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Artist creates "Porsche 911 after 1000"

Last Update:2021-06-21 Author:yesauto

[Auto Trending] Recently, the Japanese trendy clothing brand AMBUSH has released a set of pictures on its official social account. The preview will release its joint series of products in cooperation with the well-known American artist Daniel Arsham in the British high-end department store Selfridge.

Some product photos were also posted on the personal page of the brand manager Yoon. In addition to clothes, a Porsche 911 (992) car appeared. This is also another work of Daniel Arsham-Porsche Crystallised 992. This car has a pure white appearance. It can be seen more clearly through the video that there are several broken dents on the surface of the car body. This is also the design style that Arsham has always liked very much.

Daniel Arsham was born in Cleveland, USA in 1980 and grew up in Miami. He loved architecture and art since he was a child, and is now a contemporary visual artist. In a previous interview, Arsham once said that when he was 12 years old, a hurricane hit his home. After the hurricane, the residential area was devastated. For the first time, he realized that the interior of the smooth and solid walls was actually dilapidated. This scene gave He left a deep impression and became his design inspiration many years later.

In addition, Arsham is actually a patient with color weakness. At first, he deliberately concealed his illness, and the audience did not see any weirdness from his works. Later, everyone learned the truth and went back to look at his previous works, and found that there were indeed few bright colors, mostly black, white, and gray. However, Arsham did not succumb to the injustice of fate. Instead, he became a ghost in the design world. He once wore a pair of special glasses that allowed him to see the world of color. Since then, his works have also added some colors. But slowly he discovered that these works did not reflect his true self, and eventually turned the monochrome system into his own symbol.

In addition to the damage effect on the body surface, the interior of this 911 has also been carefully modified. The Alcantara material of army green + gray stitching, the seat back with the personal logo of Daniel Arsham, and the Arsham 3019 in the license plate position represents Arsham's “fiction” The design concept of “Archaeology” series aims to express to the audience what kind of scenes will be when civilizations 1,000 years later unearth the objects we use today. (The picture of Guo Song from Wenjiajia comes from the Internet)