[YesAuto Car Race] DTM German Touring Car Masters (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) held its fifth race on August 2nd and 3rd at the Red Bull Circuit (Spielberg) in Austria. Audi can be said to be the biggest winner of this station. In terms of car factory points, it leads Mercedes-Benz's 338 points and BMW's 248 points with 399 points. It seems that the chance of winning the car factory championship this year is quite high.

In the first round of the free practice on Friday and the second round of the free practice on Saturday, using the Audi RS5 DTM car, Edoardo Mortara, who belongs to Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline, made the fastest result and followed closely. Next is Gary Paffett (part of the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team ART team) driving a Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM. In the BMW camp, the best-performing driver was 2014 champion Marco Wittmann (part of the BMW Team RMG team), ranking eighth. However, the reason why the BMW M4 DTM race car has such a huge gap with the previous station may be due to the aggravated DTM rules. In the last stop, BMW won the top seven in the first round of the race and the top five in the second round of the race. Therefore, the weight of the car is bound to be heavier in this race. But in fact, Marco Wittmann’s weight in this race was 5kg lighter than the normal car, only 1115kg (the heaviest car at this station is Mattias Ekström’s RS5 DTM car and Pascal Wehrlein’s AMG C63 DTM car. At 1127.5kg, the lightest is Martin Tomczyk's M4 DTM car, only 1110kg), so we judge that BMW's combat power this year should be different from the other two teams.

Here is a brief description of the DTM aggravation rules: the minimum weight of each car is 1120kg (including the driver). The champion driver of each race and the top ten drivers of the same manufacturer in the race will be weighted by 5kg. . If it is the same manufacturer, but the driver outside the top ten, will be increased by 2.5kg. And for the second-highest manufacturer, the body weight will not be changed. The third-performing car manufacturer (that is, the worst car manufacturer, because DTM currently only has three car manufacturers participating), the driver who entered the top ten will have a weight of 2.5kg reduced, and the driver who fails to enter the top ten, then Will be reduced by 5kg. If all three depots have drivers on the podium, the weight distribution will remain the same. The car can be weighted up to 20kg and lightened up to 15kg. But in the two days of the weekend, the weight of the car will not change in any way.

In the first round of qualifying on Saturday, Mercedes-Benz's Pascal Wehrlein soon took the lead (part of the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team HWA). In qualifying, Miguel Molina of Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline also stopped in the middle of the track due to a vehicle breakdown and once let the red flag appear. After the race restarted, Pascal Wehrlein still maintained the leading position until he was overtaken by his teammate Paul Di Resta (part of the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team HWA team) with more than three minutes remaining in qualifying, but Paul Di Resta's pole position lasted only 20 seconds, and then Edoardo Mortara took the pole position with a time of 1:24.714. Finally, Edoardo Mortara and another Audi driver Jamie Green (part of Audi Sport Team Rosberg) arranged the front row position. Three or four Mercedes-Benz drivers Pascal Wehrlein and former F1 driver Paul Di Resta, while Augusto Farfus (BMW Team RBM) from the BMW camp is the dominant player, ranking fifth.

In the first round of the race in the evening, Edoardo Mortara failed to maintain his pole position after the start and was overtaken by Jamie Green before the first corner. The two Mercedes-Benz's rankings remained unchanged. However, on the second lap, Edoardo Mortara used DRS to overtake Jamie Green, and then bad luck fell on him. Because of the gearbox blocking problem, he suddenly slowed down when exiting the corner, and the cars behind him overtook him. , And finally can only retire. And Edoardo Mortara only took three laps to open a 1.7 second gap with the two Mercedes-Benz behind him. In the end, he won the first round of the race with a gap of 1.792 seconds, Pascal Wehrlein took second place, and Paul Di Resta was promoted to third place due to Jamie Green's retirement. The best result of the BMW camp is Augusto Farfus's sixth place. Last year’s champion, Marco Wittmann, started from 12th and ran all the way to ninth. He also had a fierce fight with Gary Paffett, Adrien Tambay (part of Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline) and other drivers in the middle of the race. On the tenth lap At the time, Gary Paffett passed it smoothly because of a mistake.

The weather on Sunday is wet and cold, which is very different from the hot day on Saturday. I believe that many teams are suffering from vehicle settings. Only Edoardo Mortara and Bruno Spengler (part of the BMW Team MTEK team) driving the BMW M4 DTM came out for the warm-up race.

In the second round of qualifying, Audi still maintained a strong combat power, but the ranking of the drivers has changed considerably. At the beginning of qualifying, the rainfall tended to ease, but there were still many cars, because the tires had not reached the working temperature and the track was wet and slippery. Fortunately, no serious accidents were caused. As time passed, the time between Audi and Mercedes-Benz camps became faster and faster, and the rain became heavier. However, the BMW camp did not take advantage of the heavy rain. The final pole position was taken by Audi Sport Team Abt. Mattias Ekström of the Sportsline team won (single lap 1:42.010), and second place was also Audi driver Mike Rockenfeller (part of Audi Sport Team Phoenix team). The third, fourth, and fifth places were all arranged by Mercedes-Benz. The best ranking of BMW is 14th, which was achieved by Martin Tomczyk of BMW Team Schnitzer.

Due to the continuous heavy rain that day, before the start of the second round, European F3 was forced to cancel the race after only four laps, and the second round of DTM also delayed the start time for the same reason. In the end, the assembly decided to use a dynamic starting method to reduce the risk at the start. The safety car took the lead until the fifth lap before leaving the track.

After the start, everyone passed the first bend without any risk, and Mattias Ekström instantly opened up the distance from the car behind. Of course, there are definitely a lot of cars rushing out of the track, but everyone seems to be very restrained, so no serious accidents have occurred. By the ninth lap, Mike Rockenfeller finally could not withstand the offensive of Gary Paffett (part of the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team ART team) and gave up the second place. Although the morning champion Edoardo Mortara did not make a good result in the second round of the qualifying round, he still passed from sixth place all the way to third place.

Although the game in the rain made everyone more conservative, there was still a scene of cold sweat. Towards the end of the game, the battle for sixth place was extremely fierce. In this group, it is composed of Robert Wickens, Pascal Wehrlein of Mercedes-AMG DTM Team HWA and Timo Scheider of Audi Sport Team Phoenix. When entering the last lap, the three cars came into contact and their rankings changed. Pascal Wehrlein jumped from the bottom of the three cars to the top of the three cars. The one who was originally in the middle of the group became the last Timo Scheider However, before the next corner, he topped Robert Wickens in front of him, which caused a chain effect. Robert Wickens not only rushed out of the track, but also pushed his teammate Pascal Wehrlein out of the track. Robert Wickens and Pascal Wehrlein finally retired, and Timo Scheider was cancelled.

At this point, the 2015 DTM season has passed halfway, and Audi has achieved a huge victory in the manufacturers standings. It seems that the other two manufacturers cannot threaten Audi's position. In terms of team points, the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team HWA team ranked first with 150 points, but the second-place Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline team was only 12 points behind. The team's Mattias Ekström currently tops the drivers' championship. It seems that this year Audi is coming aggressively, and it is very likely to win the three firsts of drivers, teams, and manufacturers.