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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Compact SUV is a battleground for military strategists. As the only model of Changan Ford at this level, the Escape was placed with high hopes at the beginning of its launch in 2013 to counter the strong German and Japanese rivals. For this car owner interview, we invited three wing tiger car owners to see how they evaluate their car and what are their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

● The owner Mr. Qin

The Yihu is Mr. Qin's third car, the first two are the old Fukang and Focus. Since I often go out for self-driving tours, and the old Beverly family at home really needs to be replaced, I consider buying an SUV with a lot of space in Taiwan.

◆ Car selection experience

At the beginning of the car selection, Mr. Qin hesitated between Escape and Tiguan, and also considered a slightly more expensive luxury brand SUV, but in the end, because of his preference for dynamic appearance and rich configuration, combined with the price-performance ratio, he chose the short-listed SUV. Wing tiger. Due to the importance of four-wheel drive and configuration, Mr. Qin directly bought the top-equipped version. The comfort configuration and active and passive safety configurations are very rich, but there are also some functions that Mr. Qin does not commonly use, such as navigation and automatic high beams. .

◆ Car experience

I just talked about Mr. Qin before that there was a classic Fox, and Mr. Qin liked its appearance very much. When the Yihu was first launched in China, its front face was somewhat similar to the classic Fox, so Mr. Qin's eyes were attracted at once. In terms of details, Mr. Qin added a bright rim cover to his car, so that it looks closer to the style of American cars and has a stronger sense of luxury. In addition, Mr. Qin did not continue to use the original Goodyear Anjie Wheel series tires when changing tires, because tire noise is indeed a bit annoying, so he changed a set of tires with a more balanced performance.

After four years of use, Mr. Qin has his own experience of some functions in the car, such as this multimedia system. He thinks that the interface level design is a bit complicated and does not meet our usage habits. Moreover, based on the current standards, the response is The speed is not so good anymore. In addition, Mr. Qin also said that the automatic high beams are very sensitive. As long as there is a weak light in the opposite lane, the high beams will automatically turn off. In most cases, manual control is more convenient.

As for the configuration such as panoramic sunroof and electric induction tailgate, Mr. Qin said that when he bought a car a few years ago, it was still worth mentioning, and the experience was very good. For example, I can sense the tailgate. Sometimes I want to put things in the trunk with my two hands. At this time, I only need to stretch my feet and the tailgate will automatically open, saving a lot of things.

The storage space in the car is where the performance of the Mavericks is not so good, especially in the front row. Mr. Qin gave us an example. For example, after getting in the car, his mobile phone was not placed in a suitable place, so he could barely put it in the cup holder. in.

Due to frequent carpooling with friends, the utilization rate of the rear seats of the Maverick Qin is still quite high after buying it home. Regarding the seating space, Mr. Qin said that it is still very good in terms of its body size. Four adults can ride comfortably, but if you want to fully load five people, the middle seat in the back row is uncomfortable, not only the seat Narrow, and the filling is much harder.

The overall performance of the trunk, Mr. Qin believes that it is no problem to satisfy his daily use. He has also used it to pull the drum set and several saddles, and the rear seats can be put down without falling down. In addition, Mr. Qin also put an inflatable mattress in the car. Although the second row of seats is not completely flat when it is down, the angle is relatively small and basically does not affect the use. However, Mr. Qin also made a suggestion of his own, that is, it would be better if the rear seats are down at a 4/2/4 ratio, because he often goes skiing in winter. If the middle rear seat can be down alone, The board can stick out from here without affecting the other two seats.

The power is strong is Mr. Qin’s evaluation of this 2.0T engine, but I feel that the gear shift logic of the gearbox is not very clever. Sometimes if you want to keep power output, the gearbox is eager to upshift, feeling that the pleasure of acceleration has been broken. . Mr. Qin's car drove 60,000 kilometers, and the city + expressway conditions are half and half. The fuel consumption performance of 10.7L/100km is acceptable. In addition, due to the sound insulation of the vehicle and the replacement of a set of tires, the current noise performance is very good.

In terms of maintenance, Mr. Qin’s Maverick has done more than ten times of maintenance. The 4S shop’s service is quite good, but the price is a bit high, so after the warranty period, he chooses to maintain it himself. Save hundreds of dollars.

◆ How many points do you rate your car?

When it comes to scoring, Mr. Qin can score 70 points in his car. In my opinion, this score is indeed not high. Mr. Qin said that he was very satisfied with this car as a whole. The most deducted point was actually the value preservation rate of the Mavericks, because he bought the first batch of cars and there was still a price increase, and the subsequent market offers were good. Tens of thousands, the current old car owners “very hurt” inside and outside. In addition, in terms of workmanship, Mr. Qin feels that it needs to be further strengthened, and the joints of some interior panels are a bit larger.

● The owner Mr. Cao

Mr. Cao bought the 2015 Maverick. He drove a Cruze with his lover before. He felt that the space of the car was not enough, so he wanted to change to an SUV.

Mr. Cao and Mr. Qin have relatively similar car selection experiences. Tiguan once came into his sight, but the discount was not strong at the time, so he gave up; another higher-level Ruijie also considered it, and the space is indeed much larger. , But after seeing the wing tiger, I felt that it was enough, and participated in the group purchase event organized by our car home. The discount was as much as 40,000 yuan, so I bought this wing tiger after comprehensive consideration.

◆ Car experience

Mr. Cao is very fond of the appearance design of the Maverick, especially the rear styling, which is very sporty. Compared with other competing models of the same period, it is still very competitive. He said that it is very suitable for the age of 20-40. Duan’s aesthetic for SUVs. As for the small details of the appearance, Mr. Cao also has some opinions. For example, the shape of the antenna is too ordinary, so it is better to change it to a shark fin antenna.

The model that Mr. Cao chose is the entry-level version of the 2015 Maverick 2.0T. There is no original navigation, but he said that the current mobile phone navigation is very convenient, so there is almost no impact on daily use without this function, but it has configurations such as Bluetooth and reversing image. It is still fully equipped, which provides good convenience for daily use. If the Bluetooth system can simplify the switching operation between two mobile phones, it would be even better.

When talking about the storage space in the car, Mr. Cao also has some complaints. Not only is there little space available near the center console, but the storage compartment on the front door panel is also a bit cramped. A bottle of water is used to clean the glass at ordinary times. The towels are almost full afterwards.

In most cases, Mr. Cao and his wife are sitting in this car. His evaluation of the riding space is quite satisfactory, not spacious, but it satisfies his own car needs. Regarding the comfort of the seats, Mr. Cao said that the rear seat padding feels softer, and sitting in the back is obviously more comfortable than driving in the main driver's seat.

Because I don’t always pull a lot of things, the performance of the trunk can satisfy Mr. Cao’s daily use. He said that once he helped his family move a large closet, but it was all packed in after dismantling it into plates, which was quite unexpected. Yes, the only dissatisfaction with the trunk is that Mr. Cao believes that the rear seats are not completely flat when they are down. There is a slight slope, which occasionally affects the use.

Another important reason why Mr. Cao bought this car at that time was its power performance. The power parameters of this 2.0T EcoBoost engine were relatively good, and when actually driven, I felt that the power was very abundant, and the noise of the whole car was also in line with my expectations. There are also dissatisfactions, that is, the transmission response is sometimes not so fast, the execution of the downshift command is half a beat slow, and there will be a small frustration when following the car at low speed. Regarding fuel consumption, Mr. Cao said that he usually drives this car to commute to and from get off work, so the fuel consumption is 11.8L/100km, which is still a bit high. Regarding maintenance, Mr. Cao is very satisfied with the service and price of the 4S shop. At present, he has two guarantees, and the price is about 800 each time.

◆ How many points do you rate your car?

Mr. Cao gave his car a comprehensive score of 90. When asked why the other 10 points were deducted, Mr. Cao said that he was not particularly satisfied with the storage space and workmanship in the car. He also hoped that the main driver's seat was comfortable. Improved, such as making the seat a little softer and lengthening the cushion to make it more complete.

● The owner Mr. Yuan

This Maverick is Mr. Yuan’s third car. The two front cars are also cars. One is a 325i of the BMW E90 generation, and another is a 2000 Jetta. The Jetta is too old to be scrapped. The number of years has replaced this wing tiger, the configuration is the same as the first Mr. Qin, and the 2013 model is the best match.

◆ Car selection experience

Mr. Yuan, like the two previous car owners, couldn’t avoid taking the Tiguan into consideration when choosing a car, but the reason for not choosing in the end was because there were too many Tiguans running on the road at the time, and the driving was not unique enough. In addition, the Maverick was available at the same price. The configuration is more abundant. Because when Mr. Yuan bought this Maverick, the new car had just been on the market for two months, so he added 30,000 yuan to pick up the car, but even so, Mr. Yuan still feels that the Maverick with more active safety and comfort is more worthwhile. buy.

Mr. Yuan said that when the Escape car was first launched, he felt that the car was very beautiful from any angle, and he could hardly pick out the dissatisfaction with the appearance. Although looking at it now, the headlight source is not so advantageous, but Mr. Yuan feels that this steering assist light is very useful, and it can be safer when turning at night, but due to the higher intensity of the car, this steering assist light bulb Two have been replaced.

Mr. Yuan thinks that although the interior center console has a tough shape, which is his favorite style, the blocking lever is a bit too wide, which will affect the right leg to a certain extent when driving. Regarding the storage space, Mr. Yuan and the two car owners in front have roughly the same views. There is no suitable place to put the mobile phone in the front row, and the central armrest box is not particularly large, but he also found some good details of this car. For example, the storage compartment for umbrellas used by the co-pilot is very easy to use. In addition, Mr. Yuan also has a small complaint about the seat configuration. After all, it is a top-equipped car, and the co-pilot is still manually adjusted, and the sense of grade is worse.

The original factory navigation Mr. Yuan uses very little, and now he basically can't click on it. And to say that his most commonly used function is non-adaptive cruise. Due to work reasons, he often drives high speed. This configuration is a powerful tool for high-speed follow-up. Mr. Yuan said that there were heavy fog on the highway several times and the adaptive cruise function was turned on. Being able to keep a safe distance from the car in front is very helpful to driving safety. Mr. Yuan said that there were not many cars equipped with this function at this price when they bought the car.

Mr. Yuan's car is generally used by two people, so there is no exaggerated requirement for space, and the Escape is capable. However, Mr. Yuan also mentioned that the length of the rear seat cushion is relatively short. Even if his height is not particularly high, the support for the thighs is relatively limited. This is a bad point.

Mr. Yuan is different from the two car owners in front of him. The trunk is often full. Under this demand, he is not so satisfied with the performance of the trunk. He often needs to tilt the second row of seats to increase the loading capacity.

Mr. Yuan's evaluation of power is very high, and he is quite abundant in terms of his own feelings. His car drove nearly 190,000 kilometers. With a car of more than four years old, the mileage is really much. Mr. Yuan said that after 100,000 kilometers, the gearbox will be more obvious between 2-3 gears. In terms of noise, he also mainly complained about tire noise, and the tires of the Goodyear Anjie Wheel series were indeed a bit harder.

◆ How many points do you rate your car?

In terms of scoring, Mr. Yuan actually has the most say. After driving more than 180,000 kilometers, he basically has a fairly comprehensive understanding of this car. Mr. Yuan gave this Maverick 80 points, mainly because he was not satisfied with the gearbox, and there were some problems with this car, such as the negative pressure deformation of the fuel tank caused by the blockage of the carbon canister, and the loosening of the gear cable buckle which caused the gear to be unable to mount. , The instrument panel suddenly became black while driving, especially the two rear ones. It was quite scary to happen suddenly during driving. This may have something to do with the intensity of Mr. Yuan's use of the car. Later, they were resolved one by one after inspection.

● Full text summary

It is not difficult to see from the experience of three car owners in choosing cars. The positioning of the Escape is still quite clear, that is, to get a share of the Tiguan at the time, and it did. In 2013, the monthly sales volume of nearly 10,000 vehicles was just that. The best proof. It has an attractive appearance, good power, and high configuration. It is indeed very competitive among the compact SUVs of the joint venture brand. Of course, it also has some shortcomings, such as the transmission performance is not perfect, the storage space in the car is relatively cramped, but these have been improved on the current Maverick, and the appearance has also changed a lot. If you feel about this car If you are interested, please click on the picture below to learn more. (Text/Picture/Photographed by Hong Bingqing from Car Home/Wang Zeshi)

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