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[Car home static experience] There are essential differences between commercial vehicles and passenger cars. First, the consumer groups are different, and there is still a big gap between the two in terms of ride comfort and configuration level. However, with the changes in market demand in recent years, brands have begun to create new commercial vehicle segments. Among them, the newly established SAIC MAXUS Maxus is one of them. After the acquisition of British LDV, it uses its overseas mature technology to develop V80, and A variety of versions to meet different needs are launched.

The editor recently conducted an in-depth test ride on two models of the brand’s Chase V80 model for corporate business reception, and the manufacturer’s VIP business version that provides customized services for high-end users. The impression they left on me is similar to that The traditional multi-purpose commercial vehicle in my subconscious mind is different, which is mainly reflected in the comfortable riding experience and the advantages of its own space, making it one of the more competitive products in the market.

● Brief introduction of SAIC Maxus brand and V80 commercial vehicle

Considering that the SAIC MAXUS Chase commercial vehicle brand has just been established, before introducing the content of the Chase V80 test ride experience, it is necessary to briefly introduce its origin to everyone. SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SAIC Motor. SAIC Motor completed the acquisition of LDV, an established British commercial vehicle company in 2009, and enjoyed its technology platform.

● Introduction to the appearance, interior and power of the Chase V80 Zunjie Edition

The appearance and interior design are edited here without any extra effort. To put it simply, the Chase V80 is consistent with the latest styling of overseas LDV brand commercial vehicles, only the details including the grille and lamp group style have been adjusted. In addition, this V80 also adopts a load-bearing body structure, and this time I experienced the V80 long-axis mid-top 9-seat Zunjie version. Its target audience is business reception and official vehicles for corporate customers.

The interior design of the Chase V80 Zunjie Edition is simple and elegant. The instrument panel is placed on the top of the center console. At the same time, it has a high seat height to help improve the driver’s field of vision. Not only that, it is also equipped with dual-mirror exterior rearview mirrors to eliminate Blind spot. In addition, this Zunjie version is also equipped with driving assistance functions such as cruise control and navigation system. Among them, the multimedia system with GPS function responds quickly to operation, and the interface is simple and easy to understand, which is convenient for the driver to use.

In terms of power, the Chase V80 Zunjie Edition is equipped with a 2.5L TDCI diesel engine with a maximum output of 136 horsepower (100kw) and a peak torque of 330N·m. The transmission part is matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox. After briefly introducing the brand and V80 model information, the next page will share with you some feelings after the test ride experience.

● Chase V80 Zunjie Edition test ride experience articles

First of all, the overall package of the Chase V80 Zunjie Edition seat is good, the leather material is of the upper-medium level, the support strength is also in place, and it has plenty of leg and head space.

The Chase V80 side sliding door itself has a large area, plus the second-row seat position is forward, which can ensure the convenience of passengers entering the third-row seat. In addition, the bottom is equipped with a metal foot pedal, which automatically expands and contracts when the side door is opened or closed.

During the experience of riding in the back row, what impressed me the most is that the Zunjie version of the Chase V80 mid-top offers excellent interior height space. According to the manufacturer's information, the height of the Zunjie version of the mid-top version is It can reach 1710mm, and the side-opening door is an integrated design. It is also very convenient for passengers to get on and off the car, eliminating the need to “bend over” in and out of MPV passenger cars such as GL8 and Odyssey.

However, during the trial experience, the editor also found some unsatisfactory aspects of the V80 Zunjie version, including the narrow armrests on both sides of the seat, which when adjusted to the horizontal height is slightly lower than the elbow placed in the normal sitting posture of the body. Comfortable height, and the soft thickness of the surface of the armrest is slightly insufficient, and there will be some soreness if you rely on it for a long time.

The V80 tailgate is the same as most commercial vehicles with a split design, and can be opened at a large angle, which is convenient for placing large items. At the same time, the rear seats can be fully reclined to increase the load capacity by pulling the last one. The black rope switch at the bottom of the row of seats can be turned down by pushing the seat back forward, which is relatively convenient to operate.

In addition, the Chase V80 Zunjie Edition has fewer rear storage compartments, only a space behind the chair, and no storage space for items such as side doors. On the contrary, there is plenty of storage space for the front driving and passenger seats, which greatly reduces the experience of the rear.

When the vehicle is running, the noise control of the V80 Zunjie version reaches a higher level of the same level. When the speed is below 100 km/h, the car can hardly hear excessive wind noise and tire noise in decibels. As for the characteristics of the diesel engine, The vibration and resonance generated in the vehicle are well filtered on the V80, and the vehicle is also satisfactory when the vehicle is stationary.

In addition, the V80 suspension part is slightly hard. When passing the deceleration card or potholes, the rebound force of the last row is stiff, and the jitter is also more obvious. The main reason is that the rear suspension adopts the form of integral shaft + leaf spring, although it can Satisfy the heavy load, but the comfort has to be reduced.

The overall feeling is that the long-axle Zhongding Zunjie version can achieve a score of 90 points or more in the riding space. The comfort is commendable in cars of the same class, except for the impact of the suspension during driving. In addition to the Zunjie version, the test ride held by the manufacturer also prepared for the first time a customized high-end modified car-the V80 VIP business car, which was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April. Those who are interested, please continue on the next page. read. ↓↓↓

The biggest highlight of the Chase V80 VIP business car is the comfort and entertainment upgrades in the rear of the car. According to the manufacturer’s staff, the V80 currently accepts user-customized services and can be customized according to user needs. The reservation will take 2 months. Pick up the car from left to right, and the price is RMB 400,000-500,000 according to different configuration needs.

● Chase V80 VIP business car trial experience

So the Chase V80 VIP we experienced this time is the show car that was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April. It is equipped with many luxurious comfort and entertainment features, bringing a private and luxurious ride to the rear passengers. The car is modified based on the high-top and long-axis Zunjie version, and some fresh elements have been added to the exterior, including double rear-row decorations and new surrounds.

In addition, peach wood decorative strips are added to the interior part. The driver's seat and the passenger's seat are equipped with a car refrigerator design, and are separated from the rear passengers by a partition. In addition, it is also equipped with a multi-angle exterior vision system to assist the driver's driving vision.

It is worth mentioning that the middle of the driver's seat partition adopts liftable glass, and the electronic atomization effect of the glass can be controlled by the touch screen or remote control to meet the special needs of customers who need private space. If you raise the soundproof glass, you can also pick up the car phone to keep in touch with the front passenger or driver at any time.

In addition, the design of the bar in the car is more common in many high-end modified commercial vehicles. In addition to providing wine and hot water bottles, it also embeds satellite TV and Blu-ray player, watching programs through the top LCD TV, and can realize wireless reception of TV signals and Play audio and video content in a disc or hard drive. Not only that, the car is also equipped with 8 built-in speakers.

Equipped with a rich entertainment system, the riding environment and comfort are of course indispensable. The Chase V80 VIP business car uses a variety of styles of ambient lights, and can adjust the switch in the touch screen control area to achieve the desired effect. The golden frame clock, temperature and hygrometer on the top of the back row also show the luxury and high-end taste.

As for seat comfort, this V80 VIP business car seat is all wrapped in high-grade leather, and uses brown color matching and carpet design to add a luxurious atmosphere in the car. Compared with the V80 Zunjie version introduced on the previous page, the VIP comfort level is greatly improved, the armrest width is significantly increased, while the softness is moderate, and the wrapping is also satisfactory. At the same time, it also provides full body massage and seat heating functions.

In addition, in order to meet business needs, the second row of seats can also be rotated by 180 degrees, and four independent seats can be adjusted to face-to-face layout, which is convenient for business negotiations. At the same time, the middle of the third row provides a stretched table and can realize the overall front and rear mobile. However, the experience found that some manufacturers still need to improve. For example, the VIP version is not very convenient to adjust the seat angle. Due to the limited vehicle width, it is often stuck on both sides during rotation. This requires patient adjustment of the backrest angle and The distance between the front and rear of the seat, I believe the boss absolutely does not have this patience, so I hope that a more reasonable solution can be found in the future. In addition, all the Chase V80 series, including VIP, have manual side-opening doors. Whether there will be automatic doors in the future, the manufacturer’s product experts said that they are considering it, but they will not be launched in a short time.


    The MAXUS Chase brand relies on mature overseas technology to have greater advantages in product development and reliability. In the face of established competitors in markets such as Iveco and Transit, what Chase lacks is product reputation and popularity. And why SAIC does not directly promote the British LDV brand directly in China? It may consider the sustainable development of the brand in the future and try to expand its own brand's share in the commercial vehicle field.

Overall, the comfort and configuration of the Chase V80 in commercial vehicles have reached a higher level of the same level (this cannot be compared with GL8, Odyssey and other players). Among them, the Zunjie version, which focuses on business reception, also sees that manufacturers are aiming for new The original intention of market segmentation, the price range of 20.48-23.98 million yuan is a good choice for start-up small and medium-sized enterprises, while also taking into account the purpose of cargo.

Then VIP customized cars are aimed at high-end users in central China to meet the individual needs of customers. Although this market is relatively niche in China and has a small consumer group, it is a model of modified products from the original Chase in the same positioning commercial vehicles. Going ahead of other competitors, V80 VIP does not have direct competitors to compete with it in the 400,000-500,000 range. Since its establishment, Chase has been continuously and conscientiously doing product foundation and market promotion. If it continues, I believe there will be good prospects in the future. I hope to see this new brand occupy a place in the commercial vehicle market soon. (Photo/Text/Photo by Car Home Xingmin)

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