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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that from 24:00 on December 3, a new round of refined oil price adjustment window will open: gasoline will be increased by 250 yuan per ton, and diesel will be increased by 240 yuan per ton, of which 92 gasoline will be increased by 0.2 per liter. Yuan, the increase of No. 95 gasoline by 0.21 Yuan per liter, and the increase of No. 0 diesel oil by 0.21 Yuan per liter. According to the estimation of the 50L capacity of the general family car fuel tank, it will cost 10 yuan to fill a tank of 92 gasoline.

The sharp rise in international oil prices will fluctuate in the short term

Judging from the recent two price adjustment cycles, the news that multiple vaccines have been announced to be effective and that the UK has taken the lead in approving the recent large-scale vaccination boosted market confidence, partially offsetting the negative impact of the epidemic's still spreading in Europe and the United States on crude oil demand. The optimistic expectations of OPEC and its allies continuing to reduce production quotas and the decline in US crude oil inventories for two consecutive weeks have also supported oil prices. Due to various factors, the oil price has risen by more than 27% last month, and it has now risen to the highest point since the beginning of March this year. On average, the prices of London Brent and New York WTI crude oil futures in this price adjustment cycle were US$47.09 and US$44.25 per barrel, respectively, up 9.93% and 9.30% respectively over the previous price adjustment cycle.

The Price Monitoring Center of the National Development and Reform Commission predicts that in the short term, oil prices will fluctuate, and there is limited room for further increases. On the one hand, the current epidemic situation in Europe and the United States continues to worsen, and there are still many uncertainties in the effectiveness of vaccination. The restrictions adopted by various countries will still affect the demand for crude oil to remain sluggish; on the other hand, how OPEC and its allies are taking measures to deal with countries that have not met the target of production cuts and Libya There are still differences in the growth of crude oil production, and the market has digested the optimistic expectations of maintaining the intensity of production cuts in the early stage. Even if the OPEC meeting makes a decision in line with market expectations, it will be difficult to sustainably support oil prices to rise again.

List of oil price changes during the year: six up, five down, and twelve stranded

In 2020, domestic refined oil price adjustments have shown a pattern of “six ups, five downs, and 12 strands”. As of this price adjustment, the price of gasoline has been reduced by 1,540 yuan per ton, and the price of diesel has been decreased by 1,485 yuan per ton. (Source: @央视金融微博; Compilation/Car Home Li Na)