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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Dongfeng Peugeot 508 (hereinafter referred to as: 508) has been on the market in July 2011 for more than a year. Currently, the monthly sales volume of the 508 is maintained at about 2,200 vehicles, and the market also has a preferential margin of about 8,000 yuan. I believe that there are 508 potential users in front of the screen, and they must be drumming in their hearts: How is this car used? Is it high in fuel consumption? Today we will explain these doubts for you.

We invited three 508 car owners. All of their cars have a high utilization rate. On average, they drive more than 20,000 kilometers in a year. Like the previous purpose, let’s listen to the car owners. Really feel.

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Note: Please respect the car owner and strictly prohibit any personal attack or slander against the car owner. Once discovered, directly block the ID and never be merciless.

The first is Mr. Wang. Judging from the date of his car purchase, it happened to be the month when the 508 was launched. He and his wife were the first owners of the Beijing 508 and the first car buyer in the dealership that bought the car. He bought 2.3. The L automatic flagship version is the top-of-the-line model. During this year, I drove 26,000 kilometers, which is quite a lot. The normal mileage of an average family is only 20,000 kilometers a year. After a deep chat, I learned that Mr. Wang often travels by car this year. But really did not run less!

Which models have you considered at the beginning of the car selection?

Before choosing 508, Mr. Wang also considered Mondeo-Zhisheng and liked its power and comfort. The reason for finally giving up was that the interior was too unfashionable and the workmanship was not ideal. Indeed, Ford manufacturers should really pay attention to these two aspects. It is generally reported that the interior of Mondeo-Zhisheng is not good. Before buying the car, Mr. Wang actually ordered the Passat. He pertinently expressed that he was attracted by the name “Passat”. Eventually, passing by the Dongfeng Peugeot 4S store at the door of the house, he was immediately attracted by the 508. There are also two cars, one is the Teana and the other is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. After the test drive, Mr. Wang felt that the Teana was too soft, and the comfort adjustment was too obvious, and he was not used to it. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class was a bit over budget, and the maintenance cost was too high, so it was finally abandoned.

What attracted you?

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Wang has already paid the deposit at the Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store, has ordered a Passat, and was instantly attracted by the 508, which belongs to the kind of love at first sight. Mainly attracted by the front face of the 508, the front face looks elegant and good, and the 508 will certainly not become a street car like a Volkswagen. The daytime running lights integrated with the headlights are also very beautiful.

The rich configuration is also a big selling point of Peugeot 508, especially the top model. The front seats are heated, the head-up display, the main driver's seat massage, and the rear seats also have a wealth of comfort configurations, and the angles of the seats on both sides can be adjusted. , At the same time, the rear sun shade can be adjusted electrically, and the rear seat is also heated. All these configurations are concentrated on this car priced at 229,700.

Which configuration in car life is the most intimate? Or inconvenient?

During his one-year car life, Mr. Wang is very satisfied with the multi-function steering wheel, whether it is the hand feel or the integrated multi-function buttons, all aspects are quite good. However, there are also disadvantages. For example, the storage space in the front row is not ideal. With only one cup holder, the water from the co-pilot can only be stuffed on the door panel. Fortunately, the door panel has a very large storage space that can hold a lot of things. , Most of the usual belongings are placed on the door panel.

How about power and fuel consumption?

For the power Mr. Wang feels that it is basically enough, the mid-stage acceleration is still better, and the general fuel consumption for commuting to get off work is about 10.3L. According to our daily statistics, the comprehensive fuel consumption of most car owners in the city is at this level.

Troubles and problems encountered in the car for one year: occasionally turn off at low speed, and solve it after cleaning the throttle

I have encountered several low-speed stalls during the year. Description of the situation: When turning at a speed of 30 km/h, I suddenly stepped on the accelerator and did not respond, and stalled. Then I went to the 4S shop to check, and the phenomenon did not happen after the throttle was cleaned. The service of the 4S shop still satisfied Mr. Wang. Based on the above situation, we have also counted the fault in the forum and found that it is not uncommon. Based on our past experience and feedback from colleagues of Peugeot owners, this fault can be improved by upgrading the ECU program. We recommend that the manufacturer can provide a solution in the future Method.

The owner, Mr. Jiang, bought a car in November 2011. It is also a 2.3L automatic flagship model. Today, the mileage is about 21,000 kilometers, 21,000 ran in less than a year, and the utilization rate is also very high.

Mr. Jiang used to be an old Honda Civic imported. This time he mainly listened to the “leader” of his family. The leader said: Don't want the masses, don't consider the Japanese and Korean cars. I personally think that Mr. Jiang’s approach is commendable and has effectively maintained the harmonious development of the family.

Which models have you considered at the beginning of the car selection?

The protagonist of Mr. Qianjiang had to consider the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Dongfeng Citroen C5 and LaCrosse, and finally all Pass. Because the space of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is too small, indeed, in this lengthened era, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is completely at a disadvantage in terms of space. Citroen's central steering wheel makes him unaccustomed. LaCrosse is pretty good in all aspects, but sitting in the car feels that the windows are too small, and I don't like it overall. Although his daughter-in-law ordered that Volkswagen not be used, Mr. Jiang still went to test the FAW-Volkswagen CC, but it may be due to the personal reasons of the test drive, the air conditioning is not very good, and the “above” order does not want the Volkswagen, and finally chose the 508. .

What attracted you?

Like many people, Mr. Wang and his lover were first attracted by the appearance of the 508. In addition to the headlights, the taillights and the entire rear of the car also feel good, simple and elegant.

Which configuration in car life is the most intimate? Or inconvenient?

The car is chosen by my wife, but Mr. Jiang drives more than 90% of the day. The multi-function steering wheel and the head-up display are very practical in use, which greatly improves the convenience of driving. It seems that the head-up display is still very attractive, but it is true, this configuration is really rare in the car of more than 200,000.

The comfort of the 508 also made Mr. Jiang satisfied. The so-called comfort is mainly the characteristic of the suspension adjustment. Although it is soft and effective in filtering potholes, the suspension has good toughness. This is the style of the French car suspension. In this regard 508 has distinctive features in the same level.

In daily use, he found that the navigation is not working well. He personally prefers the touch screen. If this personal factor is ignored, the navigation problem is mainly on the map. The map version of 508 is too old and there are many roads. If the road section is not on the map, the navigation will simply go to a black screen, and only a “triangular” icon representing the car will drift on the map, or it will often prompt to turn right at the top of the bridge. In addition, the 508’s trunk is a bit small, and it’s packed every time you travel.

How about power and fuel consumption?

Mr. Jiang’s usual activities are relatively good, and he can basically bypass congested urban roads. According to the driving computer display, a tank of fuel ran half the distance for 468 kilometers, and the fuel consumption is 8.9L. If this average fuel consumption can be maintained, it will be quite Satisfactory, it seems that fuel consumption is closely related to road conditions.

Problems encountered in the car for one year: a second ignition is required to start in winter

Phenomenon review: It is winter at about 7,000 kilometers. It is difficult to start a cold car every morning. It requires a second ignition to start the car. The fault is also caused by the dirty throttle. We recommend this The faulty user went to the 4S shop to clean the throttle.

Mr. Ren and the first owner, Mr. Wang, are colleagues. They bought a car in April this year. The purchased model is also a 2.3L automatic flagship model. The two often team up for self-driving tours, so they drove 9 in just 4 months. Thousand kilometers, the mileage is quite a lot.

Mr. Ren’s previous car was a 1.4TSI manual golf. During the two years of use, there were many small and medium problems, such as abnormal noise, natural damage to the door handle, etc., and basically did not enjoy satisfactory service in 4S shops. Due to the serious queues, every The maintenance is basically a day's margin, so the Volkswagen brand will be carefully considered for this replacement.

Which models have you considered at the beginning of the car selection?

The Dongfeng Citroen C5 was also considered before buying the car, but the interior design of the C5 is a bit outdated, and the configuration is not as rich as that of the 508. At the same time, Magotan is also considered. The space and configuration are relatively reasonable, but the main concern is that the maintenance cost of the supercharged car will be high. On the other hand, too many small problems in the golf have left a shadow on the Volkswagen brand in my heart, so I decided to look at it again. Something else. Finally, I compared Malibu. The reason for the elimination is very simple. Malibu does not have S gear, and the operation method of manual mode shifting is not in line with usual habits.

What attracted you?

Like the first two car owners, the appearance is still the first place that attracts Mr. Ren. The overall feeling is good, more coordinated, and relatively individual. In the mid-size car series, the design of the 508 is not as commercial as Camry and Passat, nor is it for household use like Malibu. It looks rather unique.

Which configuration in car life is the most intimate? Or inconvenient?

The rich configuration has been explained by the two previous owners, so I won’t repeat it here. In addition to the head-up display and the multi-function steering wheel, the independent automatic air conditioner in the rear of the 508 has also been affirmed by Mr. Ren. The rear passengers can be autonomous when going out. Adjusting the temperature and high configuration is a key focus of the original car selection, and the car has also been correspondingly enjoyed.

After driving 9,000 kilometers in just 4 months, Mr. Ren was satisfied with the performance of the 508 on the long distance. Compared with the previous golf, the suspension comfort and the sense of space have been improved. After the long distance, there is no longer obvious A sense of exhaustion. However, there is still room for improvement in the suppression of the engine noise of the 508, and the noise is too loud in the same level.

The domestically produced 508 are all traditional mechanical handbrakes. Many car owners hope to use foreign electronic handbrakes on top-of-the-line models, so that the grade can be upgraded more effectively. I hope manufacturers can consider this opinion in the modified models.

How about power and fuel consumption?

Mr. Ren's daily car is mainly used for commuting and traveling. The trip computer shows that the average fuel consumption is about 9.6L. Compared with the previous golf, the power is definitely a bit weak and the fuel consumption is slightly higher. However, the overall performance is in line with expectations, and the daily driving is completely Enough.

During the interview, we found that a car owner used a seat belt buckle. We once again emphasized that in a collision, only seat belts can provide maximum safety. Without the cooperation of seat belts, airbags and air curtains will cause serious injury to passengers. Do not use them. Seat belt buckle!

to sum up:

The appearance, comfort and configuration of the Dongfeng Peugeot 508 have been affirmed by the owners, especially its high configuration is particularly conspicuous in the same level. The top model priced at 229,700 yuan is equipped with a head-up display, seat massage, and front and rear seats. Seat heating and rear seat backrests are electrically adjusted. These configurations are commonly found in high-end executive-level commercial vehicles. They are very rare in mid-sized cars of the same level. The price-performance ratio is the highlight of the 508. It can be said that the price-performance ratio of the 508 in the joint venture medium-sized car is currently very good. It is difficult for a car to overtake. In general, 508 is still worth recommending, suitable for general household use.

However, there is no end to the car, and the 508 also has room for improvement. For example, from the data, the wheelbase of 2815mm is no smaller than that of Magotan and Passat, but the actual ride performance is far behind them. In addition, according to the reactions of the three car owners, the power is only sufficient, it does not provide a passionate driving experience, and there is a flameout phenomenon. We expect the manufacturers to provide effective solutions.