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[YesAuto New Energy] A few days ago, foreign media reported that at around 11 am Eastern Time on September 23 (23:00 Beijing time on September 23), Tesla suffered a network outage and internal system downtime. Not only is the company unable to process business internally, it also makes it impossible for Tesla users to connect to the vehicle through the APP.

According to foreign media reports, the system network downtime is global, and vehicle owners in all regions have encountered this situation. In addition, similar problems also appeared on Tesla's solar products, and some users said that they could not monitor the operating status of the equipment.

The incident also caused the car owner to be trapped outside the car. Some users said on Twitter that they were trapped in a super charging station in the desert, and their mobile APP could not be connected to the car, so they were locked out of their Model 3. However, some Tesla users said that they can still be connected via Bluetooth, so that the vehicle can be unlocked. (Note: If the user logs out of the APP, it will cause the Bluetooth connection to fail to connect to the vehicle)

It is reported that as of about 11:35 am Eastern Time on September 23, some Tesla users have been able to connect to the vehicle. Judging from the current results, Tesla's global system downtime lasted for about 2 hours, and the Chinese Tesla users were not affected much. In addition, in response to this incident, Tesla has not officially announced a compensation plan.