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[YesAuto Connected Travel] Since the era of BYD DiLink 1.0, we have been paying attention to this set of “swords and deviations” on-board system. The experience of experiencing the DiLink system on BYD Tang, Yuan and other models shows that this is an open but not perfect car system. It is more like packing various necessary car control functions on an “Android tablet”.

But after the 3.0 version, all this has changed. This article will use our previous experience of the BYD Han car system (DiLink 3.0) combined with the DiLink 3.0 online press conference to briefly analyze the changes that the new BYD car system will bring.

DiUI changes

You know, in the past DiLink version, the default car navigation is a “mobile App version” of Baidu map, not only the screen will automatically turn to the vertical screen state when in use, but also be disturbed by all kinds of irrelevant information.

At the same time, as in the past, on DiLink 3.0, you can also switch themes freely. There are 30 sets of optional themes officially, all of which are free, and most of the styles are relatively restrained.

This car can kill virus at high temperature?

This function is based on pasteurization and has a certain scientific theoretical basis. I believe that BYD has also been tested and will not have too many negative effects. It is reported that old models can also update the “one-key high-temperature disinfection” function via OTA. In the epidemic environment, this function still has a certain value.

Speaking of OTA, DiLink 3.0 will support remote OTA, that is, without a person in the car, the car can be upgraded directly through the mobile phone OTA. This function is relatively convenient for in-vehicle systems with relatively high OTA update frequency. In addition, “Express to Car”, a function that is considered to be relatively practical, will also appear in the DiLink 3.0 version .

At present, the mobile phone NFC key supports most of the mobile phones of mainstream Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, OPPO, etc. We will also have an experience article dedicated to interpreting BYD Han's NFC mobile phone key function.

to sum up

The upgrade points of DiLink 3.0 are mainly the above. In our opinion, DiLink undoubtedly has its own style and logic. In the Tang, Song and other models, DiLink is still in its “infancy”. By 3.0, we think it has finally begun. Approaching “complete body”.

In the communication with BYD engineers in the past, we knew that BYD’s goal was Android’s open software ecosystem, but at the time, what we hoped was that BYD could first have an in-vehicle system with excellent experience, because the foundation is not strong, high-rise buildings are Will not be stable. Now, DiLink 3.0 (Han, 2021 Tang, Song PLUS and other models) has finally laid a solid foundation for high-rise buildings. Then, a new journey is about to begin. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)