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[YesAuto Car Collection] Good news! We can finally make an appointment through the App to directly beat the bulk gasoline! It has been more than 8 years since the “Notice on the Purchase Restriction of Bulk Gasoline” that was implemented in 2014, and from April 6, 2021, the new bulk gasoline reservation policy has been implemented, and we finally no longer have to do the same for bulk gasoline. I went to open various proofs, and the problem of “difficult to break up oil” has finally been solved in a phased manner. In this issue, I will take everyone to “return the oil” together, and I will give you the details that are worth sharing. I tell you, I hope I can refer to you!

Tips: Currently, this service is only available to users of Sinopec gas station/easy app in Beijing area

Tips: How to cheer for the elderly or if the appointment is unsuccessful?

Elderly people who are inconvenient to use the system to register for gas purchases, and individuals who have not successfully registered with the mobile App can bring their ID cards to the police station where they live for real-name registration, and use the real-name registration receipt issued by the police station to purchase gas at the designated gas station. Units that fail to register with the mobile app can go to the unit’s local police station to complete the real-name registration with a copy of the unit’s business license and unit’s letter of entrustment, and go to the designated gas station to purchase gas with the real-name registration receipt issued by the police station.

Editor's summary: The experience is very good!

    From my personal experience, the fueling experience is really good. There are no too many processes in the whole process. The App can easily handle the pre-registration and appointment, and the waiting time for review is not long, even if you arrive at the gas station. You don’t have to wait too long to make an appointment. The staff at the gas station are very responsible. Whether it’s the request for the oil drum or the real-name authentication, they will check and confirm on-site. After that, the fuel is easily pumped, and the whole process is very smooth.

Looking forward to more branded petrol stations and regional openings

It has to be said that the app can indeed solve many equipment use problems, whether it is supplementary fuel for self-driving tours or other outdoor equipment, the choice that had to be given up because of the difficulty of refueling can now be picked up again. This will undoubtedly be beneficial to the current outdoor self-driving environment. It would be better if more regions and petrol station brands could be opened in the future, which would allow more self-driving travel enthusiasts to have more possibilities and choices, okay! That's it for this issue, see you in the next issue!