[YesAuto evaluation] Press the start button, shift into D gear (the gear lever will bounce back to its original position), release the brake, and lightly step on the accelerator. Now this test car worth 445,000 RMB has not used the engine yet, and it all relies on nickel. The hydrogen battery pack drives an electric motor to deliver power. Moving forward silently under the quiet and faint blue background light, I immediately smelled a breath. What is the fashionable word? Oh yes, fresh!

“Xiao Qing” uses a 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle (ordinary engines are Alto cycle) gasoline engine, although it is also four strokes, but due to the unique and complex connecting rod mechanism, its piston is in the compression stroke and The moving distance in the work stroke is different. Its compression ratio is as high as 13:1. Compared with the Chuangchi Blue Sky technology engine that Mazda has recently promoted, the compression ratio is 14:1, while that of ordinary family car gasoline engines is lower than 10:1.

High compression ratio means high power? not necessarily. Designs with a large difference between a cylinder diameter of 80.5mm and a stroke of 88.3mm are quite rare. The long stroke is destined to limit the speed increase and it is difficult to achieve high power, so its maximum power is only 99 horsepower (73kW). These dazzling technical designs have nothing to do with performance, but for one ultimate goal: fuel saving. As for whether it saves fuel when working independently, the pure highway fuel consumption test will reveal the answer for you. For readers who want to learn more about the Atkinson cycle engine, please click here.

The electric motor can burst with a maximum power of 60kW under the drive of the nickel-metal hydride battery pack. It should be noted that the maximum power of the entire hybrid system is not a simple 73kW+60kW=133kW. Under the deployment of the electronic system, the actual maximum power of the CT200h is 100kW . It is almost the level of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which is also the origin of the “200” in the car's name.

Prius, RX400h and other models have been launched for so many years. Everyone is familiar with the working principle of Toyota Group's hybrid system. Here is a brief summary: it can be driven purely by electric motors under low load conditions, and under high load conditions. Driven by a gasoline engine and an electric motor, the gasoline engine is also responsible for charging the Ni-MH battery pack to ensure the operation of the electric motor. In addition, the braking energy will also be recovered to charge the Ni-MH battery pack. To learn more about the working mode of the hybrid system, please click here.

Just to mention, the new generation Prius introduced the PLUG IN function (see details), which can charge the battery pack through an external power plug, which is something that CT200h does not have.

Highway fuel consumption test

Let's take a look at the fuel consumption part that everyone is concerned about. Our colleagues in Shanghai have already tested the fuel consumption in comprehensive road conditions (click to view), so we chose pure high-speed road conditions and try to use the speed of 120km/h. That is to say, except for the time when entering and leaving the gas station, the test cars basically rely on gasoline engines. In order to increase the difficulty of work, we also let the vehicle in a fully loaded state. What is the result?

The total mileage is 104.1 kilometers. Excluding the upper and lower highways to and from the gas station, there are almost 100 kilometers of pure high-speed road conditions, which consume 6.26 liters of fuel. In this way , the fuel consumption of high-speed road conditions is 6.01 liters/100 kilometers under full load . In this test, the Atkinson cycle engine demonstrated a powerful fuel-saving ability in the usual speed range (2500rpm at 120km/h), which is good enough.

Driving experience

Let’s talk about driving experience. This is an eternal topic for cars. The CT200h has a steering wheel that feels very good. It is sturdy and delicate. This is the closest link to the driver. We can give it a score of 90. The seat package support is also in place. The sophisticated interior will impress you in an instant. Although it is the cheapest Lexus, they are not fooling around at all. In short, a few seconds before sitting in, you will say from the bottom of your heart: It's kind of interesting!

With the development of the story like this, you may see a vulgar, passionate racing plot. Fortunately, this is not the case. CT200h is a staunch anti-Three Secularist. On closer inspection, I found that I was sitting in a valuable game console. The instrument panel, various pointers, background light, central control screen…all these things are created by the gorgeous liquid crystal display, and the gear lever is copied from science fiction stories. These details resolve reckless driving from the root. You will feel that every cell of your own has a higher level of consciousness. Even farting is a sin. Or should you hold back?

I leave these details to my colleague Liu Yuxin in the static experience part to show you in detail, and he won’t have anything to write if I chirp. Turn the driving mode knob into ECO gear and start our environmental journey. In this mode that emphasizes economy and fuel economy, the accelerator pedal is just pretending to be dead, and most of the stroke is not paying attention to you. It doesn't matter, when you are lonely and cold, the suspension system makes you happy! The initial stage is hard, and the road conditions are more faithfully transmitted into the cockpit. The spring is very tough during large movements (please forgive me for using such a boring description), the suspension travel is short and the shock tube is fully damped. Its overall performance is full Energetic and full of fun, but it is also the least comfortable Lexus we tested, especially the rear passengers feel no different from a hundred thousand family car.

In the sport mode, the gasoline engine actively participates, and the power response is improved, but the tonality is still gentle and gradual. After the speed increases, it is difficult to do anything. At this time, the speed is not slow, and the faint speed-up process is in our minds. The inherent impression of the term “new energy” in China fits very well. Lexus has rendered the concept of ample power in the promotional film, but I feel that the “sports mode” in the CT200h cannot be measured by traditional concepts. It is not so much exercise as it is an increase in excitement, that's it.

Did you make a mistake on the key point? We should focus on hybrid power! I once drove the previous generation Prius, and the 1.5-liter gasoline engine occupies the absolute main position on that car. Perhaps it is related to the smaller body. The CT200h has made a lot of progress. The electric motor is no longer a long-timer, it has become a gasoline engine. Right-hand man. The power switching process is extremely smooth, and the gasoline engine vibrates slightly when starting. In addition, whether it is the engine and the electric motor working together or only relying on one, you will not rely on your body to perceive the changes in the system during the driving process. At this time, you can only pass The instrument panel and the central control LCD screen can read the information to see how the vehicle is moving. You can freely choose between the four modes of EV pure electric, ECO economy, Normal and Sport. This method makes environmental protection issues no longer boring. Due to the proper handling of the electronic system, driving the CT200h is rather fun. Matter, you will not refuse.

Accelerated performance test

The driving mode is switched to sports gear, and the engine starts to enter the standby state. The entire acceleration test process is completed by the cooperation of the gasoline engine and the electric motor. The best result is 11.21 seconds.

From a pure performance point of view, the running back and forth during the test is really lackluster. The start is slow, and the highest G value is below 0.5g. The continuously variable transmission makes the engine not high-pitched, but the smoothness is not a problem. . This is an environmentally friendly hybrid car, not for this purpose. Just think about it this way.

Brake performance test

In the brake test, the CT200h's suspension system performed well, with fullness, strong support, and a decent body posture. Judging from the graph, the strength of the braking system is in place. The maximum G value has been maintained at around -1g for a long time. The figure of 38.99 meters is an excellent level. However, as a luxury brand competing with European cars, the performance should be better. Correct.

Performance test video

Noise test

The noise at idling speed is quite low, because at this time, the whole vehicle is only powered on and the engine does not run. It is not a concept with ordinary car idling at all, and it has the advantage; at speeds of 60km/h and 80km/h, due to With the help of the electric motor, the engine speed is very low, and at 120km/h, it basically depends on the gasoline engine. The cabin noise control is decent, and not quiet by Lexus standards. This CT200h is the most noisy Lexus on the market, especially in the rear.

Summary: Value or not?

Finally, let’s do some calculations. How much more will it cost to buy a CT200h than an ordinary compact family car? We use the 1.8-liter Corolla CVT entry version as an example, and simply do arithmetic comparisons.

To narrow the gap as much as possible, we compare the CT200h with the entry-level version of 279,000, and the Corolla is the entry-level version of the 1.8-liter CVT version, priced at 147,800 yuan.

Regarding the maintenance cost of Corolla, there has been a survey article before (click to view), here we take 150,000 yuan for 150,000 kilometers, and the part of CT200h is free.

In terms of fuel costs, Corolla takes a comprehensive fuel consumption calculation of 9 liters/100 kilometers. This figure appears more in the forum. The CT200h takes 5.5 liters/100 kilometers, which is also the number of the forum car owners. The price of No. 93 gasoline is calculated at RMB 7.46 per liter.

The figures in the above table are not 100% accurate, and are intended to be a reference for everyone. In the first 150,000 kilometers, the cost of using CT200h should be 70,000 or 80,000 yuan higher than that of an ordinary family car of the same level. This difference may be gradually erased as the mileage continues to be used, but don’t forget that 150,000 kilometers is no longer a problem. The short numbers are up.

Worth or worthless? The problem here appears to be rich in connotation. The comparison of numbers is of course not cost-effective, but as a hybrid model that represents the highest level of today, the significance of the CT200h cannot be measured by money alone.

In EV mode, the CT200h is a pure electric vehicle. Although the battery capacity is limited, it can only meet two or three kilometers forward, but when night falls, you may as well press the EV button at hand to enter the parking space of the community quietly and considerately. People who have fallen asleep are also considerate of this aging earth. Arguing is useless, and silence is better than sound at this time.