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[YesAuto Technology] The story starts with a video I saw a few days ago. In the video, a brand new Ford Road Shaker slowly drives into a yard. As the car drives, the angle of the camera also changes. When the camera is aimed at the right side of the vehicle, a surprising scene appears: This is not a complete road shaker, but an anatomical car with half of its body cut off! What's more surprising is that it can still drive normally! Coincidentally, it was a book. Not long after I watched this video, this autopsy car came to me, followed by some unknown “secrets” behind the road shaker.

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Development and design led by the Asia-Pacific market

At the beginning of the project, the Shaker Project has conducted long-term investigations and studies in order to meet the needs of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. The final result is that consumers in the Asia-Pacific region have the following requirements for the ideal SUV in their minds. :
-Strong off-road capability + road performance not inferior to MPV;
-Domineering appearance design, Beier has face after buying;
-Interior with a sense of science and technology;
-The space in the car that can pull the family and the mouth;
-Good driving comfort, especially in the back row;
-Smart and safe;
-The power is good, and can't waste gas. It seems that these requirements seem a little harsh, but the Ford Melbourne Design Center is not discouraged, but integrates these requirements step by step into the development concept of the new car.

After investigation, the development team proceeded to design the vehicle's shape. After referring to the needs of users for the shape, performance and size of the new car, the designers of Ford Asia Pacific Design Center began to discuss the shape of the new car. The ultimate goal is to design a look that looks grand, full of power and tough guy temperament. SUV models that can stand the test of time without appearing too radical.

In the end, after many revisions and adjustments, the road shaker is hard-lined, muscular, and stylish and rounded. Those who wish to have a more in-depth understanding of the styling design of the Shaker can click on the article: “Secrets of the Asia-Pacific Leading Ford Everest SUV Development and Design” to review.

Mechanical structure and technical interpretation

In terms of engineering, in order to meet users' needs for powerful off-road capabilities, the developers believe that the road shaker should be a model with a non-carrying body. The chassis of this model has a beam structure, which is better than an urban SUV with a load-bearing body in terms of rigidity, load-carrying capacity, and drag capacity. Therefore, the Ford Ranger pickup platform sold in Australia and Southeast Asia is a good choice.

Despite using the same technology platform, the Shaker is an SUV after all, so consumers have more requirements for its handling and comfort than the pickup truck Ranger. Therefore, the engineer adjusted and optimized the chassis of the road shaker, which is different from that of the Ranger, so that this “tough guy” can also show a gentle and delicate side.

According to the manufacturer’s engineer, although it comes from the same platform, only part of the chassis components of the road shaker and the Ranger are common, and a large part of the chassis components are newly designed and developed for the road shaker to ensure the road shaker They are different from pickup trucks in terms of comfort, handling, and driving experience.

In addition to the body structure and the structural adjustment of the front and rear suspension, the road shaker's four-wheel drive system also allows you to drive it to some places where urban SUVs can't go. The central differential of the system uses the TOD (Torque On Demand) timely four-wheel drive system provided by BorgWarner. However, due to the manufacturer’s calibration, the front axle of the road shaker can obtain a small amount of power during daily urban driving, so theoretically It can also be called a full-time four-wheel drive system. In addition, the system has a low-speed torque amplification function; the rear axle differential can be electronically locked, which can assist in getting out of trouble in harsh road conditions.

In terms of power system, Shaker will be equipped with 2.0L EcoBoost gasoline engine and 2.2L TDCi diesel engine. Among them, the 2.0L EcoBoost engine is already a familiar old friend of all of us. It adopts direct injection, dual turbo and variable valve timing technology, and has been installed in Ford Mondeo, Escape, and the cutting-edge world. On the road shaker, this 2.0T engine will adopt a vertical layout, which is matched with a 6-speed automatic gearbox or manual gearbox.

The high-tech configuration of the road shaker is also very rich, especially the ADAS system related to safety, as well as ACC, automatic parking and other functions. It can be seen that Ford hopes the road shaker can become a tough guy with rough appearance and delicate heart. In addition, due to the high body and center of the SUV, it is prone to rollover accidents compared to cars. Therefore, all the road shakers will be equipped with an anti-roll stability control system as standard.

About that dissection car…

Now let us look back at that peculiar Road Shaker dissecting car. If I remember correctly, this car is currently the only autopsy car in the world that can drive normally. It is precisely because the road shaker uses a non-load-bearing body, when the body is cut in half, there will be no serious deformation of the vehicle structure caused by the destruction of the body rigidity and damage, which is why it can drive normally .

Edit summary:

I don't know what kind of inspiration burst, which caused the development team of Shaker to think of making an anatomical car that looks a little weird and can drive normally. However, through this anatomical car, we can see that as an SUV model mainly for the Asia-Pacific market, Shaker does have the strength to meet the needs of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. The domineering shape design, hardcore mechanical structure and rich electronic configuration make such an off-road vehicle look thick and thin. In the future, in addition to the Chinese market, Shaker will also be sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Can this careful and tough guy win the favor of global consumers? Time will tell us the answer.