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[YesAuto Technology] In the recent period, car-making news from the non-auto industry has “bombed” our website pages in turn. In such a big environment, a third-party technology and design company that has served the OEM for a long time The car making slogans they shouted seemed a bit pale, there was no product announcement, and no relationship with the concept of Internet +. What they came up with was a car-the future K50.

Why build your own car?

In fact, at the beginning of the development of electric vehicles, like most companies that use the Internet to build cars, Great Wall Huaguan also thought that it would only be responsible for providing technical solutions, and the production and manufacturing would be completed by mature OEMs. During the project promotion process, it was discovered that because electric vehicles need to subvert the traditional automobile production mode, and facing the huge investment in transformation and the electric vehicle market with uncertain prospects, OEMs hope to use the existing development and production system to get involved in the electric vehicle industry. However, in the view of Great Wall Huaguan, it is an inevitable trend to develop based on the structure of electric vehicles. This step must be taken. Therefore, the idea of building a car by itself was moved.

Where is it produced

Qiantu K50 is the first vehicle product developed by Great Wall Huaguan that can enter the mass production stage. It will be put into production at the Suzhou plant at the end of next year. The Suzhou plant, which was put into construction at the end of 2015, has a maximum design capacity of 50,000 vehicles. This capacity is indeed not comparable to traditional OEMs. However, for a third-party automotive design company, the importance of light assets is more important than the decision makers of Great Wall Huaguan. Everyone knows. In 2016, the factory will enter the stage of investment. In fact, in addition to the promising K50 that has already surfaced, the blueprint for other levels of product planning has also been outlined. If the progress goes smoothly, the second and third models will be able to be in 2017. roll out.

The product launch strategy of Great Wall Huaguan is somewhat similar to that of Tesla. They are both launching a model with a higher positioning, trying to build the brand in this way. After the market has a recognition of the future brand, it will launch relatively entry-level models Regardless of the level of its products, Great Wall Huaguan hopes that the products of the Qiantu brand can represent the highest quality of the same level. Of course, considering the ability of different levels to digest technology costs, there will still be differences in materials and technology applications.

The Qiantu K50 model that was put into mass production in advance will adopt the form of single-motor rear-wheel drive. The peak power of the motor is 190Ps (140kW). The arrangement of the battery is different from our usual arrangement under the car. The entire battery compartment is located in the seat At the rear, the 500kg battery assembly just achieves the weight distribution ratio characteristics of a traditional mid-mounted rear-drive sports car for the entire vehicle.

In addition to the electric system, lightweight has always been emphasized at the beginning of the model project. The technical team of the Great Wall Huaguan believes that only by making the car lighter can the adverse effects of the weight and cost of the battery be balanced. After the target plan for vehicle weight, cruising range and acceleration capability, lightweight design is adopted to reduce battery usage. The weight of the Qiantu K50 two-wheel drive model is 1685kg, and the weight of the future dual-motor four-wheel drive model will be around 1800kg. The cruising range of the advanced product can reach 300km, and the acceleration from 100km is within 6 seconds.

How to do lightweight

The Great Wall Huaguan's plan is very simple, as far as possible to use aluminum alloy material or lighter weight than traditional steel stamping parts in the body. For example, the body frame and front and rear suspension of the Qiantu K50 are made of all-aluminum materials, and the body surface coverings are made of carbon fiber composite materials.

Based on this characteristic, in the subsequent mass production planning, the stamping, welding and painting outside the final assembly process of the traditional four major processes will be “subverted” to varying degrees. As there is no need to use steel plate stamping parts, the traditional stamping workshop will be changed to a carbon fiber composite stamping workshop. The welding workshop will use a lot of aluminum welding. In the painting workshop, spray paint will occupy a larger proportion, because Complicated pre-treatment and anti-corrosion procedures are no longer needed.

There is no precedent for the production of carbon fiber composite materials in domestic OEMs, and the BMW we visited before has seen the production of this material in the factory built for the production of i-series models in Leipzig, and BMW applied the material to The body frame is different. The future K50 only uses carbon fiber composite materials for the covering parts. Therefore, the requirements for the structural strength of the components are not so strict. However, the Great Wall Huaguan is integrated on the domestic basis in the production of carbon fiber composite materials. Compression mold production is carried out in our own factory.

Is it just for selling cars?

Not long ago, Great Wall Huaguan received a confirmation letter for listing on the New Third Board, which means that this technology/design service company in the automotive industry will receive more capital support. How to invest this money in more commercially valuable The field determines the confidence of investors in this company. Building a car is a direction, but do you think it’s just that simple?

Listing on the New OTC Market needs to meet many conditions, one of which is very important is “clear business and sustainable operating capabilities.” For the future, car building does outline a very good blueprint, but huge investment and future difficulties Determining clearly cannot meet the market's expectations of a listed company. In fact, Great Wall Huaguan not only never thought of downplaying the role of third-party service companies because of car-building projects, but also to use the momentum of car-building to further emphasize its technological status in the minds of various OEMs.

In other words, Great Wall Huaguan will expand its business scope in the automotive industry through the building of a future brand. The products of the future brand are the best demonstration of strength. The engineering, design and three-electric technology (battery, motor, electric control) involved can all be converted into the solutions required by the OEM.

For example, the battery frame is a core structural component that protects the battery from being squeezed during a collision. Some OEMs will adopt a purely reverse method in the design of this component, and make it according to a mature model like the Leaf. But if the battery layout needs to be adjusted according to the body structure, then the development of this frame will become very troublesome due to the lack of accumulation of the bottom layer. What Great Wall Huaguan has to do is to have the ability to develop core components. In the future, it can make corresponding adjustments flexibly according to the needs of specific models.

In addition, the development of relatively low-level development such as the matching ability of the vehicle control system, although already very mature in the traditional automobile system, is somewhat unfamiliar in the electric vehicle. The complete vehicle product presented by Great Wall Huaguan is the most powerful display.

Edit summary:

Because of the long-term “lurking” behind the product, third-party technology/design companies with strong development capabilities are often not well-known. Indeed, when people mention a model, they can easily name its brand, but as for the product The origin of is unknown for various reasons. Third-party service companies that join the ranks of car manufacturers have the opportunity to go to the front desk on the one hand with their products. On the other hand, they can emphasize their development status in the industry through the display of models. After all, the service relationship with the OEM is more Be dominant, and building a car requires the integration of more complex system processes. Of course, technology and design are what companies like Great Wall Huaguan are best at, but as far as car manufacturing is concerned, like other emerging companies, this road will not be very smooth. What lies in front of Chang Chen Huaguan is production. How to do a good job of quality control to ensure product consistency is one of the key factors that determine success or failure, but no matter what, the step of building a car is still taken. (Photo / Li Boxu, the home of the car)