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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] Early adopters are often accompanied by risks. In life, we often encounter a product that can almost get a full score for the first experience, but after a period of actual use, we will find that the slot is full. Therefore, the safest way to buy new things is to wait for others to use their feedback for a period of time before making a decision. Nowadays, the popularity of small SUVs is not diminishing. For the entire automotive industry, they can be regarded as “fresh species”. There are still many consumers who are still holding money on the sidelines. The reason is that the models he cares about have been used for a period of time. The performance has no bottom, our car owner interview column is to relieve the confusion and worries for these people. Today we want to help consumers who are interested in Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR (hereinafter referred to as: C3-XR).

● Mr. Li: 1.6THP automatic pioneer type

The first person to be interviewed today is Mr. Li, who is engaged in the education industry. He bought the C3-XR 1.6THP automatic pioneer type. When he bought the car, it was just launched, so there was no discount. The price of the naked car was 153,800 yuan. Waited a month to get the car, this car is also the first car in his life.

Car selection experience:

After communication, we found that Mr. Li still belongs to the sentimental faction. Because of his different feelings for France, he only thought about the car when choosing a car. I saw the C3-XR by chance and was poisoned by it from then on. I never saw other models when I was choosing a car.

Mr. Li thinks that the configuration of C3-XR is on the low side. In fact, I also have this feeling. Why don't manufacturers consider optimizing the configuration, remove the infrequently used configuration, and add some more common configurations for consumers.

During use, Mr. Li was very satisfied with the power performance of the 1.6T engine of the car, which is suitable for people like him who often runs at high speeds, but he also expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the gearbox, often frustrated at low speeds and decelerations. Sense, this is also confirmed in the previous test articles of our colleagues. There was a throttle recall for the 1.6T model, and Mr. Li also encountered it. The 4S shop handled it for him free of charge.

Mr. Li was attracted by the brand, appearance and engine of the C3-XR, and said he had no regrets about buying it. At present, Mr. Li has driven 15,000 kilometers and has done 3 maintenance in the 4S shop. The maintenance cost is about 600 yuan each time. The semi-synthetic engine oil is used. The 4S shop has a good service attitude, and there is no imposing service. Comprehensive consideration of various factors finally scored 90 points for it, 10 points deducted from the lack of storage space in the car, the interior design is not humane enough, and the configuration is low.

● Mr. Tang: 1.6L manual pioneer type

Mr. Tang is engaged in education and training, and the forum ID is tangleweng. When he bought the car, he also had no price concessions, but the 4S shop presented insurance. The price of the naked car is 117,800 yuan, and the current mileage is 55,000 kilometers.

Car selection experience:

This C3-XR is also Mr. Tang’s first car. When choosing a car, I have seen Dongfeng Peugeot 308S, FAW Toyota Corolla, GAC Honda Binzhi, SAIC-GM Buick Enclave. The reason for not choosing 308S is that the space is small, Corolla The space can meet the demand, but it looks a bit old-fashioned. I didn't buy Binzhi because I didn't like its interior. And the appearance of Angkola is not as beautiful as the C3-XR, and the body is too bloated. It was also a chance to see the C3-XR, and then I decided to buy it. The reason for choosing manual transmission was that I liked the shifting feel. At the same time, the 4AT gearbox of the 1.6L model was unacceptable.

When Mr. Tang bought this car, he was largely attracted by its beautiful appearance. He was very satisfied with the front face and the side of the car. When he bought the car, he felt that the rear of the car was also very beautiful. It would be better to be narrower.

The storage space of the C3-XR and the loading capacity of the trunk cannot satisfy Mr. Tang. The storage space in the car is lacking. The center console does not even have a place for a water cup. It is also true that the trunk volume is too small. Improvement, then this car will be more suitable for home use.

The car that Mr. Tang bought in July 2015 has run 55,000 kilometers today, and he uses the car more frequently. At present, I have done 6 maintenance in the 4S shop. The small maintenance cost is about 615 yuan each time. I am satisfied with the service of the 4S shop. However, when asked about the lunch provided by the 4S shop, Mr. Tang expressed a little dissatisfaction. 4S The store provides free staff meals for customers, and the taste is very ordinary. After comprehensive consideration, Mr. Tang scored 90 points for C3-XR (percentile system). What he most hopes the manufacturer will improve in the future is the vision problem of this car.

● Mr. Han: 1.6L manual pioneer type

Mr. Han is engaged in the IT industry and selected vehicles through the Autohome website. He picked up the car in January 2016. He also chose the 1.6L manual pioneer type. When buying the car, he has a discount of 15,000 yuan. The current mileage is about 13,000 kilometers.

Car selection experience:

Mr. Han’s car purchase budget is 110,000-120,000 yuan. He did not consider Japanese cars during the selection process. In addition to C3-XR, he also watched FAW-Volkswagen Bora, but because the Bora was about to be replaced when he bought the car, he finally decided to buy it. C3-XR.

The C3-XR's riding space does perform well, especially the longitudinal space in the car, which belongs to the upstream level of the same level and can meet the needs of most consumers.

During the interview, Mr. Han mentioned more than once that the C3-XR has excellent handling performance, especially the gearbox, which won his heart. At the same time, he also mentioned the problem of the rear suspension being slightly overturned. Colleagues who have tested the car also said, The shock absorber's ability to filter bumps is average, and the overall texture of the chassis and body is lacking.

Mr. Han’s C3-XR has travelled 13,000 kilometers, and he has only done the first guarantee in a 4S shop. He is satisfied with the service attitude in the shop. The most attractive thing about the car is its appearance. During the use process, several defects were found. A place that is humane, but it can be reluctantly accepted. All things considered, Mr. Han finally gave the car a high score of 90 points (percentile system). In his opinion, the storage space in the car is a major drawback of the car.

● Summary:

At the beginning, the beautiful appearance of the C3-XR was one of the reasons that prompted the three car owners to buy them. The shape of the car is a bit less avant-garde of the previous French cars, and it is more in line with the public's aesthetics. In addition, the spacious and comfortable riding space is also satisfactory to car owners. The 2655mm wheelbase has certain advantages compared with models of the same level, and there will be no pressure for daily household use. These three car owners all scored more than 90 points for the C3-XR, and the deducted points are basically due to the lack of humanity in some parts of the interior design and the relatively cramped storage space. In addition, car owners also responded that the overall configuration level of C3-XR is low, and it has no competitive advantage compared with models of the same level and price. As the saying goes, no car is perfect. If you can accept the shortcomings of C3-XR, you don't have to hesitate anymore.