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[YesAuto Model PK] There is no doubt that from the past to the present, and even for a long time in the future, Buick GL8 will be the dominant player in the mid-to-high-end commercial MPV market. Although the newly redesigned Buick GL8 was initially criticized by many people for its “bloated shape”, “ugly rear” and “smaller space in the third row”, this did not affect its sales. When there are few competitors that can shake the Buick GL8 market position, it is still the first choice for business reception vehicles such as major enterprises and institutions, hotels, and leasing companies.

Although competitors such as Mazda 8 have also been involved in the competition in the commercial MPV market before, the average monthly sales volume in the past six months is less than 400 units, and they are unable to challenge the Buick GL8 (average monthly sales volume of about 5,000 units). However, the listing of Alishen on June 7 has allowed us to meet a new spoiler with extraordinary strength. Alicante is the second MPV model of Honda brand entering China, and it is also the first MPV launched by Dongfeng Honda. It has a different style from Odyssey IKEA. It is larger in size and more business-oriented. As a later challenger , The target is the Buick GL8.

Compare models in the text
Shanghai GM Buick GL8 Dongfeng Honda Alison
2.4 LT Deluxe Business Executive Edition 2.4 VTi-S Premium Edition
Market price: 328 thousand yuan Market price: 319,800 yuan

Today, the models we choose to compare are the top model of Buick GL8 2.4L displacement, the market price is 328 thousand yuan; the top model of Alison, the market price is 319,800 yuan; the difference between the two models is 8,200 yuan , The price is relatively close, there is a tendency to compete.

■ Brief history of the two cars

Before starting the comparison, let us briefly introduce the history of the two models. Buick GL8 officially entered the country in 1999. As the first domestically produced mid-to-high-end MPV model, it successfully launched the slogan of “Business Class on Land”. Almost a market monopoly has been formed. Although there are also MPV models on the market during the same period such as: Chrysler Grand Jet Long, Toyota Previa and Honda Odyssey, the sales volume cannot compete with Buick GL8. After that, Buick GL8 has undergone several changes, and successively launched the GL8 Lu Zun, GL8 luxury commercial vehicle and other models, the price range covered from 200,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan, further strengthening the market position.

Look at the Honda Elysian. This model, which is not familiar to Chinese people, came out for the first time in 2003. At that time, it won the recognition of overseas markets with its advanced design and excellent comfort. In Japan, Alison’s target rivals are Toyota Elfa and Nissan Elgrand. From the perspective of product positioning, they are higher-end than Buick GL8. Today, Dongfeng Honda launched the second-generation product in China. It was first launched overseas in 2006 and is now six years old. From the perspective of the year, Ailishen is not young, but in terms of the design level of all aspects of the product, the six-year-old Ailisent is still a very modern and humanized design product. Compared with Buick GL8, Competitiveness is not bad at all.

If you want to know more about the history of Honda Alison, please click on the picture below to enter the historical review article——

■ Appearance: Buick GL8 is larger in size

From the body size data, the Buick GL8 is much larger than the Alison, and the length of the car is particularly obvious. The Buick GL8 has a length of 5256mm, and the Ailisent is 4935mm. The difference between the two cars is 321mm. The wheelbase of the Buick GL8 is also 188mm longer than the Ailisent. In terms of width and height, there is not much difference between the two. The Buick GL8 is 33mm wider than the Alison, and the Alison is 5mm higher than the Buick GL8.

Body data comparison
Buick GL8 Alison
Length (mm) 5256 4935
Width (mm) 1878 1845
Height (mm) 1800 1805
Wheelbase (mm) 3088 2900

Although from the data point of view, Buick GL8 is a full circle larger than Alison, but the actual visual effect is not the same as the data reflected. Since the appearance of Alison uses a lot of straight lines, it feels angular and angular. When the two cars are parked together, Alison looks bigger.

The air intake grille and headlights of Buick GL8 and Alison are very large. Among them, the air intake grille of Buick GL8 adopts the family's classic straight waterfall design, and its shape is a bit similar to Angcore. On the other hand, Alison used 3 thick chrome-plated trim strips to create a large-area shield-shaped grille. The visual effect is more domineering, but compared with Buick GL8, it is more atmospheric and lacks vitality.

Both cars use xenon headlights with headlight cleaning and other functions. The difference is that Buick GL8 uses low beam and high beam integrated xenon lamps, while Alison only has low beam xenon lamps, and the high beam still uses ordinary halogen. light bulb. In contrast, the performance of Buick GL8 is more kind. As for the headlight cleaning function, both cars have it.

On the side of the body, Buick GL8’s long advantage is evident, and the design styles of the two cars are also very different. Buick GL8 uses a large number of chrome-plated decorative strips to embellish, a “fold” is designed at the lower edge of the side sliding door windows, and the third row of windows is designed with a curved line, equipped with hidden sliding rails, and the side of Buick GL8 has a sense of overall shape. Very strong.

In contrast, the shape of the side of the Ai Li Shen car is relatively plain, without the embellishment of chrome trim, no hidden sliding rail design, straight roof and regular side windows, it is like a “van” The only highlight of the shape may be the black A-pillar and the unique door handle.

Of course, Aili Shen also has its own magic weapon-the whole series comes standard with dual electric side sliding doors. This configuration is both practical and high-end, and it is much more than a fancy style! The Buick GL8 at the same price does not have this configuration. (Buick GL8 needs to buy a 3.0L model to have an electric side sliding door, the price starts at 368,000 yuan)

In the rear shape, Buick GL8 has richer lines, while Elysson is square. The tail lights of the two cars use LED light sources. The tail lights of Alison have a larger area, but the shape has no bright spots. The willow-leaf taillights of the Buick GL8 were controversial at the beginning of its launch, but as the visibility of the car on the road increased, everyone gradually began to get used to its new shape. From an overall point of view, the rear of the Buick GL8 is still more dynamic than the Allison.

The wheels of the two cars are the same in size, both 17-inch 10-spoke styles. However, Alison's wheels have a two-tone design, which is more unique. In terms of tires, the Buick GL8 uses Magis tires, the model is MA656 225/60R17, and the market price is about 700 yuan. Alisson uses Dunlop tires, model SP SPORT 270 215/60R17, the specifications are relatively unpopular, and the market price is about 1,000 yuan. (Tire price, refer to quotation from Shanghai area)

Appearance summary:

Buick GL8's body size is larger, and the overall design uses more fashionable elements, especially the front face and car side styling is more dynamic than Alison. The appearance of Elysson is generous but lacks bright spots. With straight lines and angular design, it looks like a standard “van”. Except for the shiny front grille, it is difficult to make a deep impression. However, the standard dual electric sliding doors of All Alison is very sincere. As for Buick GL8's larger body size than Alison, what impact will it have on the interior space? Please see page three. (click to enter)

■Comparison of center console/front storage space: comprehensive performance of Ai Lishen's humanized design is better

The Buick GL8's center console has a luxurious shape, with a large area of wood-grained panels running across the center, and the air-conditioning vents, audio panels, and chrome trims around the dashboard are all embellished just right. Of course, everything mentioned above stays in the visual layer. Actually, it feels disappointing because of the large amount of hard plastic materials, and the workmanship and the surface granulation treatment of the plastic parts are very general.

Although the shape of the center console of Elysson is not as luxurious as Buick GL8 in terms of vision, the simple design style of Buick GL8 is not easy, and the materials used are not too bright. They are all hard plastic, and the matt wood veneer is not only good-looking. , And the hand feels delicate, almost messy. However, the workmanship and details are more in place. In terms of configuration, the performance of the two cars is similar. They have both conventional configurations such as automatic air conditioning, automatic headlights, cruise control and multi-function steering wheel.

Both Buick GL8 and Alison use a four-spoke multi-function steering wheel wrapped in leather. In terms of shape, the steering wheel of Buick GL8 is embellished with chrome-plated trims, and the visual effect is more beautiful. The shape of the steering wheel of Elyshen is exactly the same as that of the seventh-generation Accord. Functions such as volume control, cruise control, and Bluetooth phone are both available, and the practicality is enough. But what is more unacceptable is that the steering wheel can only be adjusted up and down, not forward and backward, whether it is Buick GL8 or Alison. For the 300,000 yuan model, it is obviously not!

The Buick GL8 center console is equipped with a 7-inch multimedia entertainment system with a WVGA screen. The resolution and vision are relatively good in the 300,000-yuan model. It also supports full-screen touch function, which is more convenient to operate. Functionally, navigation, radio, DVD player and built-in hard drive are all available. The disadvantage is that although this system supports full-screen touch function, the navigation system does not support handwriting input, which is a pity, but fortunately, it is assisted by OnStar function and cannot be handwritten, which has little effect on actual use. As for the lack of reversing image function, it is very confusing. If the screen is available, just add a camera, which can be saved!

Alison does not have such an independent central large screen. Its instrument panel and trip computer adopt an integrated design, which has a strong overall sense. However, the trip computer on the side is small in size and has a small amount of information. It can only display basic fuel consumption, cruising mileage, and audio system. The only highlight is the reversing image function. As for navigation, there are none of the ALS currently on sale. When it will be launched is still unknown.

The sound control buttons and air conditioning control buttons of the Buick GL8 are densely piled together, making it difficult to use for the first time. In addition, the size of the buttons is also small, which is not conducive to operation while driving, and poses certain safety risks. The only comforting thing is the front and rear air-conditioning air volume adjustment buttons, which adopt an independent layout design, which is fairly easy to use.

In contrast, Alison uses a completely independent audio and air conditioning control panel design, which is very convenient to use, and the button size is large enough and the logo is clear, even if it is used for the first time, there is no difficulty in getting started.

■ Comparison of front storage space: the two cars are on the same level

In terms of front storage space, the glove boxes of Buick GL8 and Elysson are very large. It is no problem to put 6 water bottles. In addition, there are two independent cup holders in the center of the front row, and the left side of the steering wheel is also used for storage. Independent storage compartment for driving permit or change.

In addition, Buick GL8 also designed a deep storage box between the two seats, and Ailigent uses a double-layer storage compartment design similar to that of a car, which is not as deep as Buick GL8, but puts mobile phones, wallets, etc. For small objects, flexibility is better. Alicense also has a storage compartment that can be opened on both sides under the central aisle in the front row, which can be used to place large items, but it is not convenient to take. In general, the storage capacity of the front row of the two cars is about the same. Alison's storage space planning is more detailed, while the Buick GL8 has more space.

■ Summary of center console and front storage space:

As far as the shape of the center console is concerned, Buick GL8 is more beautiful than Alison, but the details and design are not as good as Alison. The most obvious manifestation is the control panel part of the audio and air-conditioning system. Irisson has no difficulty in using it, while the Buick GL8 is more difficult to use. As for the front storage space, the performance of the two cars is comparable.

■ Comparison of space and comfort:
●The first row of space: the difference is not big, Ailishen has electric adjustable seats more convenient

For MPV models, the space performance is what everyone cares about the most. Let's personally experience the space of the first, second and third rows of these two cars with an editor who is 176 cm tall.

The space performance of the first row of seats is not much different between the two cars. After adjusting the seat to a suitable position, a 176 cm tall experiencer will have a punch in the head space. In terms of seat adjustment, Buick GL8 adopts 2-way electric adjustment (seat height) + 4-way manual adjustment, while Alison has 8-directional electric adjustment, and Alison has an advantage in convenience.

● Simulate fully loaded state: the leg space of the second row is unified into 2 punches, observe the space performance of the third row

We first simulate the space performance of the car under full load, and uniformly control the leg space of the second-row occupants to about two punches. At this time, the measured head space of the two cars is 1 punch + 3 fingers.

At this time, sitting in the third row, the Buick GL8 has about 2 punches in the back leg room and 1 punch in the head room. Alice's performance is even better, with about 3 punches in the leg room, and a slightly smaller head with 3 fingers. At the same time, we also noticed that the third-row seats of Alysent are significantly thicker than Buick GL8's, and have a central armrest. The seat angle can also be adjusted, and the ride comfort is hardly lost to the second row.

In contrast, the Buick GL8's third-row seats are much thinner, and the comfort is obviously not as good as the second-row seats. In addition, the third-row side windows of the Buick GL8 can't be opened, while the Elysson can be opened outwards for negative pressure ventilation.

In addition, Buick GL8 also has a flaw, that is, it is very inconvenient to enter the third row, requiring passengers to get in with their waist in the middle of the second row of seats. As with most MPV models, the second row of seats can be folded forward to facilitate the third row of passengers to enter (the old Buick GL8 has this function, and the new version has been cancelled).

● The second row has the largest space: Buick GL8 has 3 punches in the leg space, and Elysson has 4 punches.

In the case of completely abandoning the third row of seating space, adjust the second row of seats to the rearmost position, the Buick GL8 has about 3 punches in the legroom, and the Elysian is even larger, with 4 punches.

As far as the performance of the passenger space in the car is concerned, whether it is fully loaded or the second row of the largest space, the performance of the Elysent is better than the Buick GL8. However, there are gains and losses. The storage space in the trunk of Alison is its weakness. For details, please see the comparison below.

● Comparison of storage space for passengers in the second and third rows: Ailisent performed better

Buick GL8 storage compartment (to be precise, it should be a cup holder), there are a total of 4, one on each side of the door, and two in the middle. The performance of Alison is much stronger. There are two independent cup holders, a storage compartment and a large drawer in the middle besides a larger cup holder on each side of the door. In the third row, Buick GL8 provides two cup holders on the left and right sides, while Alison can hold 3 water bottles on the left and 2 water bottles on the right. The overall performance is better.

●Comparison of the trunk space in a fully loaded state: Buick GL8 has a larger trunk space and a minimal space in Ailisent

When fully loaded, the Buick GL8 can also leave a larger trunk space, which has a length of 60cm, a width of 116cm, and a height of 102cm. It is no problem to put six 20-inch cabins.

Comparison of trunk space (with 7 people fully loaded)
size Shanghai GM Buick GL8
2.4 LT Deluxe Business Executive Edition
Dongfeng Honda Alison
2.4 VTi-S Premium Edition
Length (cm) 60 32
Width (cm) 116 120
Height (cm) 102 107

At this time, Alison’s trunk space performance is stretched, with a length of only 32cm, a width of 120cm, and a height of 107cm. It is very reluctant to put two 20-inch cabins. This kind of performance is a flaw in the MPV model that focuses on business reception! Especially when picking up people at the airport or traveling long distances, it will cause a lot of inconvenience.

● To ensure that four people can sit in the car, the comparison of the trunk space of the two cars: still the Buick GL8 wins

In order to expand the trunk space, the third-row seats of both cars can be folded. Among them, Buick GL8 tilts the third row of seats forward and does not affect the passenger space of the second row. The trunk can obtain a length of 138cm. If you feel that the third row of seats is lowered and the driving is small Steps are in the way and can also be removed, but the operation is more troublesome. For the detailed operation method of removing the third row of seats, please click to view.

Comparison of trunk space (the third row of seats is down, the second row is at the back)
size Shanghai GM Buick GL8
2.4 LT Deluxe Business Executive Edition
Dongfeng Honda Alison
2.4 VTi-S Premium Edition
Length (cm) 138 74
Width (cm) 116 120
Height (cm) 102 107

Alison provides a very diversified combination of trunk space, among which the editor thinks that the most practical is to fold the third row of seats and push them forward to the end, so that it is close to the back of the second row of seats. In this way, the length of the trunk can be expanded from the original 32cm to 74cm, which can fully meet the needs of carrying luggage in most cases.

In addition, Alison has a unique space layout method, which is to fold the second row of seats and the third row of seats on the left to the bottom. The trunk can be extended to 117cm. (It’s still 138cm longer than Buick GL8 and 21cm shorter), which can be used to carry longer luggage, while ensuring that four passengers can be accommodated in the car, and the space is not affected, but this space layout mode, the editor feels The daily practicability is not high, and the operation is more troublesome.

Therefore, as far as the overall performance of the Alison's trunk is concerned, even though it provides a very diverse combination of space, the overall practicality is still not as good as the Buick GL8. What's more, repeatedly pushing and pulling and folding the seat is also a physical task. It is not as easy and trouble-free as the Buick GL8 to directly push down the third row of seats.

■ Summary of space and comfort:

As far as the space in the car is concerned, the performance of Alison is better than the Buick GL8, whether it is fully loaded or the second row is in the maximum state. But the biggest problem with ALS is that when fully loaded, the trunk space is too small, which is not conducive to airport pick-up or long-distance travel! If you buy this car, it is seldom fully loaded or used mainly in urban areas without pulling luggage, then it doesn’t matter, but if you often seat 6-7 people and you have to load luggage, the problem of the small trunk of the Alison will give You have caused great inconvenience, so be careful before buying a car!

The overall performance of Buick GL8 is quite satisfactory. The comfort and space performance of the second row of seats are no problem, but the third row has inconvenience in and out, thin seats and small space. However, the trunk space is quite spacious. Whether it is fully loaded or the third row is inverted, the performance is better than that of Alison.

■ Comparison of power and chassis:
● Both cars have 2.4L displacement, 6AT for GL8 and 5AT for Alison

In terms of power system, the Buick GL8 compared in this article is equipped with a 2.4L displacement naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 167 horsepower, a maximum torque of 225 Nm, and a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. Alison is also equipped with a 2.4L displacement naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 181 horsepower and a maximum torque of 202 Nm. It is equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Engine, gearbox and suspension comparison
Configuration Shanghai GM Buick GL8
2.4 LT Deluxe Business Executive Edition
Dongfeng Honda Alison
2.4 VTi-S Premium Edition
Displacement 2.4L 2.4L
Maximum power (horsepower) 167 181
Maximum torque (Nm) 225 202
Gearbox 6-speed manual integration 5-speed automatic
Official 0-100 acceleration(s) 13.3 15
Front suspension type MacPherson independent suspension Double wishbone independent suspension
Rear suspension type Integral torsion bar beam semi-independent Double wishbone independent suspension

2.4L displacement four-cylinder engine, for MPV models of this size, the power performance can only be described reluctantly. Among them, the official 0-100km/h acceleration time of Buick GL8 is 13.3 seconds, and that of Elysson is 15 seconds. If you have higher power requirements, Buick GL8 also provides a 3.0L V6 model to choose from, while Ailigent currently does not have it in China. As for whether the 3.0L and 3.5L V6 models in the overseas market will enter China in the future, currently Still unknown.

● Buick GL8 adopts a torsion beam type semi-independent rear suspension, and Ailisent is a double wishbone type independent suspension

In terms of suspension, Buick GL8 adopts the traditional layout of front Macpherson independent suspension and rear torsion beam semi-independent suspension. Alison uses a four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension. From the mechanical structure point of view, the four-wheel independent suspension of Alison is more advanced than the Buick GL8.

In terms of suspension adjustment, the difference between the two cars is also greater. The Buick GL8 has a softer tune. When crossing a bumpy road, it feels “flickering” like going up and down in a boat, while the feeling of the road is relatively clear. However, in general, the suspension adjustments of the two cars belong to the comfortable type.

■ Configuration comparison: Alison's double-sided electric sliding door is very eye-catching!

In terms of basic safety configuration and comfort configuration, there is little difference between the two models with a price difference of less than 10,000 yuan. Such as front double airbags, side airbags, ABS+EBD, body stability system, traction control system and xenon headlights are all standard. But Elysson has more front and rear side air curtains than Buick GL8, which is more kind. In terms of comfort configuration, conventional electric sunroofs, leather seats, automatic air conditioning, independent control of rear air conditioning, and multi-function steering wheels are also available.

Model configuration
Configuration Shanghai GM Buick GL8
2.4 LT Deluxe Business Executive Edition
Dongfeng Honda Alison
2.4 VTi-S Premium Edition
Driver's seat airbag
Co-pilot airbag
Front side airbag
Front head airbag (air curtain)
Rear head airbag (air curtain)
Electric sunroof
Automatic air conditioning
Leather seats
Electric side sliding door
Navigation System
Reverse image

In terms of practical configuration, the biggest difference between the two cars is that Buick GL8 provides navigation and an OnStar system, which is very practical for friends who often need to run long distances and travel abroad. On the other hand, Elysson provides double-sided electric sliding doors, which are both practical and face-saving in business reception occasions. In contrast to these two configurations, I prefer the electric sliding door. After all, it is more convenient to buy a portable navigation system or install it later, while the possibility of installing the electric sliding door later is unlikely.

Edit comment:

From the product level, the ride comfort, space performance, user-friendly design and richness of the configuration are better than Buick GL8 at the same price, but the main weakness lies in the lack of brand influence and the small trunk. After all, its rival Buick GL8 has occupied the leading position of China's MPV market for decades, and the accumulated popularity and reputation is hard to shake for a while.

The advantage of Buick GL8 is that its products are well-known and have a large market share. The appearance, interior and configuration of the new Buick GL8 launched last year have been significantly improved compared to the old one. The disadvantage is that its center console has a general user-friendly design, the third row of space is small, and the 2.4L displacement model configuration is not rich enough.

The biggest advantage of Elyshen is that it has better humanized design in the car, the third-row ride comfort and space performance are also better than Buick GL8, and the whole series comes standard with very high-grade and practical double-sided electric sliding doors. The disadvantage is that the car has just been on the market, and its product influence and popularity are not as good as the Buick GL8. In addition, the trunk space is relatively small, which is not suitable for long-distance travel or airport shuttle needs under full load.

As for how to choose between these two models, should you continue to buy Buick GL8 along with the trend, or should you choose Alishen as an early adopter? The editor feels that it mainly depends on the needs of the car, or “the demand for space in the trunk”. If you can accept the fact that the space in the trunk of Alishen is too small, the editor thinks this car is worth buying! But if you often need to use this car to pick up people at the airport or travel long distances full of 6-7 passengers, you should choose Buick GL8. After all, it has a large trunk and is more convenient to carry luggage.

If you are interested in the models mentioned in the article and have the intention to buy a car, you can click the link below (Buick GL8, please click here, follow Ailisent, please click here), after leaving the relevant information, the local dealer will contact you You contact. If you want to know more about the preferential situation of vehicles, you can also click on the two links at the back to inquire. (Follow Buick GL8 click here, Ailisent click here)

Parameter configuration comparison of Honda Ailisent and Buick GL8 models: ≮$13042,9002|1,2,6,3,4,5≯≮#13042,9002|1,10,9,6,2,8,7,3 ,5,12≯