[YesAuto Event News] On December 30th, the 2015 6-Hour Endurance Race completed three grouped qualifying matches. The battle was fierce. A total of 56 cars participated in this endurance race, and 7 groups were set up (supercar group, group A, group B, group C, group C1, group S, and group M). With the stable performance of the Subaru car, the Autohome car group, which participated in the race for the first time, won the first place in the media group and the 17th place in the audience.

The cars in the supercar group are FIA GT3 racing cars. There are a total of 5 cars participating, including 3 Porsche 911 GT3 cars and two Radical SR3 cars. The car in this category is the strongest, taking the top three places in the overall ranking.

There are a total of 10 cars participating in the racing cars with engine displacements of 2001cc-3000cc in Group A. In the end, the No. 38 car driving the Accord car won the first place in the group. The best lap time was 1:25.210.

There are 9 cars participating in the racing cars with engine displacement of 1601cc-2000cc in Group B. In the end, the No. 90 car group drove the Peugeot 307 racing car to win the first place in the group. The fastest lap was 1:25.433.

The S group of participating vehicles has an engine displacement of 3001cc or more, and a total of 5 cars participated in the competition, of which the three cars of the 66, 67 and 70 groups are from the Huili Fort China Racing Team. In the end, the No. 66 car group won the first place in the group with a time of 1:29.905. The No. 67 and No. 70 cars of the same team also finished the race smoothly.

The engine displacement of the participating vehicles in Group C is below 1600cc, and there are a total of 8 racing parameters. The racing cars include Toyota Yaris, POLO GTI, and some old Honda racing cars. In the end, the No. 81 car group's activity group took the top spot, and the fastest lap time was 1:31.559.

The C1 group brings together the CTCC mass-produced cars. There are a total of 10 participating vehicles. The participating drivers include Jiang Tengyi, Chen Xu, He Zixian and other active CTCC drivers. In the end, the No. 97 car group won the first place in the group with the fastest time of 1:32.243.

The M group is the media group, and the car home group participated for the first time. The four drivers were Yan Chuang, Wang Tao, Xu Yunhe, and Guo Feng. They used the Subaru cars provided by the China Racing Team of Fort Huili. The qualifying was completed by the driver Wang Tao. Although the experience of participating in the endurance race for the first time is not too rich, as a professional team, the logistics work of Huilibao is in place, so that they can participate in the race with peace of mind. The No. 53 car of the Yimao team in the media group did not participate in the qualifying due to deployment, while the No. 11 car of the new car review network was unable to participate in the qualifying due to an accident during the practice on the 29th. If it can be repaired in time If you have a chance to participate in the official competition on the 31st.

After the race, Wang Tao said: “Although we used Subaru Impreza STI racing car with a power of close to 300 horsepower, equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system, and strong combat effectiveness, the vehicle is well tuned and will not be difficult to control. It is us non-professional drivers who can easily control it, and can also make a competitive time in qualifying.”

In the official race, it was a dynamic start and Guo Feng was the first. According to experience, everyone will be very excited in the first hour, and the probability of a yellow or red flag is very high. Guo Feng's deployment is to fight steadily, follow everyone, try not to delay time, and ensure the safety of the car. The second shot was Yan Chuang. It was safer for him if it was dark, followed by Wang Tao and Xu Yunhe, who continued their steady and steady strategy to finish the race and achieve good results.

The 6-Hour Endurance Race is an annual racing feast. It is the end of the year's competition and at the same time to welcome the arrival of the new year. Motorsports enthusiasts, current drivers, car fans and friends gather together. The official endurance race will start at 4pm tonight. At that time, we will broadcast the newsletter through the mobile client of the Autohome APP. We will bring you the latest situation as soon as possible. You must not miss it.

About Wind Fighting·Endurance Race

On December 31, 2010, the Wind and Cloud Fighting Endurance Race launched its first attempt to “build a'car industry elite'” in the form of a 3-hour endurance race. After that, the duration of the Fengyun War Endurance Race gradually expanded from 3 hours to 4 hours, 5 hours, and 6 hours endurance races, with professionalism and maturity increasing year by year. In 5 years, Fengyun Fighting Endurance Race has developed into the largest benchmark endurance race in China, and completed FIA registration this year, guiding a large number of auto sports enthusiasts to understand and participate in the endurance race. .

At present, there are four races in the Wind and Cloud Endurance Race each year. The races are held in May, July, October, and December each year, with a total of four races. The length of the race increases from three hours in May to December. 6 hours (will be upgraded to 4, 5, 6, 12 hours next year). Each race has attracted many drivers from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China and even foreign countries. Especially in December’s World War I, from professional drivers in different racing fields such as field races, rally races, formula races, drift races, to the participation of a large number of private and media drivers, the endurance race was truly transformed.” The Chess Club”.

This year’s 6-hour endurance race is linked with Shanghai, Sichuan and other places. 57 teams selected from the first three races of the Fengyun Endurance Race, Tianma Endurance Race and Southwest Touring Car Endurance Race, gathered in GIC Guangdong International Circuit. , Join forces to stage the “Primary Battle” of the 6-hour endurance race.