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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owner] Corolla has always been a hot family car. Although it does not apply too much advanced technology and dynamic and avant-garde shape, it has captured a lot of consumption due to its modest characteristics and comfortable positioning. The heart of the person. Judging from the survey results of previous car owner interviews, the age gap between Corolla car owners this time is the largest. The three car owners who visited happened to be in their twenties to sixties, representing consumers of different age groups.

Note: Please respect the car owner and strictly prohibit any personal attack or slander against the car owner. Once discovered, directly block the ID and never be merciless.

The first owner is Mr. Wang, aged 28, who bought Corolla for a full year. He bought a 2011 1.8L CVT GL-i model with a discount of 20,000. During the year, Mr. Wang's car was mainly used to travel to and from get off work, occasionally for long-distance trips, and drove a total of 10,000 kilometers.

Which models have you considered at the beginning of the car selection?

When buying a car, Mr. Wang also mainly considered Lavida and Golf, because he felt that Lavida is not strictly a joint venture brand model, and he heard that the sealing of the vehicle was not good, so he finally gave up on the suggestion of a friend. The reason for giving up golf is that the family does not agree to buy a hatchback. The reason for choosing Corolla in the end is that the wife is very fond of it, but sometimes it is also a wise move to listen to her wife.

What attracted you or your family?

Mr. Wang is basically satisfied with the appearance of the Corolla, especially the front part, which looks very stylish. However, Mr. Wang felt that the 2011 Corolla did not look as comfortable as the old one. The round taillights looked stingy and did not match the overall shape of the car. The design of the center console is very simple, the layout of each button is also very reasonable, and the operation is convenient. Overall, the most fundamental reason why Corolla attracts many consumers is the modest style and user-friendly design.

Which design is the most intimate in car life? Or inconvenient?

Mr. Wang is more satisfied with the design of the Corolla’s rear seating space, but it should be emphasized that Corolla’s leg and head space does not have much advantage in the same level. What Mr. Wang is referring to is the middle passenger in the back row. The legroom is relatively good. Since the floor in the rear row is almost flat, it won't be uncomfortable if there are adults in the middle. In addition, the two configurations of USB and Bluetooth phone made Mr. Wang feel very convenient.

What is not satisfied is the feel of the brake pedal. There is almost no strength in the early stage, which is what we commonly call “soft brakes.” The three car owners invited today have their own feelings about this issue. Among them, Mr. Wang and Mr. Xin agree that such adjustments are not linear enough. When encountering emergencies, the drivers are easy to panic, while Mr. Bai I think this adjustment is more conducive to daily driving (we will also introduce it later). Of course, for safety reasons, we still suggest that manufacturers can make improvements in this area, and adjust the initial braking force to be greater to give drivers more confidence.

How about power and fuel consumption?

Mr. Wang is quite satisfied with Corolla's power performance, as a family transport is enough, and running at high speed also feels very brisk. Since more often it is driving to and from get off work, and Beijing’s traffic conditions are notoriously congested, the average speed of a year is only 20-30km/h. The average fuel consumption displayed by the trip computer is 8.2L/100km, which has been calculated. Satisfying.

The second owner of the car is Mr. Xin. In fact, Mr. Xin's family also came to the editorial department of the car home today. In most cases, this car is also driven by his wife. We basically guessed from the forum ID. Both Mr. Xin and his wife have been driving for more than 10 years. They bought this Corolla 1.6L manual transmission model last year and have driven about 10,000 kilometers up to now.

Which models have you considered at the beginning of the car selection?

Originally, Mr. Xin did not consider Toyota cars at the beginning of the car selection. The reason was simple. His wife didn't like Toyota's logo very much. The candidate models at the time were: New Bora, New Sunshine and Fengfan. Let's talk about the new Bora first. Mr. Xin lives in Tongzhou. Since there were no white new Bora cars in the nearby FAW-Volkswagen 4S store at that time, he gave up. Here is a special point. Mr. Xin's wife only likes white, so you must buy a white car when you buy a car.

The second is New Sunshine. Unexpectedly, the white car would have to increase the price. What Mr. Xin hated most was the dealer’s price increase, so he decisively PASS. The last Fengfan can only be said to have missed Mr. Xin, catching up with a 4S shop with very ordinary service, which is in sharp contrast with the service of Toyota 4S shop. In addition, Corolla also has a cash discount of 18,000 yuan. For various reasons, Corolla has become the final choice of Mr. Xin's family (Mr. Xin voluntarily installed a navigation system and other 8,000 yuan decorations when buying, so the final discount is not that much). In fact, this is sometimes the case. The car you buy may not be your favorite, you can only say that you have the most destiny with you.

Which design is the most intimate in car life? Or inconvenient?

What has satisfied Mr. Xin most in the past year is the Corolla's seats and storage space. The seats are comfortable to ride, and they don't feel tired after long rides. The storage space is a major advantage of Corolla. Not only does the 450L trunk perform well, but there are also many storage compartments in the car. From the picture, we can see that Mr. Xin's car has been packed full. full. However, we still recommend that all car owners try not to place too many sundries in the car. This will not only cause high fuel consumption, but sometimes even have a certain impact on driving safety.

There are three main points of dissatisfaction. First, the trunk cannot be opened remotely by the key. When you come out of the supermarket with a lot of things in your hand, you must put the things on the ground. However, it is extremely inconvenient to use the key to open it. The manufacturer improves it. Second, the workmanship of the interior trim is still a bit rough, and the seams are not very uniform, especially the gaps at the door handles are a bit large. Third, the brakes are too soft. We have already introduced this. We hope that the manufacturer will listen to the voice of the car owner.

How about power and fuel consumption?

The driving style of Mr. Xin and his wife is relatively gentle, and they feel that 1.6L of power is enough. The daily fuel consumption in city driving is about 8.1L/100km, while the high-speed driving is about 6.6L/100km. And Mr. Xin responded to a problem, that is, when the air conditioner is turned on in the summer, the power feels improved, especially in the initial stage, the reaction of the accelerator pedal is more direct. We also went to the forum to check, and found that this phenomenon is not only Mr. Xin, so we infer whether it is the reason for the computer fuel injection volume setting. If there is a similar situation, Corolla owners can post themselves in the comments below the article. the opinion of.

The third car owner is an old man in the sixties-Mr. Bai. First of all, we are very happy that the car home can have users like Mr. Bai. At the same time, we hope that Mr. Bai can always maintain this young mentality. Mr. Bai is now retired. The previous car was a Jetta. He has been driving for 15 years. The old man replaced this Corolla two months ago. He has just driven more than 800 kilometers and is a truly new car. the Lord.

Which models have you considered at the beginning of the car selection?

Since the previous car was a Jetta King, Mr. Bai did not want to choose a Volkswagen model this time. In addition, the previous Jetta's small problems were indeed a little bit more, so this time Mr. Bai has been diving in the forum before buying a car, listening to the voices of various car owners and netizens, and finally thinks Toyota Corolla is more suitable for him. However, when looking at the car, my son felt that it would be better to spend more money on a younger and more fashionable one, so he chose this Corolla and he could see that the old man was very happy.

Which design is the most intimate in car life? Or inconvenient?

In daily use, the old man feels most satisfied with the feel of the steering wheel. The Corolla uses electric power steering. The most obvious feeling is that the steering is very easy, much easier than the previous Jetta King. Of course, everyone has a different opinion on this matter. For example, I personally prefer steering wheels with a heavier feel and a better road feel, and easy steering is better to please most people.

The elderly do not have a cold with electronic products. We can understand this. Mr. Bai is also very worried that he will not use the various “fresh configurations” in the car. Too good at using, currently in the learning stage. As an veteran driver with 35 years of driving experience, the reversing image may be really unaccustomed. In addition, the Corolla’s trunk is relatively high and there is no reversing radar. When reversing, Mr. Bai felt that the Corolla was not as handy as the Jetta. .

How about power and fuel consumption?

The combination of Corolla 1.8L+CVT can bring a relaxed and comfortable driving experience, and 140 horsepower and 173N·m of power are also sufficient for a family car. What Mr. Bai feels most is that the Corolla is very quiet when idling. Since most of the daily driving conditions are better, the overall fuel consumption is relatively low, only 7.1L/100km.

Finally, Mr. Bai talked about a small problem. We all know that when the road conditions are relatively congested, it is normal for vehicles to stop and go. However, when Mr. Bai stepped on the accelerator during an idling start, the speed increased, but the vehicle did not move. I was hung in the D block position at the time, and finally the problem was solved after the flame was turned off and restarted. I don't know if this situation has happened to other Corolla CVT owners. If so, please take the initiative to contact the manufacturer or us.

to sum up:

Through this interview with the car owner, we learned that the biggest advantage of this car in actual use is the comfort of driving, excellent storage space, and good power. From the young to the elderly, it can accept its appearance. Everything is very good. In line with Toyota's golden mean. In fact, most people buy cars at this price for home use, and don’t ask for one aspect to be outstanding. Balance is the most important thing.

Of course, we also found some minor problems. For example, everyone generally responded that Corolla’s brakes were a little soft. Although our test results proved that its actual performance was not bad, after all, such adjustments would make many people feel unconfident when braking. , This point hopes FAW Toyota will improve it. In addition, as a main comfortable family car, the key should have the function of remotely opening the trunk, and the folding key is more upscale and easy to carry. In this regard, Corolla should be upgraded.

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