off. It will be fine after a while. .

When talking about the storage space in the car, Mr. Xu mentioned the problem that the ATS-L does not have a suitable place to put the mobile phone. To be honest, this small flaw has a great impact on the daily use of consumers.

Mr. Xu thinks that the front head space of the ATS-L is a bit cramped, and the rear space is barely enough, but fortunately there are only two people in the car.

The 2.0T engine equipped with the 28T model has a maximum power of 279 horsepower (205 kilowatts) at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 N·m at 2900-4600 rpm. The power parameters are overpowering rivals of the same level. Mr. Xu thinks that his 28T ATS-L has very good power and is completely sufficient. When the gearbox is upshifting, occasionally there will be a frustration. This experience is a bit not good. In his opinion, the ATS-L has a very low chassis, a very hard suspension, a sporty driving experience, and a good overall handling, which is very suitable for young people.

Mr. Xu usually uses cars in Beijing, but the road conditions are very good, traffic jams are not too many, and his driving style is not rough. The average fuel consumption displayed by the trip computer is 8.8 liters/100 kilometers. This result is for a medium-sized car. That's pretty good.

During the use of Mr. Xu's car, there was no malfunction or abnormal noise. However, after a rear-end collision, it was changed to the grid, and it took a month to wait for the accessories, and the maintenance time was too long. A total of three maintenances have been done during the period of use. The first one is a free gift, and the second and three times need to be paid at your own expense. The single maintenance cost is about 1,000 yuan. For a luxury brand medium-sized car, the maintenance price is reasonable. Mr. Xu said that the service attitude of the 4S store is very good, and he is satisfied overall.

● How many points do you give your car:

After so long of use, I feel that this ATS-L can basically meet all my needs. First, it looks good, and secondly, it has sufficient power, good handling, and I drove more fuel-efficient. If the space can be more It would be better to be more spacious. After comprehensive consideration, Mr. Xu gave his car 90 points (percentile system).

● Mr. Zhang: 2016 28T fashion model

Cadillac ATS-L 2016 Model 28T Fashion Type

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This ATS-L is Mr. Zhang's second car, and the previous one is Sagitar. When you have an idea to buy a car, first look at the car home website