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[YesAuto in-depth experience] Hong Kong TVB has done a survey, Hong Kong dramas with high ratings in the past ten years usually have “dog blood” plots. For example: due to the family's family, the inconsistent exchange between brothers and sisters was originally from the same root, but after entering different families, their destinies are different… This is one of the most common plots in Hong Kong dramas.

As one of the three major Japanese luxury brands, Acura has always been the most disappointed in China. The fundamental reason is that the product is single and the price is too high. To this end, Acura launched the entry-level new car Acura ILX at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. It uses the same platform as the US version of the Civic. It can be said that it is the premium version of the Civic. This model has been launched in the United States in advance, priced at USD 25,000 (approximately RMB 160,000), and will be officially launched in China in October, with a pre-sale price of 250,000 yuan, and only a 1.5L hybrid version will be launched . Although it uses the same platform as the Civic, the brand positioning of Acura is much higher than that of Honda. Then whether Acura ILX will stage a “noble born from the Civic” plot, we will see in the article.

■ Originally born from the same root, just put on a noble outfit

ILX is the first compact car launched by Acura in China, but in North America, Acura has long used the Civic platform to launch a compact car. In 1997, Acura launched the EL in Canada. This is Acura’s first entry-level luxury car abroad. It borrows the sixth-generation Honda Civic platform. In some respects, it is the premium version of the Civic. This model was sold from 1997 to 2005 and has gained a good reputation in the North American market.

In 2006, Acura launched a new CSX model in the North American market, replacing EL as the entry-level product of Acura brand. Like EL, CSX shares the platform with the eighth-generation Civic and many exterior parts. CSX is only available to the Canadian market. Same as EL it replaces. In 2012, Acura launched the ILX concept car based on the ninth-generation Civic platform. Not surprisingly, this model still uses the Civic platform, this time it is the ninth-generation Civic.

■ Appearance: “The shape of a Civic, the shape of an Acura”

Acura ILX has a body size of 4555×1890×1425 (mm) and a wheelbase of 2670mm. It is basically the same as the Civic, except that the body width is slightly increased, and the wheelbase is exactly the same. However, it is difficult to lock its competitors based on body size, because its main competitor Lexus CT200h is a hatchback, and another entry-level luxury car Volvo S40 is not a climate.

Acura had released its concept car before the ILX production car was launched, but the difference between the concept car and the production car is not that big. On the whole, ILX can be said to be the most “approachable” model that Acura has launched in China in recent years. The appearance is not as avant-garde as Acura TL and ZDX, even if compared with Acura RL and MDX, it is much lower-key. If it were not for the “arrow mark” in the middle of the grille, you might not recognize it as an Acura product.

The advantage of family design is that it can make every product of its brand have a strong similarity. The front face of ILX continues the angular design of the Acura family, and a large number of straight lines add a toughness to the whole. In particular, the China grid shield-shaped chrome grille has become the family feature and visual focus of all Acura models. Compared with other Acura models, the ILX grille looks much more “simple” and does not protrude too much in the front of the car.

The shape of the car lights is quite similar to that of Acura RL and MDX. The sharp corners and shield grille make the front face aggressive. The fog lamp area is decorated with chrome-plated horizontal bars, which is very delicate, but the shape of the fog lamp is relatively ordinary. Today, when LED daytime running lights are popular in light strips, Acura ILX is still simple.

Acura ILX is compact and generous on the side, which can be seen from the Civic side. The low A-pillar is similar to the Civic, making the vehicle present a diving sports posture. The arc of the roof starts from the A-pillar and naturally transitions to the rear. The thick C-pillar and the short tail give a visual feel of a Fastback car. It is worth noting that, in addition to the waistline extending from the headlight angle to the rear of the car body, there is also a fold line that protrudes obviously at the rear wheel arch, which creates a strong sense of movement.

Acura ILX uses Bridgestone TURANZA (TURANZA) ER30 tires. This is a product with a focus on comfort. The market price is 850 yuan per contract. The tire model is 205/55 R16, and the dual five-spoke wheel style is relatively ordinary. If you can still use the turbo-shaped wheel style on the ILX concept car, it should be a lot of surprises.

The shape of the rear of the car is much simpler than the front face. The flat taillights are very similar to the Acura TSX and echo the headlights at the same time. The raised duck-tail spoiler on the trunk cover is decorated with chrome, which serves as an aerodynamic component and also plays a decorative role. Since the real shot model is a 1.5L hybrid version, the tail exhaust pipe is hidden under the bumper, so the sporty sense of the tail appears more general.

■ Interior: sporty and refined

Acura ILX's interior can be seen at a glance as Honda's style. The symmetrical design of the T-shaped center console with strong layering is a typical Honda style. Friends who have driven Sporui should be very familiar with it. Except for the different styles of the center console, the rest are all reminiscent of Sporui. In terms of color matching, Acura ILX's interior is mainly black, with silver decorative strips, which gives the interior atmosphere a strong sense of movement. In addition to the black interior, the models listed in the North American version also have a black and black interior to choose from. This set of interior colors creates a warm and comfortable style.

In terms of materials, Acura has always performed well in luxury cars. Even if the ILX is an entry-level model in the family, there is something that cannot be faulty. The center console panel uses a large area of soft plastic, with fine particles on the plastic, which feels good to the touch.

The leather steering wheel is the most familiar place for Sperui owners. The shape of the ILX steering wheel is almost the same as that of Sperui, except for the central LOGO and decorative strips on the side of the multi-function buttons.

The leather steering wheel conveys to the hand is a full and solid feeling, and the functions are also very powerful. Functions such as audio, cruise control, and voice dialogue can all be operated on the steering wheel. Of course, you can’t forget the paddle shifter behind the steering wheel, which fits perfectly with its sporty interior. But if it is equipped with a 1.5L hybrid model, it is more like a decoration.

Color instrument panel with white backlight display, clear reading and strong sense of science and technology, and the display screen of the trip computer can display rich driving information. The left side of the instrument panel is the functional area, where the ECON energy-saving driving mode display, the headlight washing switch and the vehicle stability system are all adjusted here.

The processing of the center console is similar to Acura MDX, and the partition and layout are not much different from Acura MDX. The LCD screen of the multimedia system above the center console is of average size, the main operating buttons have been Chineseized, and the all-Chinese navigation system also brings convenience to users. As for the feel and workmanship of the buttons, Acura's models will never let you down. The knobs and buttons have good feedback, especially the multi-directional adjustable main knob, which is fully worthy of the image of Acura's luxury brand.

In terms of configuration, as a luxury entry-level model, ILX also performs well, such as ECON energy-saving driving mode, voice dialogue, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, ELS brand audio system, electric heating of the front seats, one-button start, etc. On the whole, all the necessary configurations are complete.

■ Seat and space: mainly for comfortable riding

Acura ILX's door panels use a combination of soft plastic and leather, and the elbows are all wrapped in leather. In terms of configuration, an electric folding rearview mirror button is integrated on the door panel. At the same time, the front window is equipped with a one-button lift function. In terms of storage capacity, the front door panel provides a place for water cups, while the rear door panel does not have this equipment.

In the details of some small storage spaces, Acura ILX has a regular performance. The front center armrest box has an average depth. Some of the tickets and small items attached to the car can be disposed of here. The front row cup holder also has a buckle for fixing the water cup, which can make the beverage bottle more stable. The glove box is wrapped in suede, and the damping device is relatively in place.

Not only is the interior styling full of sportiness, even the shape of the seat is also sporty, but the seat just looks very sporty. Acura ILX's seat uses perforated leather seats. The soft leather makes the driver comfortable to sit on. In addition to enriching the waist lateral support, Acura always uses the shoulder support ILX.

The participant is 1.78m tall, adjusted to sit in the front row of the Acura ILX, and at this time, his head has a margin of about two fingers. After sitting down, his arms can be placed on the central armrest box naturally. The height of the leather-wrapped hand pillow is suitable, but it cannot move back and forth.

Acura ILX's rear seats are very comfortable to sit on. First of all, it has a nice-touch leather and thick cushions. Of course, a comfortable ride is inseparable from ample space. Keep the front seats still and the experiencer sits in the back. At this time, the head has two fingers space, and the leg space has one punch + two fingers space. Although not very extravagant data, most passengers can sit more comfortably in the back row. However, the rear row provides too few comfort configurations for passengers. Except for the central armrest, there is no comfort configuration in the rear row, and the angle of the armrest is somewhat low.

The trunk of the Acura ILX is flat. Although the protrusions of the wheel arches on both sides occupy a certain amount of space, the depth is good. In addition to the flat trunk space, there is also a spare tire storage compartment under the floor. Since Acura ILX imported to China is not equipped with spare tires, spare tire repair tools of the same area occupy the recessed space. . It should be noted that, because the real shot model is the Acura ILX hybrid version, the rear seats that cannot be put down expand the space.

■ Power: IMA hybrid power system

Acura ILX uses independent suspension of front McPherson and rear multi-link. It is reported that in order to ensure the comfort of passengers, Acura ILX also installed a damper in the shock absorber to ensure the control and comfort of the wheels.

In terms of power, Acura ILX offers three options of 2.0L, 2.4L and 1.5L hybrid power abroad, but only 1.5L hybrid models are introduced in China. The actual model is a 1.5L engine with an IMA electric motor, which Honda calls the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid system. Among them, the maximum output power of the engine is 91 horsepower, and the maximum output power of the electric motor is 24 horsepower. Under the joint efforts of the two systems, Acura ILX has a combined maximum power of 112 horsepower and a maximum torque of 127 Nm. Matched with this power system is a simulated 7-speed CVT gearbox.

Click to view the detailed article on Honda IMA Hybrid Power System:

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■ Editor's comment:

As far as Acura is currently in the domestic market, ILX will be positioned lower than the current mid-size car TL after its launch. As a compact car currently launched by Acura in China, this model is of great significance to the Acura brand that is “preventing” . It is not only as simple as enriching the product line, but also an attempt in the field of hybrid vehicles. Through this experience, we can understand that Acura has already launched compact cars in North America, and ILX is the first compact car to enter the country. Acura uses the Honda Civic platform to develop it. Fundamentally speaking, it is a premium version of the Civic. Although it is derived from the Civic platform, its exterior and interior are completely redesigned, without making consumers feel it. Some innovations have also saved development costs.

As a new compact car of a luxury brand, Acura ILX will compete with Lexus CT200h, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes-Benz B-Class and other luxury brands. In contrast, the Lexus CT200h is the closest competitor to the Acura ILX. With reference to the previously exposed price of 250,000 yuan, the price is cheaper than Lexus and the sedan shape is believed to be favored by some people. If Acura can let go of the shelf, learn Lexus' domestic sales strategy, and lower the starting price of ILX products, it may be able to make a breakthrough in the same level of models. Otherwise, apart from MDX, Acura has already caused a lot of tragedies.

If you are interested in the Acura ILX mentioned in the article, you can click on the link here to find your local distributor.

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