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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] In my personal editing blog, people often ask: I am optimistic about the XXXXX car, which one should I buy? My answer is often: these cars are good, but you have to look in the mirror to see what kind of person you are, and then choose what kind of car. Perhaps the answer will disappoint many people, because I have not clearly resolved their doubts, and even made them even more confused. then what should we do? Today we take the mainstream compact car as an example. We might as well analyze the people who have personalities and which cars on the market are more suitable for their personalities.

“Affordable” male/female

Suitable models: New Bora

Typical characteristics: Affordable male/female refers to the average height, traditional hair style, easy to forget appearance; gentle personality; no smoking, no drinking, no shutting down, no gambling, no clubbing, no confidante; generally engaged in education, IT, Machinery manufacturing and technology industries. (Note: The above views are from the Internet and do not represent the views of Autohome)

When choosing a car for an affordable male/female car, the price/performance ratio is undoubtedly the most important thing. The appearance may not be the best-looking, the function and performance may not be the strongest, but it must be practical, and preferably a popular brand Cars with a higher retention rate, so they will be more worry-free to use. In my opinion, the new Bora is such a typical.

First of all, for the appearance and interior design of the new Bora, affordable male/female should be more satisfied, because the new Bora is a relatively low-key and coordinated type. Of course, for the affordable male/female, the exterior and interior are just reasonable and cost-effective. The most important thing is that the 2011 new Bora seems to meet their needs.

The new Bora recently launched the 2011 model. The biggest highlight is the use of EA111 1.6L four-valve engine instead of EA113 two-valve cast iron engine, which has a certain improvement in power performance, especially the maximum torque increased by 10 Nm. The new engine It also has better performance in the high-speed range. In terms of maintenance costs, the new engine adopts chain timing, which eliminates the cost of replacing the timing belt every 60,000 kilometers. In terms of fuel economy, the new engine should theoretically perform better.

The space of the new Bora should have no problem meeting the needs of affordable men/women, and the affordable men/women should be more satisfied with the configuration and price of the new Bora: even the lowest manual fashion model also has aluminum alloy wheels and traction control. The more expensive comfort features sunroofs, leather seats, cruise control and reversing radar.

And if affordable men/women have a certain demand for power, then 1.4T models should be more suitable for them. Among all Volkswagen models equipped with 1.4T engines and DSG gearboxes, this set of advanced powertrain models, Bora is the cheapest. Yes, it only costs 142,800 yuan, no price increase or even discounts, and the cost performance is much higher than that of the LaVida 1.4T model. In the car home test, this 1.4T new Bora left a deep impression on us in terms of comfort and power.