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[YesAuto owner interview] I am very impressed with the MG3. From the first media test drive to the in-depth experience of the test car, and to check the anti-collision beam before and after the removal (see the link on the last page for details), I have participated in these tasks . It gave me a good first experience during the test drive. Today we invited three MG3 owners to listen to their comments on this car and how they feel through long-term use.

Note: Do not do to others what you do not want. Please respect the car owner, and block the ID immediately if you find any attack on the car owner.

One of our three netizens came from our forum, and two came from the MG3 Che Youhui. After a short period of casual communication, we found that the three car owners are between 20-30 years old, and they are not very old. , Fashionable cars like MG3 are also prepared for consumers of this age.

Owner 1: Coffee Yu (Mr. Zhao)

Mr. Zhao is a netizen from the Autohome Forum, and his forum ID is “Coffee Yu”. This is a relatively stable friend. At the age of 23, he has four years of driving experience. This MG3 is his first car. It was purchased in July 2011 and has traveled 16,000 kilometers so far. “Coffee Yu” pursues driving pleasure, so choose a manual transmission model.

Why did you choose MG3? What attracted you?

In 2010, “Coffee Yu” and his girlfriend were planning to buy a scooter. The two of them surfed the Internet every day and accidentally saw the MG3 advertisement shot by Gui Lunmei, so they were immediately attracted by the appearance of the car. In fact, it was mainly because my girlfriend was attracted by MG3, so I chose it. “Coffee Yu” said: I am really impulsive for love.

What car was considered at the time? Why abandon them?

“Tianyu SX4 (left) Fox Classic (right)”

“Jingrui (left) V3 Lingyue (right)”

“Coffee Yu” had a budget of about 100,000 yuan at the time, and also considered the above four cars. Because of his inner resistance to Japanese cars, he eliminated Tianyu SX4; Fox has high fuel consumption and will be under pressure to use cars in the future. Abandoned; Jingrui is a car that he and his girlfriend both love, and the most entangled one. The reason for finally giving up is because “Coffee Yu” wants to choose a white roof, and the 4S shop charges 10,000 yuan. The two of them felt that it was not cost-effective, so they put Jingrui aside to be determined; “Coffee Yu” himself likes the V3 Lingyue very much. This car has strong power and feels good driving, but his girlfriend did not like it and was decisively ruled out. They finally saw the MG3, and they were heartbroken, and Jingrui naturally ignored it.

Which parts of the actual car you are most satisfied with?

On the day of the interview, it happened to be raining in Beijing. “Coffee Yu” talked about the heating of the rearview mirror for the first time: “In a rainy day like today, the heating of the rearview mirror is very useful. I will open it every time it rains. Water mist will be attached.” We also agree with the practicability of this function. All MG3 series are equipped with rear-view mirror heating, which is more kind.

◆The heating opening method of the rearview mirror of other models

“Golf rearview mirror heating switch, rearview mirror heating can be turned on independently”

“Peugeot 408 rearview mirror heating and rear window heating synchronization”

Usually there are two ways to turn on the rearview mirror heating. One is with an independent button, which usually appears on Volkswagen cars; the other is synchronized with the rear window heating. This method has the most models, and the MG3 is heated with the rear window. Synchronous.

“Coffee Yu”: “The card slot on the left side of the center console is often used. The fuel card is placed here. It has a good fixing effect and does not affect the movement of the left leg.” MG3 supports two external sound source connection methods: USB and AUX. “Coffee Yu” likes to use USB. Usually the iPod shuffle is plugged into it, and the system can recognize it directly.

How about power and fuel consumption?

“Fuel consumption of manual transmission models measured on the occasion of the car”

“Coffee Yu” is relatively fancy power, the power of this manual MG3 is not too surging, it is at a sufficient level, the road conditions are not very good for normal driving, the congestion is relatively serious, and the fuel consumption is about 8.7L. We think this fuel consumption is at a normal level, and 8.7L is not high in congested road conditions. Our measured fuel consumption of the 1.5L manual transmission model is 5.35L, which is still a surprise. Here is a point to explain. Most of the roads where we test fuel consumption are smooth sections.

What are your dissatisfaction with the vehicle and service?

The first dissatisfaction is that the glove box has no lights. It is not convenient to find things at night. However, the glove boxes of the same price models basically do not have lights.

Comparison of maintenance costs between MG3 and models of the same price
Model Small maintenance cost
MG3 334 yuan
Shanghai Volkswagen POLO 293 yuan
Ai Weiou 189 yuan

The second dissatisfaction is the high maintenance cost. The small maintenance cost provided by “Coffee Yu” is 300-400 yuan. I checked our maintenance survey article “Small maintenance 334 yuan 2012 SAIC MG3 maintenance analysis”. The small maintenance cost is 334 yuan. In comparison, this cost is indeed Some are higher. The cost of the same-level joint venture models Shanghai Volkswagen POLO and Chevrolet Aveo is lower than that of MG3.

Car owner two: Mr. Wang

The second owner, Mr. Wang, is the president of MG3 Che Youhui. He is 25 years old and has been driving for two years. Mr. Wang and “Coffee Yu” both chose the 1.5L MG3 manual elite version. In April 2011, he bought the car and drove about 13,000 kilometers today, which belongs to the normal intensity of the car.

Why did you choose MG3? What attracted you?

When I bought a car, I was attracted by the British style front face of MG3. In addition, the interior Apple's design style was also in line with the aesthetics of young people. It was simple and fashionable. These two points made me very interested in it at that time. There is no discount when buying a car, only an energy-saving subsidy of 3,000 yuan.

What car was considered at the time? Why abandon them?

“Kia K2 (left) Bora (right)”

At the beginning of buying a car, I also saw Kia K2 and Bora 1.4TSI models. Since Mr. Wang’s car purchase index is about to expire, and Bora has no existing cars, Kia K2 was not listed at that time. Because time does not allow him to wait, there are two models. The car had to give up all, and finally chose MG3.

Which parts of the actual car you are most satisfied with?

The multi-function steering wheel is more handy, and the operation of the audio is also more convenient. The space is also what Mr. Wang is satisfied with. He often takes his parents and family to travel. Their evaluation of the rear space is still very high. The space is relatively spacious, and the longer ride will not feel obvious fatigue.

How about power and fuel consumption?

Power is one of the most important considerations when Mr. Wang buys a car. At present, he feels that power is very satisfactory. His driving style tends to be bold and unrestrained. The trip computer shows that the average fuel consumption is 8.5L/100km. The road conditions for commuting to and from get off work are not bad, but there are a lot of traffic lights, and the distance from home to the company is only about 5 kilometers, always stop and go, and the fuel consumption of long-term short-distance driving will be slightly higher.

What are your dissatisfaction with the vehicle and service?

Mr. Wang feels that the A-pillar design has shortcomings, which are mainly reflected in blocking the line of sight when turning. In fact, this exists in most vehicles, so we also especially remind you that you must look down to observe whether there are pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles in the lower blind area when turning to reduce the probability of accidents.

Mr. Wang wants to say: Actually, it doesn’t matter how the car itself is. I have made many friends through this car. The relationship between the car friends is very good. Normally, I will organize a self-driving trip or party together on weekends. Friends are all the same age, talking and laughing together, this is my happiest thing, to meet friends with the car.

Car owner three: Ms. Yin

Ms. Yin and Mr. Wang are friends and are also members of the MG3 Che You Association. Ms. Yin has been driving for nine years. In July 2011, she purchased a 1.5L automatic elite MG3. She has traveled 15,000 kilometers and she introduced the selected MG3 through a friend.

Why did you choose MG3? What attracted you?

The side styling is more attractive to Ms. Yin. The straight roof and compact body look very energetic. Women's friends may be more emotional, and often a detail can determine the result. Ms. Yin will go straight without a test drive. I ordered a car, which is considered impulsive.

What car was considered at the time? Why abandon them?

“Baolai (left) and Lang Yi (right)”

When Ms. Yin bought the car, she also considered 1.6L Bora and 1.6L Lavida. It may be a female reason and wanted to buy a red car, but these two cars are not red, so they can only change the color later and feel the size of the car after the test drive. It is too large, driving and parking in the city will be a little inconvenient, so I set my sights on a small car, and finally chose a yellow MG3 through a friend's recommendation. The color is very eye-catching.

Which parts of the actual car you are most satisfied with?

Ms. Yin is usually alone in the car most of the time, so there is plenty of space for riding. In terms of configuration, she thinks the AUX interface is more convenient. After connecting to the line, she can directly play the songs in the phone. As for the trunk space, Ms. Yin feels that it is very ordinary, and it is often packed very full. After shopping spree, the rear seats can only be expanded into the trunk.

How about power and fuel consumption?

“Fuel consumption of automatic transmission models measured on the occasion of the car”

Ms. Yin's driving style is relatively fierce. When it comes to this, the rider Mr. Wang nodded repeatedly. We followed the process to check the average fuel consumption recorded by the trip computer. The value of 9.7L/100km also became the evidence of Ms. Yin's bold driving style. 9.7L is a bit too high. We drove in a smooth driving style on relatively smooth roads. The actual fuel consumption of the automatic transmission model was 6.83L/100km.

Differences in model details provided by netizens

In the interview, Mr. Wang gave us a clue: There is a detailed difference between the MG3 automatic transmission and manual transmission, which is the guard plate. The automatic transmission model does not have an engine guard plate, while the manual transmission model has an engine guard plate. I think this subtle difference is mostly due to cost control reasons.

to sum up:

Today I invited three car owners to talk about the use of MG3. Generally speaking, the three car owners expressed a high degree of recognition for the design of MG3. At the beginning of buying a car, most of them were attracted by the appearance. The modern and fashionable exterior design and Apple The simple interior has become a big selling point, and the more spacious space has also been affirmed by Mr. Wang's family. Generally speaking, the MG3 is a stylish car suitable for young people. We only hope that the maintenance price can be further optimized. The small insurance is 334 yuan a bit high.

If you are interested in MG3 and are interested in ordering a car, please click this link (I want to order a car!), and a dealer will get in touch with you at that time; if you want to check the local quotation to find out if the dealer has any preferential activities, Please click this link (I want to see the quotation!).

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